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How is Bob Barr spending campaign donations?

In Libertarian on July 27, 2008 at 6:09 pm

The following is from Bob Barr’s June FEC report:

Cash on hand 6/1/08:  $53,145.00

June income: $196,400.00

June disbursements: $68,774.00

End of month cash on hand: $68,774.00

End of month campaign debt: $1,000.00

Items of interest from disbursements:

The Barr08 website cost more than $31,000 to the firm Terra Eclipse.

Their office space cost more than $28,000 to the Paces Foundation in Georgia.  The campaign also paid nearly $2,700 to Post Corporate Apartments, and more than $3,700 in rent to Liza Franzman (who is in Kailua, Hawaii; however, she is from Georgia, so her property may still be there).

Then there are consultants. Doug Bandow was paid more than $12,000. James Bovard received $5,000. Robert Zinzell was paid $3,750. Steve Gordon got more than $2,900. Russ Verney received $1,900. Mike Ferguson was paid $1,250. Ashley Petty got $1,100. John Seewoester was paid $560. Robert Benedict got $312.  The report doesn’t say exactly what kind of consulting they did.

There was also over $35,000 paid to consulting firms. Liberty Strategies…$11,000. Advocacy Ink…more than $20,000. Olympic…$3,500. McKenna Long & Aldridge’s Legal Fees were over $4,100.

Interestingly, the only staff member listed is Andrew McPherson, who received slightly under $2,000. Shane Cory received $2,296 for reasons not specified in his report.

Ballot access fees amounted to slightly over $4,000. If the campaign is investing in petitioning for ballot access, it is not reflected in their FEC report.

And campaigning? There were $23,000 and then some in travel expenses. Fliers and buttons came to less than $1,200. Admission to Freedom Fest was $750. Two meetings at the Old Vinings Inn and the DC University Club were more than $1,500. Unspecified in the electronic report were American Express charges for $13,000.


Liberty Strategies Contract Services $11,000.00
Advocacy Ink Media Consulting $10,062.00
Advocacy Ink Public Relations $278.25
Advocacy Ink Public Relations $9,931.14
Doug Bandow Political Consulting $10,088.22
Doug Bandow Political Consulting $2,145.00
David Beiler Field Consulting $2,399.11
Doug Bandow Travel Expenses $217.94
James Bovard Field Consulting $5,000.00
Robert Zinzell Political Consulting $3,750.00
Olympic Consulting Political Consulting $3,500.00
Mr. Stephen P Gordon Field Consulting $2,000.00
Mr. Stephen P Gordon See Below $907.86
Russ Verney Political Consulting $1,902.00
Mike Ferguson Political Consulting $1,250.00
Ms. Ashley Petty Field Consulting $715.00
Ms. Ashley Petty Field Consulting $405.00
Imaging Arts Charleston Photography $673.81
McKenna Long & Aldridge Legal Fees $3,915.00
McKenna Long & Aldridge Legal Fees $270.00

Mr. Andrew MacPherson Salary $997.80
Andrew MacPherson Salary $994.60

Mr. Shane Cory See Below $2,296.27

AT&T Mobility $89.00

Computer issues:
Terra Eclipse $10,223.00
Terra Eclipse $10,249.00
Terra Eclipse $10,856.00
RackSpace $16.00

Real Estate
Post Corporate Apartments Rent $2,675.00 and $20.29
The Paces Foundation, Inc Rent $3,132.00
The Paces Foundation, Inc Rent $3,132.00
The Paces Foundation, Inc Rent $3,202.00
The Paces Foundation, Inc Rent $19,212.00
Lisa Franzman Kailua, Hawaii Rent $1,600.00
Lisa Franzman 21 N. Kalaheo Ave Kailua, Hawaii Rent $2,160.00
Office Supplies $180.17
Office Equipment $972.80
Office Equipment $206.50

Ballot Access
New Hampshire Secretary of State $250.00
West Virginia Secretary of State $2,500.00
Louisiana Secretary of State $500.00
Commonwealth of Kentucky $500.00
State of Utah $500.00

Freedom Fest Event Ticket $750.00

Postage $420.00
FedEx $88.94
FedEx Shipping $307.01

Cardmember Service $11,257.85
PayPal Merchant Services $5,790.57
Bank Fees $74.60 T-Shirts $1,065.39

NextDay Flyers Printing $258.95
NextDay Flyers Printing $458.31
Dr Don’s Buttons Campaign Buttons $418.59

The University Club of DC Meeting Expense $546.95
Old Vinings Inn Restaurant Atlanta, Georgia Meeting Expense $1,052.47

