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TN State Employees Being Paid to Sing About Taxes

In Taxation on July 30, 2008 at 10:18 am

I believe Mr. Chapman also had a song about taxes. “Free Christians don’t pay taxes on their labor, free Christians don’t pay taxes on their land,…………..” Or something similar. Now, Tennessee state employees are being paid to sing classic hits such as “Like an auditor, assessing for the very first time.” Neither Merle Hagard or Madonna probably intended for their songs to be changed to be about taxes.

They’re tunes about taxes — written and performed at the expense of taxpayers.

State officials call them “training,” but training for what?

Our chief investigative reporter Phil Williams has the videos that may have taxpayers singing the blues.

To the tune of “Hey Jude,” one group sings, “Hey, dude, the check is in the mail.”

The video shows state employees at work.

Another group dances to the music of “Eye of the Tiger,” instead celebrating the “eye of the auditor.”

But these state workers aren’t just spending your tax dollars.

To the tune of “Redneck Woman,” yet another group declares, “I’m a sales tax auditor.”

They’re also the folks in charge of collecting your taxes.

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How much did this singing cost taxpayers?

“You know, there’s all types of team building that our training office does.”

It’s all part of what the revenue department calls Team Week — five days of training at Gaylord’s Opryland Hotel. Last year, the total cost to taxpayers: almost $150,000.

When reading about taxes, I always think of Former Ohio Congressman Jim Traficant’s quotes about the IRS.

Jim Traficant: “Madam Speaker, an investigation revealed that 16,000 IRS employees illegally used their computers. The report states IRS agents spent 50 percent of their time at work on personal business. If that is not enough to service your revenue, IRS agents illegally used their computers for shopping, stock trading, gambling and pornography. Unbelievable. Think about it. While 60 percent of taxpayer calls to the IRS go unanswered, the IRS agents were watching Marilyn Chambers do the Rotary International. Beam me up here. It is time to pass a flat 15 percent sales tax and abolish this gambling, porno-watching IRS completely. I yield back the internal rectal service of the United States of America.”

  1. Stories like this always leave me feeling a bit ambivalent…

    On the one hand, it does seem like a waste of taxpayer money, which is a bad thing, as the government shouldn’t be stealing it in the first place…

    On the other hand, this is relatively harmless, and one can argue that if the government is going to steal the money regardless, it is better that it be wasted rather than being spent on more malevolent things – like tax audits, or funding the war on some drugs, etc…


  2. Yes, Gene indeed did have a song called “Missed the Gist of Jesus’ Promised Land”, to the tune of Merle Haggard’s “Okie From Muskogee”. He didn’t see a problem with plagiarizing the man’s music, though, since God told him to do it. *snicker*

    It was especially funny because he started out singing “do-do-do-do” between lines (emulating the guitar, I guess), but eventually changed it to “dumb-dumb-dumb-dumb”, ROFL.

    Somewhere on my laptop, I still have the audio file of Gene actually singing that song. If anybody is interested, let me know and I’ll upload it to LFV for laughs.

    In the meantime, here’s the version “My Own God”, one of Gene’s biggest detractors, made up to poke fun at Gene:

    I think that Gene Chapman is real crazy. Do-Do-Do-Do
    I think he really needs to get a grip. Do-Do-Do-Do
    There is no way in hell he’ll get elected. Do-Do-Do-Do
    It’s like he is on an acid trip. Do-Do-Do-Do

    He wont be a slave or pay his taxes. Do-Do-Do-Do
    He spent 40 days on a hunger fast. Do-Do-Do-Do
    The IRS wouldn’t answer his questions. Do-Do-Do-Do
    So he started eatin, he could not last. Do-Do-Do-Do

    He met a nice girl, her name was Jessica. Do-Do-Do-Do
    She was real sweet, a southern bell. Do-Do-Do-Do
    But when she looked closely at her new lover. Do-Do-Do-Do
    She got up and ran as fast as hell. Do-Do-Do-Do

    He took some gas to that evil building. Do-Do-Do-Do
    And at that place he flipped his mental lid. Do-Do-Do-Do
    But they stopped him from lighting himself on fire. Do-Do-Do-Do
    I truly wish that they frickin did. Do-Do-Do-Do

  3. Somewhere on my laptop, I still have the audio file of Gene actually singing that song. If anybody is interested, let me know and I’ll upload it to LFV for laughs.

    I’m pretty sure we have it linked in one of the old posts.

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