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Texas Libertarians resist seduction by Luby’s shootout survivor Suzanna Hupp

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Politics, Republican on August 3, 2008 at 2:18 pm
Former Texas Republican State Representative Suzanna Hupp

Republican State Rep. Suzanna Hupp

From today’s Austin American Statesman:
Former GOP state representative asks Libertarians to drop out of races
“Head of Libertarian Party asking candidates to ‘stand firm’ after they were urged not to take votes from Republicans in close contests.”

That’s the headline article in today’s Metro & State section. I also just taped an interview with KLBJ News Radio 590 AM about this. Suzanna Hupp was probably the most libertarian-leaning Republican when she served in the Texas House. She recently lobbied to reduce victim-less crimes along with a Libertarian Party member. She’s famous as an advocate for gun rights and as a survivor of the Luby’s massacre.

Weaker Libertarians might have gone easy on her. We spanked her hard with this press release Friday evening which alerted the media:

Republican Suzanna Hupp phoning Libertarians to quit House races

“When Republicans call and ask Libertarians to drop out, they almost always say, ‘But this guy is a good Republican.’ I guess they mean ‘a fiscal conservative, unlike all the other Republicans.’ The Republican Party has complete control of Texas government, but it keeps sticking Texans with ever higher taxes and spending, and more regulation of our personal lives. Republicans gave us the $3 billion cancer research debt. Republicans proposed a statewide smoking ban last session. Republicans created the horrible new business margins tax. I love Suzanna to death, but it’s too late in 2008 to repent the sins of 2007.

I wasn’t going to let her get away with trying to sweet-talk our candidates into quitting. “Stand firm,” but don’t blow your wad, at least not after just one phone call!

–Wes Benedict

  1. Or she could reject the parts of socialism she still likes and quit the Republican Party……

  2. L. Neil Smith has pointed out that the Republicans are the enemy of the LP. This episode highlights that point.

    Republicans have to be defeated, over and over again, by a margin of error equal to or less than the votes taken by the LP candidate. When that happens persistently, the Republicans can come over from the dark side and stop being wrong about everything.

    They might not, though, which is why principled candidates are needed. And if the LP won’t provide them, the BTP shall.

  3. The font colors make links hard to see.

  4. Wes, is your computer 20 years old or something? Font’s black, link’s green…
    There even underlined, for cripes sake!

  5. My eye’s are nearly 40 and I have a laptop. But just two eyes–unassisted, too. The links show up a lot better on some other blogs.

  6. I’m on a laptop, and I don’t have my glasses on. I can see them on the other side of the room (over exaggeration, can’t see anything on the other side of the room).

  7. The two points I’d make in reply…

    1. In order for the argument that causing a Democrat to get the seat instead of a Republican to make any sense, you have to demonstrate that: A. There’s a difference, and that B. The Democrat is any worse…

    2. Make the counter suggestion – ask the Republican to drop out so as not to spoil the chances of the Libertarian…


  8. The GOP is increasingly getting desperate. Call it karmic payback, perhaps.

  9. Karmic payback, perhaps.

  10. The LP can call itself a power broker when, in another five years during a Democrat downdraft, LP candidates get desperate calls from DEMOCRATS demanding the LP pull its candidates.

    Not before.

  11. Art, an excellent retort. Wes, what color works better for you? The link color should be easily changed.

    Then again ENM doesn’t like this template for the site. I think it is better to have the author of the article on the page where the article appears than cater to your weird eyesight.

  12. JD says: I think it is better to have the author of the article on the page where the article appears than cater to your weird eyesight.

    Wes says:
    If others don’t have trouble with the colors, there very well may be an issue with my eyes.

    On the other hand, I didn’t have this problem a few days ago and the formatting on other blogs still look easier to see to me.

    To me our site looks like greenish black with blackish green.

  13. The link color should be easily changed.

    Where is that in the settings? That’s the one thing that sucks about this theme.

  14. On vacation, I spoke with a number of Republicans who see the wisdom of voting Libertarian to send a message to the GOP to revert to fiscal sanity. Their major hangup, however, is the prospect of Pres. Obama and huge Demo majorities installing extreme lefty judges to lifetime positions. It may make sense for Libertarians to advocate for set terms for judges, say 10 years, as a tactical measure.

  15. Roscoe,

    Bob Barr was speaking directly to Republicans like you’re talking about when he wrote this piece in the Wall Street Journal

    Judges Are No Reason to Vote for McCain
    July 17, 2008; Page A15

  16. John McCain has probably made more “bi partisan” compromises than anyone in government and apparently a lot of Democrats love him ( especially the “people like you” HRC supporters). So I really don’t see how Republicans can seriously use the “but you might help Obama win” card. I am not a Republican, but if I were I don’t think I’d find much difference between the two.

    I imagine the same idea applies to many Dem vs. Rep races on the national and state level.

  17. Republicans (and Democrats) know how to run spoiler-free elections.

    It’s called ranked-choice voting, and most of the world’s democracies use some form of it.

    Heck, I’ll quote GOP presidential nominee John McCain:

    “Instant runoff voting will lead to good government because voters will elect leaders who have the support of a majority. Elected leaders will be more likely to listen to all and cities will be able to enjoy big tax savings and keep majority rule.”

    But Republicans and Democrats have decided, for now, not to run spoiler-free elections, and cheat Americans out of fair elections instead.

    Start making elections more competitive and representative, Ds and Rs. Then you won’t have to worry about the so-called “spoiler effect” that your parties created through the electoral system you designed.

    In the meantime, Libertarians, stand your ground.

  18. The style sheet is here:

    I believe the font settings and color settings for links, hover, and visited links, are in the line

    a:link, a:visited {
    color: #265e15;

    The color shows the same for both links and visited links.

    The color is a hideous shade of green, yes.

    I suggest modifying that style sheet using a text editor and picking a color, like, red #ff0000 or bright green #00ff00 or (my least favorite) blue #0000ff.

    Of course, any color can be made using the hexadecimal RGB color codes. Let me know what color you want and I can get you a code close to it.

  19. Informative and entertaining. I’ve added your blog to my “reading material.” Keep me updated!

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