Delta Travel Expenses $713.00
United Airlines Travel Expenses $819.00
Delta Travel Expenses $110.00
United Airlines Travel Expenses $533.00
Delta Travel Expenses $7,722.48
Thrifty Rental Car Car Rental $151.90
Thrifty Rental Car Travel Expenses $228.01
Sheraton Hotels Event Refreshments $186.00
Orbitz Travel Expenses $721.86
Brede Colorado Convention Setup Fee $365.59
Sheraton Hotels Travel Expenses $9,230.31
Courtyard Marriott Travel Expenses $334.35
Doubletree Hotels Travel Expenses $753.41
Courtyard Marriott Atlanta, Georgia Travel Expenses $1,792.16

American Express See Below $261.90
American Express See Below $375.29
American Express See Below $12,798.16

Many thanks to George Phillies for compiling this information

  1. Is that all for Steve Gordon? Come on. That kind of loyalty is priceless!

  2. Thanks for the report. FYI, the $312 to Robert Benedict (me–Robert is my first name, Milnes ain’t my last) was a reimbursement for out of pocket expenses for an a/v firm that recorded this:

    For more about my personal contributions to Barr and others and for a clearer explanation of my name, click on the link to my name above and see the lower left of the web page.

  3. What about the 19,000 for the AC unit? Gotta have that in GA in the summertime!

  4. I don’t really see anything noteworthy. As for ballot access- keep in mind this reporting period ended almost a month ago.

  5. Is that all for Steve Gordon? Come on. That kind of loyalty is priceless.

    Why is the line between crazy and genius so fine? Milnes, Hacker, Milsted, et al.

    Milnes, that’s the funniest and most telling damn thing I’ve heard all day.

  6. By the way, where is this stuff coming from? I can’t find it at the FEC website.

  7. I shoulda been a consultant.


  8. Go to On the left side bar activate the top item, which will generate a swingout bar. Click on ‘electronic filing’.

    Do an ‘advanced search’ for “Barr”. Scroll down–it may be on top– until you reach the Presidential committee.

  9. Hello, fellow libertarians and liberty activists. Here is what we can expect from Bob Barr’s campaign for president. A full month has gone by since he gained the nomination of the Libertarian Party in convention (back room scammers and all) in Denver. He has raised $196,400.00 in that month. There are four more months – July, August, September, and October – during which he can expect to raise money.

    If his June rate of income is typical, he should be able to raise $785,600 in the remaining months. But, let’s take a peak at his web site, shall we?

    Today is 27 July. His web site says he has raised $529,967.10. That took place in the 27 days of July so far, the 30 days of June, and the 6 days in May since he was nominated, I gather. If we take that number of dollars and divide by 63 for the number of days, we get $8412 per day. Since this figure is over a longer time than the June income figure, it should be more representative. It is also higher than the daily average for June, so Barr sychophants should be happier.

    There are 99 days left until 4 November 2008. So, using this approach, we can anticipate $832,788 to be raised in that amount of time.

    The two numbers are quite close. About $47K separates them. This suggests that the expectation is reasonable, since two different strategies for predicting the outcome give similar numbers. The values are within about 6% of each other.

    Obviously, the claim that Barr would raise $40 million for his campaign was puffery, or, more likely, deception. He’s going to be campaigning on a budget of about $1.36 million – the higher of the two figures I’ve projected plus the total raised through the time when I checked his web site in making this comment.

    I wonder which LP candidates have had similar budgets? One could use their vote totals to generate an expectation for Barr this November.

  10. In the above, first paragraph, substitute “had gone by” for “has gone by” and peek for peak in the second paragraph. Thanks.

  11. Bob Barr 2008 Exploratory Committee, April 5, 2008, Terra Eclipse

  12. Is there some external archive for the comments on that site? They seem to be closed, and the RSS feed is empty.

  13. What about the 19,000 for the AC unit? Gotta have that in GA in the summertime!

    I’m willing to bet that it’s wrapped up into the $19k payment to the Paces Foundation.

  14. Today, I suck with links.

  15. Liberty Strategies is Barr’s own consulting firm.

  16. Extrapolating future fundraising from past fundraising is a tricky business, because the last thing one can assume is that a daily average will hold out:

    – The “Barr, yes, Barr, let’s have Barr!” enthusiasts who can afford to make max contributions made them early. Getting future such maximum contributions requires creating new “Barr, yes, Barr, let’s have Barr!” enthusiasts.

