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Lance Brown launches petition re Sonny Landham’s racist remarks

In Libertarian on July 28, 2008 at 12:12 am

Longtime Libertarian activist Lance Brown has launched a petition regarding the Libertarian Party of Kentucky’s failure to properly and quickly address the racist comments by Sonny Landham.

The purpose of the petition is to allow concerned Libertarians to voice their opinion to Ken Moellman and the leadership of the LPKY.

Any libertarians concerned about Mr. Landham’s tarnishing of the public image of libertarianism are encouraged to both sign the petition, and pass it on to others, ideally in time to encourage the LPKY in their upcoming deliberations regarding Landham’s candidacy.

The petition reads as follows:

Libertarians Against Landham Petition

We the undersigned believe that Sonny Landham should not be endorsed, approved, or supported by the Libertarian Party of Kentucky as a candidate for Senate or any other office.

Mr. Landham has proven from his comments that he is not a libertarian, and many of his recent statements and positions have been both ideologically incorrect and socially repugnant. Libertarians do not support genocidal war, war based on economic motives, or race-based immigration restrictions, to mention just a few of Mr. Landham’s very un-libertarian positions. Nor do Libertarians (or any freedom-minded individuals, we would hope) support the sort of reckless racial stereotyping and denigration of whole nationalities that has been the underpinning of Mr. Landham’s most widely-reported remarks.

Therefore, we the undersigned assert that the Libertarian Party of Kentucky needs to take immediate action to:
–rescind their endorsement of Sonny Landham’s candidacy; and
–remove his name from any petitions or ballot-access efforts that may be underway; and
–publicly, officially, and in the firmest terms possible, disavow the racist and un-libertarian statements Mr. Landham has been making under the “Libertarian” banner; and
–initiate a public relations campaign sufficient to repair the damage that’s been done to the party’s image in Kentucky, especially among minority populations.

You can sign the petition on Lance Brown’s website.

Many thanks to Lance Brown for bringing this petition to LFV’s attention!

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