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IRS Gone Wild: Joe Francis claims alleged tax evasion was a setup

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Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis, currently free on $1.5 million bond, has been accused of claiming $20 million in fraudulent expenses on his tax returns. He has pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of tax evasion. If convicted, he faces a possible 10 years in prison and a $500,000 fine.

However, Francis says he never knew anything about the tax problems until after he was indicted, and that the situation is really nothing more than his own CPA setting him up so he could collect a multimillion dollar “reward” from the Internal Revenue Service.

“IRS informant rules permit a CPA who actually plans and initiates the tax return mistakes to still collect the tax informant reward, which in this case could go as high as $10 million. If the case goes criminal, the tax rat gets even more.” – Robert Bernhoft, attorney for Joe Francis

Francis has filed a lawsuit against his former CPA, Michael Barrett, for fraud. Francis alleges that Barrett personally prepared, reviewed and approved tax ledgers with errors in them, and vouched for the correctness of those records with Francis’s tax preparers. Francis also claims that Barrett never brought the errors to his attention, or to the attention of anyone except the IRS; and that he pushed the IRS to bring criminal charges against Francis, so that he could collect a larger bounty.

Joe Francis’s tax evasion trial is presently scheduled to start on September 16th.

  1. My willingness to see Joe Francis as a decent guy ended entirely after talking with Doug Stanhope about Francis for roughly five minutes in Denver. But, even though I now regard Joe Francis as a jerk, he doesn’t deserve whatever the IRS plans to do to him. Nobody does.

  2. What’d Stanhope say?

  3. What did Stanhope say about Joe Francis?

  4. Thank you, for making it more wordy. 😉

  5. I wonder if Gene Chapman will become buddies with Francis like he claim he did with Wesley Snipes?

    In a very weird sorta way, I miss Gene.

  6. It is not the sort of thing that I would wish to repeat, misstate, or learn was not for attribution. I’d be willing to give it a shot in private, encrypted, e-mail, but not on a public forum. It did not seem that Doug was shy about his views, so why not ask him? He and I are Facebook friends, and his campaign for the LP prez nomination and I are Myspace friends, so I feel confident that I could put you in touch. And if I fail, Angela might have his contact info.

  7. Mike: LOL, I didn’t see your question until after I hit ‘submit’. Sorry. 🙂

    Jason: Gene is the kind of guy who has imaginary friends. Lots of them. LOL

    I miss Gene too, also in a weird way. The world is just far more interesting with him in it. 🙂

    Jim: I’m pretty sure I’m Facebook friends with Stanhope; I know we’re MySpace friends. I’m not sure, though, and my cable still isn’t fixed so my connection is very slow and there are a lot of sites I can’t access as a result (argh, but it should finally be fixed Tuesday, they’re doing a complete rewire). If you don’t mind, ask him the question and give him my email address ( I have written about Joe Francis’s legal woes several times, so I actually have a reason for asking.

  8. I left a message on Facebook for Doug.

  9. Okay, so my posts on this thread work. Am I locked out of the Robert Milnes thread? Or is it something else?

  10. They aren’t getting through?
    It was active a few hours ago, I’ll throw a test.

  11. You were just caught in spam. I pulled it out.

  12. Thanks, Jim! 🙂

  13. […] IRS Gone Wild: Joe Francis claims allege […]

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