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George Phillies: LNC funding down almost 50% from 2000

In Libertarian on July 27, 2008 at 4:48 pm

The following was researched and written by George Phillies.

These are the Year to Date donation levels for the end of June, for the current and the last three election cycles.

The LNC funding — donations Year To Date — is down almost a third from 2004, and down by almost 50% relative to 2000.

That drop is in nominal dollars. There’s also been some inflation over the period.


YTD 2008 $853,256

YTD 2004 $1,250,666

YTD 2000 $1,603,872

YTD 1996 $762,694

The LNC apparently spent $33,000 collecting 15,000 signatures in MA. I do not understand how you got up to $2.20 a signature.

  1. To avoid confusion, perhaps you could replace the spaces in those numbers with commas or something.

  2. George also noted that if you extrapolate from 2000 to 2016 you get a value very near zero.

  3. The LNC apparently spent $33,000 collecting 15,000 signatures in MA. I do not understand how you got up to $2.20 a signature.

    I was told Rob got 2.25/sig.

  4. Paulie, please check out for Tom Knapp’s latest suggestion on how to fund BTP state ballot access petition drives. I get the impression he’s willing to contribute to the effort.

  5. Thanks. Darcy emailed me about that.

    “As far as fundraising for ballot access goes, I suggest that
    individual activists — or perhaps the paid petitioners themselves —
    do it using Fundable.Com. If, for example, Paulie Cannoli is willing
    to do the Tennessee drive for $X, let him set up a Fundable drive for
    $X. If we fill the goal, he does it, if we don’t, he doesn’t. I’ll
    certainly make pledges toward such drives, and the
    activists/petitioners are free to advertise them in forums, etc. on
    the party’s web site.

    One of my dearest hopes in founding this party is that it would figure
    out ways around the “central planning” bottleneck that for all
    practical purposes has destroyed the LP. The logical place for the
    presidential campaign to be powered from is the presidential campaign
    itself, but if that’s not going to happen, then we have an opportunity
    to see if the grassroots/netroots can make things happen.

    Tom Knapp”

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