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T-Knapp from Missouri, bet you can’t beat this Texas Bar-B-Que story!

In Humor, Libertarian Party-US on August 2, 2008 at 10:39 am

A 1:54 AM note from the Tarrant County Libertarian Party Chair, John Spivey:

Announcing a new Meetup for The Tarrant County Libertarian Meetup!

What: Fort Worth Libertarian Barbeque Joint Meetup

When: August 16, 2008 1:30 PM

Where: Click the link below to find out!

Meetup Description: Come to the world’s greatest Barbeque joint! It’s not my opinion. It’s a fact. And they don’t take credit cards. Period.

Meetup up with us on Saturday August 16th at 1:30. If you’ve never been to Angelo’s, you’re in for a treat. The rips are just great, tender, big, and juicy. The chopped beef samiches are actually my favorite. Order the ‘chopped beef all the way’ and you get the black tar heroin of bbq sandwiches: Mrs. Bairds Hamburger Buns (white), magical chopped beef, chopped onions, pickles and mustard. I just drooled.

Sadly, our days of visiting FW’s favorite bbq joint are numbered – if we don’t act! Angelo’s is one of the businesses that will be ‘under water’ as part of the land grab associated with Kay Granger’s monument to herself, the Trinity River Vision. Although this project is very important to the future of her son’s employment… it will spell the end of “chopped beefs all the way” that have been a part of Fort Worth since 1958. Fifty years – down the drain. Literally.

This meeting will be more of a social time… I promise not to stand up and blather on – – too much. 🙂 I’ve got stuff to catch you up on, but I won’t speechify. Seriously, let’s get together; eat a few CBATWs and enjoy their schooners of beer (goldfish bowl size) and a good conversation. Angelo’s has a wonderful charm that you just don’t find outside of 1960 Fort Worth. I enjoyed going there while they still had sawdust floors. Although I haven’t asked and can’t/won’t verify this, my theory is their fantastic flavor comes from never cleaning their smoker in 50 years.

Seriously, don’t let that scare you off. Where else will you find 100 stuffed animal heads and a bear, various basses and trouts and John Wayne memorabilia. You may also see celebrities too! Stars spotted in the past includes: Legendary pianist Van Cliburn, ‘Leave it to Beaver’s’ Tony Dow (Wally), Paris Hilton, Bob Segar… Heck, even Kay Granger has been spotted in here (but hasn’t popped in since – oh 2004).

As usual – if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Since we’re having an ‘unoffical meetup’ in Grapevine with the ‘IOUSA’ film event on Aug 21, I thought I’d like to spread this “Official Meetup” around to the other side of the county. Please bring a friend or two. They will thank you for it.

If you forget cash, they have an ATM. If you didn’t bring an ATM/Debit Card, you can watch me eat.

Note: This is the first meetup we’ve had in a long while without the prospect of free beer. The giant schooners are $2.50, so stop whining.

Learn more here:

  1. Wes,

    Sounds like a good time, and if I could be there I would.

    I’m pretty sure Angelo’s was the main barbecue joint covered in the Texas portion of a recent History Channel documentary on barbecue (or maybe it was the Food Channel). Looked like exactly the kind of place I’d go in Texas for barbecue if I was willing to go for barbecue in Texas (which, under the right circumstances, like if the New Madrid fault went and sucked Tennessee and Arkansas into the abyss, I might just do).

    Angelo’s is at least real barbecue in the sense that it is slow-smoked. Too many people — including some restaurateurs — think that grilling a piece of meat and smothering it in sauce is “barbecue.” I grill out three or four times a week during the summer, but I know that I’m grilling, not barbecuing.

    I went out for my congressional campaign today to canvass a neighborhood (Meacham Park) — knock on hands, shake babies, kiss doors, etc. Unfortunately, one of my volunteers rather than me got the part of the neighborhood where a local church was selling barbecued — actually barbecued! — rib tips and chicken. He did bring back a piece of damn good pineapple upside-down cake for me, though.

  2. “if the New Madrid fault went and sucked Tennessee and Arkansas into the abyss,” there’d be a lot of great lake-front property for about 13 other states, and in a warm climate, too. Even Texas would get a tiny piece of the action.

    Hopefully Lex Luthor has the same taste in barbecue that you have.

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