    – Barr’s media profile and perceived relevance will not necessarily remain static. He might fade into the background, or something might happen to push him into the foreground. Either one will affect his ability to raise money.

    “Consulting” is a pretty broad category of expediture. It can cover a lot of things.

    For example, Mike Ferguson has done organizing work in Nebraska, helped with the ballot access drive in West Virginia, and set up a Missouri campaign tour (including media interviews and fundraising events) for Wayne Root.

    Doug Bandow, on the other hand, is almost certainly more involved in writing position papers and speeches, and possibly prepping Barr for hardball in interviews.

  17. The Paces Foundation, Inc Rent $19,212.00 = AC

    How much did Badnarik raise, around a million? It will be funny if Barr barely outraises badnarik.

  18. The max donors early has to be balanced against the possibility of some organised work, such as a money bomb. I think the average Ron Paul donation was $102 and he raised $34 million. Mind you, Trevor Lyman does not appear to be working for Barr.

  19. Jim: Dr. Paul’s fundraising only really picked up once he could really participate in the debates and became better known. Till the end of September 2007 Paul had raised about the same amount as Barr. Of course Barr has much less time and have to spend easily 1/2 million plus on the ballot access alone. Trevor Lyman and Rick Williams were the two people that started the idea of online fundraising, but it is not only they that can do it.

    How much has the BTP raised so far and what steps has it taken to raise funds?

  20. Susan, well yes, there are probably a few people with Liberty Strategies that work on the campaign, I am sure the money for Liberty Strategies is not for Barr himself, but to the others working there.

  21. @ Stephan

    One of those very few people at Liberty Strategies is Bob Barr’s son Derek:

    Liberty Strategies at Sourcewatch

  22. Look, I didn’t point out that LS was Barr’s company as any sort of nefarious thing. I’ve got no problem with giving work to friends and family, and Barr is certainly having to work hard for the donations he’s getting. Hell, if Barr wants to pay -himself- for campaigning, and he can raise money from folks for that, I have no real issue with it (not that I think it’s necessarily a good strategy).

    I just wanted to point it out because I thought it interesting that no one mentioned it. Plus I think it’s funny how Barr’s PAC and company mostly seem to be employment opps for his son. Plus I really loathe these elbow-rubbing, back-scratching ex-congressslime ‘lobby firms’. What Barr sells (or wants to sell) with that firm is the same bill of goods he sold slightly over half the LP delegates in Denver: “I’m an ex-congressman! people *listen* to me!”


  23. Right now, Barr is behind where Badnarik was at this point in time, if I’m not mistaken.

    Where are the legions of right-wing Republican apostates, waving fistfuls of hundred dollar bills?

    Maybe the Libertarian National Committee should spend its last few hundred bucks on some SKOAL as campaign donor spiffs to get the GOPers to send Bob some love (and cash). Or something.

  24. Stefan, I really must salute your ability to get it wrong, almost 100% of the time! It’s truly brave.

  25. What Barr sells (or wants to sell) with that firm is the same bill of goods he sold slightly over half the LP delegates in Denver: “I’m an ex-congressman! people *listen* to me!”

    I do marketing, I sell lots of shit for other people, and people in the LP won’t even listen to me about marketing — probably the only thing I’m good at.

    But some washed-up GOPer arrives on the scene and everyone is waiting for Wisdom On High about campaign strategy and platform planks from a guy who complained that the flames of Wiccan moral hedonism lick at our children’s ankles.

    I was chatting with another Libertarian (whose name is fairly well known) today and noting that it would be great if America had a party that would run YouTube advertising (or even TV advertising) ripping into the $300 billion mortgage bailout bill.

    Hell, they could even hire a Communications Director with a background in communications (or accept volunteer assistance from someone who has done it before *outside* of libertarian circles — where someone who designed a logo for the GOP nomination candidate who came in 17th place is hailed as a genius).

    Think of the possibilities. Why, libertarian ideas might actually get out there and stuff.

  26. Steve Gordon got more than $2,900.

    Damn. Gordon is a cheap whore.

    Or was he ever really a libertarian?

  27. …So Barr owns Liberty Strategies and he’s just belting money out like that? Is that necessary? To pay himself? Or is this to be expected from a political campaign? Please, someone with a better understanding, help explain.

  28. I’M SUCH A BITCH!!!!!

  29. Yeah, I give Bob Barr hand jobs regularly. That was were i received my payment of $560.

  30. I do not approve you informing the nation on my spendings John. What I use you for was suppose to be between just you and me.

  31. Note how China has significantly closed the gap with these countries over time. ,

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