Steve G.

Libertarians drop Sonny Landham

In Libertarian on July 29, 2008 at 1:01 pm

On last night’s Weekly Filibuster, Libertarian Party political director Sean Haugh revealed that the Libertarian Party of Kentucky is dissociating itself from Sonny Landham. He explained that the LPKY needed to wait until today to find out the ramifications for dissociating itself from Landham for the purpose of getting Barr/Root and LPKY on the ballot, since he was listed on the petition.

The Secretary of State told them today that they could go ahead and file the petition, and then dissociate themselves from Sonny, who would then run as an independent rather than as a Libertarian. In response to my question whether the LP would continue to get signatures for Landham, I was told that the LP there has all the signatures they need and is just sorting and filing them. Presumably, both Barr and Landham have a comfortable enough margin to assure that they will both be on the ballot.

  1. If you were real Americans you wouldn’t say that. Go shovel some poop, commie Arabs!

  2. Speaking of which, I’m trying to figure out just what you new avatar is supposed to be.

  3. It’s a blue liberty cap, but it doesn’t look very good. I need to find something else.

  4. Thanks. I just posted that at IPR.

  5. The man even looks ridiculous. What’s up with the really bad dye job, and his shirt open like that at his age?

  6. Well, at least the LP kicked him out.

    Now, I wonder what all the Republicans who were bitching about this guy and how crazy he was will complain about to bash the LP with next.

    The Republicans are running 562 candidates for office in Kentucky. Perhaps we should ask them what they’re going to do about the 562 kooks in their Kentucky candidate pool, now that we’ve gotten rid of the ONE kook in our pool there. 😉

  7. “…and his shirt open like that at his age?”

    Come on, you know it’s still cool.

  8. This guy Sonny looks like Wayne Newton after a 3-day meth binge. Didn’t anyone in KY notice this guy was weird before they started supporting his run?

    Libertarians have become a desperate lot.

  9. This guy Sonny looks like Wayne Newton after a 3-day meth binge.


    TB, I’m handing you back the smart assery crown.


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