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Worst candidate actually on the ballot this year?

In Politics on July 25, 2008 at 3:38 am

A message I received on facebook:

Who are the worst candidates actually appearing on the ballot this year? Send your picks to today.

We’ll keep your suggestions anonymous.

The floor is open for nominations. I haven’t given it much thought yet. So far, this guy appears to be in the lead for the LP candidate for this dubious honor.

  1. Obama brings the New World Order to America.
    Read the story then read the Green Agenda to visit the future.
    November is going to be interesting.
    If you vote for the “Left” It’s rule by the UN.
    If you vote for the “Right” America will be integrated with Mexico and Canada.
    The people of America need to vote for anyone, except Obama or McCain.
    Pick someone and everybody vote for that person.
    Take America Back now or say goodbye to the land of the free.
    The choice is yours America.
    Read the Green Agenda at

  2. I’ll second for the LP nomination.

    For the Republican nomination, I haven’t heard anything worse than staying in Iraq for 100 years from J-Mac. If someone suggested 101+, I’ll change my vote.

    For the dems, maybe “I could argue it either way” Pelosi. But it’s always a travesty with them, there’s probably a worse atrocity out there somewhere.

  3. Sonny Landham, closely followed by Kevin Barrett.

  4. Bob Barr, with Sonny Landham close behind for the LP. I haven’t actually seen anything THAT horrible about Kevin Barrett – the people that kvetch about him don’t seem to post any actual material of his, just make allegations…

    Barr we know about – and he’s national

    Landham is a real whackjob judging from the actual appearance transcript posted on IPR, but he’s also a local, so his range of damage is local…


  5. Landham is a real whackjob judging from the actual appearance transcript posted on IPR, but he’s also a local, so his range of damage is local…

    He was fiercely mocked on the smarmy NPR ‘news quiz’ show last weekend (or the weekend before). And that was BEFORE he said this stuff.

  6. I would still argue that Landham is less harmful, as the LP has “plausible deniability” in regards to him… He’s a local candidate, so you can either blame the state party, or even say that he fraudulently got onto the ballot. It might also seem possible that the local party could try to throw him out / cancel his party membership, etc. although I’m not sure how much they could do to keep him from running under the LP label (state laws vary) I remember a couple of years ago when the LPCA got rid of the candidate that spat on a talk show host…

    OTOH Barr was the “Officially Nominated” candidate of the National party; a lot harder to deny, disown, or otherwise limit his damage…


  7. Sonny Landham is certainly an excellent contender in our party for the “honor,” as is this guy:


    CLARKSVILLE, IN–The Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), a white supremacist organization that has strong ties to the mainstream via members that are elected officials, will be holding their annual conference next month in a Holiday Inn near Louisville, Kentucky. This will be the second time this year that a major hotel chain was the location of a white supremacist conference, and this event is listing as speakers a former actor who has worked with Eddie Murphy and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a Canadian fascist who was most recently seen at National Vanguard’s Conference in Elmwood Park, NJ on Mother’s Day Weekend.

    June 16 and 17 is when the CCC is to hold their 2006 National Conference at the Clarksville, Indiana Holiday Inn. This is considered a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky, which in recent years has seen a rag tag group of Klan members attempting to organize that reports say may put together a rally in the near future with the National Socialist Movement. The CCC event had been announced months ago, but it was only recently that the location was published on one of their websites.

    The Conference boasts a slate of speakers that are considered conference regulars. CCC member and author Brent Nelson. Col. Robert Slimp, and lawyer Sam Dickson, who once represented Daniel “KKK Guy” Carver from the Howard Stern Wack Pack, will be among those regulars speaking. In addition Minuteman and CCC member Joe McCutchen will also be on hand to speak at the conference.

    Co-hosting the event will be actor Sonny Landham, who has appeared in 48 Hrs., Predator, The Warriors and a string of porn films in the seventies. He is a new member of the CCC and has been very active particularly around the issue of immigration.


    (207) 710-7608 /


    Louisville, Kentucky – Sonny Landham, Libertarian nominee for the US Senate in Kentucky will address media attention regarding his Wednesday degrading comments of the Arab American community.

    Landham will appear tonight for a full hour alongside representatives from the Arab-Americam community on a special edition of The Weekly Filibuster airing live tonight at 10PM EDT at

    Landham will take listener calls at (347) 205-9993.


    Can Billy woo the woman vote in KY?

    This might be an obstacle:

    The legal page is the report on the activity that is presently consuming my life, and has consumed my life since 1998. The legal will explain how a mentally ill wife and a liberal guided federal government railroaded me into federal prison.

