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Press Release: Scotty Boman endorsed by Mary Ruwart

In Libertarian on July 27, 2008 at 4:54 pm

For Immediate Release July 23, 2008

Contact: Scotty Boman

Phone: 313-247-2052



Scotty Boman, Michigan Libertarian for U.S. Senate, is proud to announce that he has been officially endorsed by libertarian icon Dr. Mary Ruwart.

“It is a great honor to be endorsed by a person of Dr. Ruwart’s caliber; she is a superb writer, philosopher, and Michigan native,” says Scotty, who was the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Michigan’s successful ballot access

drive in 1994. Dr. Ruwart was supportive of that effort, generously donating copies of her critically acclaimed and best-selling book, Healing Our World, which were sold and the proceeds used to pay petitioners.

“Mary is unique among high profile libertarians in that she has a capacity to be both uncompromising in her positions and patient with those who disagree,” says Scotty. “This quality has made her a unifying force in the

libertarian movement, always sticking to principal, while showing compassion to the less enlightened. Mary Ruwart put the ‘love’ in revolution, before the idea was a catchy logo.”

Dr. Mary Ruwart was a candidate for the LP’s presidential nomination, which was decided on May 25 in Denver. After five rounds of balloting, she was in the lead. But on the sixth and final ballot, she received 43.9%

of the vote, compared to 51.6% for Bob Barr, and 7.9% for None of the Above. Scotty Boman attended the presidential-nominating convention in Denver and was a delegate for Mary Ruwart.

Dr. Mary Ruwart is also a member of the Libertarian National Committee, a research scientist, and a popular writer. She recently offered the libertarian perspective on the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac crisis at her Web site,

Scotty Boman has also been endorsed by numerous Ron Paul activists in Michigan, including Statewide Coordinator Leslie Roszman, the Lake Michigan Ron Paul Meetup, and county coordinators representing

thirty-three of Michigan’s counties.

For more information, please visit

“We don’t have to live in the kind of America the two major parties have in store for us. Together, let us continue to lay the foundations for an America worthy of our Founding Fathers.”
-Ron Paul June 12, 2008-
  1. Too bad for Scotty—Mary Ruwart is a home-wrecking witch.

  2. That’s extraordinary. Whose home has she wrecked?

  3. I was wondering the same thing. This is the first I have ever heard any such allegation.

  4. As far as I know, Mary is married to Ray Carr and has been for some time. I’ve met both Mary and Ray at various ISIL events and other conferences. They seem to be a pleasant, mutually devoted couple.

    Of course, the possibility that Karl is simply making crap up and hurling virtual feces does occur to me.

  5. Oh Jesus, a Paultard banner. Just what an LP candidate needs.

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