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Letters from LFV mailbag: Gene Trosper on Sonny Landham

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US on July 27, 2008 at 4:21 pm

The following was received by LFV from the author, Gene Trosper.  To contact the LPKY officers, see the LPKY website.

I just sent this to all LPKY officers. I hope others contact the LPKY as well.

–Gene Trosper


I would like to strongly express my shock and absolute horror at the recent comments Sonny Landham has made about Arabs and Muslims.

Mr. Landham has fallen into the dangerous trap of collectivism by treating people as groups, rather than individuals. This is especially ironic, considering his heritage which suffered greatly at the hands of racism and genocidal policies.

The Libertarian Party is an organization that supports the principles of peace, non-interventionism, free trade and individualism. Sonny Landham has struck against each of these libertarian principles with his outrageous comments. he has done a grave disservice to the Libertarian Party and the ideals of freedom which we all purport to embrace.

As a long time Libertarian party member and successful activist, I call on the LPKY to officially disavow Mr. Landham’s despicable statements and do everything possible to legally and morally distance themselves from his campaign. To not respond to evil is to be an enabler of evil. Please do the right thing.

Thank You.

–Gene Trosper
Wildomar, California

  1. Gene, I appreciate your comments and sincerity in this matter. Good for you. The Boston Tea Party sent our vice chair to make our views known on this point, and he’s done yeoman’s work.

  2. I’ll join in Gene’s comments. I went through this $#!t with Rick Stanley in CO in 2002. stanley got censured for his comments, and he should have been removed from the ticket–heck, he wasn’t the leigitimate nominee in the first place, but that was a convention screwup that everybody in the room missed at the time. LPKY needs to save itself from this Landham nutcase before he does irreparable damage to LPKY.

  3. To elaborate on 2002:

    The convention goofed by accidentally removing NOTA from the second nominating ballot instead of Stanley since he was the lowest vote-getting person (of two) in the first ballot (no majority). NOTA should always be on the nominating ballot per the national Bylaws! In that case, nobody noticed, and the error was noticed long after the election was over, and it induced a state Bylaws change in 2003.

  4. I can just imagine the horror you had to go through, Mike! The LP needs to vet it’s candidates better. No doubt about that. However, there is only so much we can do in some states.

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