    Well, that might not be too bad, maybe there’s an explanati…..

    During divorce proceedings in 1998, Sonny’s wife Belita ran to a women’s abuse center, due to her fear of losing money and custody of their daughter, Priscilla. Even though Sonny had never struck his wife or children (Rachel Landham is a step-daughter) [the foregoing statement was made by Belita and Rachel], the fascist women’s abuse groups of Kentucky and the federal government through judicial terrorism framed Sonny, and he did thirty-one (31) months in federal prison

  11. Paulie, is there a player on the site to watch it? It’s live, but I don’t know where…

  12. Not sure. Never been to the site yet, I just get the press releases. It’s on in a little over an hour according to their PR.

  13. I thought it was starting now. It says 10 Eastern.

  14. You’re right.

    I forgot I was in the central time zone. Occupational hazard.

  15. I guess it’s only on radio. I’ll wait till they archive it.

  16. You can try this

    Landham will take listener calls at (347) 205-9993.

  17. I was going to, but I only call in shows that I’m listening to. I wouldn’t want to go off topic from what their talking about for my semi-universal question.

  18. Sometimes I call blogtalks just to listen. It’s usually a while before they put you on and you can listen to the show in the meantime.

  19. So, any other nominations? There have to be some doozy Ds and Rs out there, and some whackjob independents?

  20. Frank Grimes, if he’ll be on the ballot anywhere.

  21. I think I heard about this one guy that wanted to raise test tube Indians and swore he’d get 40% of the vote. I just can’t think of his name………

  22. Neither of those is actually on the ballot. The challenge involves candidates whose electoral fate will actually be decided by the voters of one or more states.




    Washington, DC – During an interview with “The Weekly Filibuster”
    radio show last night, Kentucky Libertarian Senate Candidate
    Sonny Landham heightens his controversial comments by calling for
    genocide of all Arabs.


    Sage Koontz: So are you calling for a complete genocide of the Arab
    race? Is that what you’re saying? Unless they raise the white flag?

    Sonny Landham: When you are in a war, you kill every thing that moves.

    Sage Koontz: [Inaudible]

    Sonny Landham: What?

    Sage Koontz: Even if it’s an innocent person, is that a legitimate
    reason to take a life?

    Sonny Landham: Alright, do you consider the people that were in the
    twin towers, were they innocent or where they guilty of something,
    Sage, you tell me.

    Sage Koontz: They were innocent.

    Sonny Landham: Okay, they were innocent. So how do you think their
    survivors feel about Arabs?

    Sage Koontz: I don’t know sir, you’d have to ask–

    Sonny Landham: Oh, but you do know how these poor camel-dung
    shovelers feel, is that correct?

    Sage Koontz: I believe that’s completely–

    Matt Cavedon: This is Matt, and I’m from Connecticut and I know
    people who lost relatives in the attack on 9/11 and I remember being
    afraid for my life that we [inaudible]

    Sonny Landham: I can’t hear you.

    Matt Cavedon: I’m sorry about that. I said that I am from central
    Connecticut. I live ninety minutes from New York City. People in my
    town lost relatives and friends in 9/11. I live an hour away from the
    nuclear submarine base and I remember that day being afraid that there
    could be an attack on my state. I also know Arabs who have pined and
    cried for friends that they lost in 9/11. Now I know that the
    families of these victims do not support the genocide of–

    Sonny Landham: They don’t, alright. You’re speaking for each and
    every one of them, you’ve gone around and asked each of everyone of
    them what they want to do?

    Matt Cavedon: Of course not, but have you, you’re from–

    Sonny Landham: Did they want to ret–did they want retaliation?

    Matt Cavedon: Yes, did they want blind slaughter, abs–[olutely not]

    Sonny Landham: Alright, now, do you know, did not George Bush say a
    ‘War on Terrorism?’

    Matt Cavedon: Yes, something that the Libertarian Party–

    Sonny Landham: Wait a minute, I didn’t ask about the Libertarian
    Party. I just asked what the President did.

    Matt Cavedon: Yes, that’s what he said.

    Sonny Landham: Alright, so he said a war on terrorism. Do you know
    what the definition of war is?

    Matt Cavedon: I know that it’s not killing everything that moves and
    committing genocide against your enemies.

    Sonny Landham: That is war, my friend. That is war. That is war.
    Do you think–what do you think when the bomb was, the atomic bombs
    were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

    Matt Cavedon: Are you calling for outright genocide? Yes or no?

    Sonny Landham: I call for outright bombing them back into the sand
    until they surrender and if they don’t surrender, then you continue
    the war. Because if you don’t, you will never have peace in the
    United States. Now do you want peace in the United States or do you
    want to live to some utopian ideals that are impossible in a world?

    Sonny Landham: What is it that I have said about America that the
    Boston Tea Party would disagree with?

    Todd Barnett [Boston Tea Party Vice Chair]: Well, um, where I
    disagree is, um, the, um the language that you use, um–

    Sonny Landham: I’m sorry, the what?

    Todd Barnett [Boston Tea Party Vice Chair]: Where I disagree, Sonny,
    is the language that you use. Um–

    Sonny Landham: What language is that, sir?

    Todd Barnett [Boston Tea Party Vice Chair]: Well you refer to Arabs,
    all Arabs as camel dung-shovelers, sir. And you–

    Sonny Landham: Well would you prefer that I use rag-heads or camel jockeys?

    Ben Goodman: Do you fear that the Libertarian Party of Kentucky may
    decide to take the nomination away from you?

    Sonny Landham: That would be their choice, wouldn’t it.

    Ben Goodman: And, ah, if they were to do that, would you continue
    your bid as an independent, or…

    Sonny Landham: Now we’re into hypothetical questions. This hasn’t
    even come up. This hasn’t even come up. You didn’t have Libertarian
    people from Kentucky on the panel tonight, you had somebody out of
    Boston, or the Boston Tea Party, whatever. Uh, look, I’m the type of
    person that I have beliefs, core beliefs, and I won’t trade my beliefs
    for anybody. I’ll look you in the eye and tell you what I believe,
    and tell you what I think, and what I feel, and what I believe. And
    now unless, and I’m subject to change my mind on anything if you give
    me a rational argument, show me where I’m wrong and how we, what would
    be a better plan. I’m not carved in stone on things. But as long as
    I believe in something and I look you in the eye and tell you “this is
    what it is,” that is my word and I stick by it until somebody can show
    me a better way. And as any party, I don’t care if it’s Libertarian,
    Republican, Democrat, or whatever else party you can conjure up, will
    not change my beliefs. My belief is a better life for the people and
    giving the people an honest shake, an honest day’s work. In their
    government. That’s where I stand and I don’t care what anybody else
    things or doesn’t think as far as a party, now we’re talking as a
    party platform.

    Ben Goodman: While we’re on immigration, if I’m not mistaken, you
    helped to host the Council of Conservative Citizens conference in
    Clarksville, IN corect?

    Sonny Landham: My name was put on it, I did not actually co-host.

    Ben Goodman: Okay, but if you’re name was on it, do you support the
    work of the CCC?

    Sonny Landham: I did a movie for them. I did a film called American
    Under Attack. I produced, I dir–well, it was a DVD, I produced it and
    directed it for him, but I also moderatd the panel.

    Ben Goodman: So would it be fair to say you support the work that they do?

    Sonny Landham: I’m not familiar with the work that they do. In
    reality I know that they are a conservative party.

    Ben Goodman: Because while we’re talking about immigration, the CEO
    of that organization said that one of the central questions in the
    immigration issue is whether the USA should remain or become a third
    world country. Have illegal immigrants brought the US down to a
    third…third world country status?

    Sonny Landham: Illegal immigration, well we don’t have–illegal
    immigrants have put a drain on our economy, yes.

    Ben Goodman: So by associating yourself with this organization, this
    organization said that blacks, African-Americans are quote “are a
    retrograde species of humanity.”

    Sonny Landham: I have never heard anybody connected with that, with
    that organization that said that.

    Ben Goodman: So if those statements are in fact of the CCC, would you
    condemn them?

    Sonny Landham: Well I totally repudiate that. I totally repudiate
    that. I’m a minority myself. I’m an Indian with Jewish heritage. So
    I definitely repudiate that. Categorically.

    NOTICE: The Weekly Filibuster and its panelists do not necessarily
    endorse nor share the opinions expressed by guests on the show.

    THE WEEKLY FILIBUSTER is a radio show that works to inform young
    voters of the week’s political news. The Weekly Filibuster can be
    heard Sundays at 10pm and Wednesdays at 10pm at, through BlogTalk Radio. Previous guests
    include Senator Mike Gravel and Dr. Alan Keyes. The show is hosted by
    Ben Goodman and Thomas Dec, with regular panelists: Robert Burack,
    Robert Bowen, and Matt Cavedon.

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  24. Looks like we can now rush to judgement. “All the facts are in.”

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