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I will vote for Bob Barr in the electoral college if he wins the state of Michigan

In Libertarian on July 25, 2008 at 7:13 pm

Apparently, some members of the Libertarian Party of Michigan are “concerned” about my lack of support for our party’s presidential nominee.

Under duress, I agreed to serve as an elector for Bob Barr. I assured the party that I would vote for him if he indeed won the state of Michigan. I did this because no other elector from my congressional district was present, and if I did not agree to be an elector, there was a slight chance that Barr might not appear on the Michigan ballot. I did it for the party.

Later, when Barr endorsed the life and work of racial separatist Jesse Helms, I said I would not vote for him in the electoral college. I said this in a fit of disgusted rage. That’s why I post blogs under the moniker “G.E.” and not my real Christian name. Regardless, it was a stupid thing to say in light of the absolute impossibility of Barr’s victory here or anywhere else, and I apologize to the LPM for it.

I will not vote for Barr, whom I find entirely despicable as a human being and a horrendous candidate for the Libertarian Party, on November 4. I never gave any indication that I would vote for him on Election Day. But yes, “if” he wins the state of Michigan, I will vote for him, as I pledged.

I did not pledge, however, to not fly off the handle on Internet message boards and blogs, for that is a pledge that I could not possibly hope to keep.

  1. Somehow, I am thinking you would have done better to refuse to be an elector for Barr. Sure, you won’t have to vote for him in November, and you are unlikely to have to vote for him as an elector. (And if you do get called upon, you could vote for someone ethical instead.) But, you seem very unhappy being an elector for Barr. Next time the situation arises, perhaps you’ll choose differently. Good luck with everything.

  2. I was trying to be helpful. I thought it would be quite dickish to refuse to have my name put on a meaningless piece of paper out of “principle.”

    I am in the wrong here. I should not have said “I will not vote for Barr in the electoral college” — but I was just blowing off steam and I wasn’t aware that any of the LPM people knew that I was “G.E.” I thought it was a statement as meaningless as my agreement to be on the electors list.

    But yes, I will not agree to do anything of the sort again.

  3. What Jim Davidson needs to realize is that the Libertarian Party of Michigan (in my opinion), for the most part, is a great organization. Bill Hall (a great state chairman) asked GE to perform the task. In the same position, I would have made the same decision.

  4. Ha. Getting these elector slots filled at a state LP convention can be a chore. I nearly volunteered (in the spirit of true Comrade-ish-ness, purely, of course) for a slot myself until someone *helpfully* pointed out that I would potentially (as in not-in-this-lifetime potentially) have to cast a vote for Barr. I really did not think Barr would cop the nom at that time, but I did see the point. I now thank that person (I forget who it was; it may have been several people:) for saving me from just such awkwardness as GE is dealing with.

  5. LPM is a great organization with great and competent people in leadership positions.

    Michigan went 2/3 for Mary Ruwart on the sixth and final ballot.

  6. Your decision G.E. – but I don’t see it as the only option – As you are no doubt tired of hearing, I will NOT cast an electoral vote for Barr if he wins in Mass.

    I don’t feel in the least guilty about this – I became an elector while Barr was still hiding under his rock with the other slime creatures (Really I shouldn’t say that, as I wouldn’t want to insult good wholesome slime…)

    I told my state party leadership that I would be unable to vote for Barr, as well as telling everybody at the convention that would listen – They nominated him anyway, they were warned, their problem, not mine…

    If you became an elector after Barr got the nomination, I would say your situation is a bit less clear, but I would still argue that it would be morally acceptable if he revealed un-acceptable stances after getting the nomination (Though I’m not sure this one would hold up, as his stances were pretty well hinted at by his prior record…)

    At any rate, I’d say the odds of it being an action either of us would need to worry about are pretty slim – but if it does come to pass, we will all have to decide what our moral obligations are…

    LPMA Presidential Elector – not voting for Barr
    Speaking for myself

  7. There’s a difference between being generally helpful and serving evil. In the same circumstance, I would have refused, on the general principle that “none of the above” is the only candidate I can support. But, now that GE has misgivings, it seems to me he could withdraw his name as an elector. Yet another way of sticking it to Barr.

    Art has the interesting opportunity of possibly being able to vote for and be an elector on behalf of George Phillies. A much more tasteful choice, though still not as qualified as “none of the above,” given my preference to govern myself.

  8. If you post on the internet and give enough clues ( especially if you are a former candidate from one “3rd party” in a given state who has switched and now very involved in another party) anyone can figure out who you are. I even know who you are from before politics- but thats probably just a coincidence of the small world of the internet.

  9. in other words, anything you say online can come back to you even under assumed names. I think most of us leave just enough clues to get “caught” as part of the game.

  10. “On the Internet, everyone knows you’re a dog.”

    My friends at Cryptohippie can help.

  11. The issue is not so much encryption, but personal clues that arise in the course of conversation.

  12. JCJ – I do not try to “hide” my identity from people who regularly post at LFV, IPR, etc. But there’s still a pretty thorough separation.

  13. Yeah, I didn’t necessarily mean “hiding” intentionally- just that semi-anonymity of blogging/commenting is well, not really anonymous at all, and anything you post online will be found but anyone who really wants to. Didn’t mean to imply you were trying to hide. If you were you wouldnt post personal experiences and use a picture,etc.

  14. Of course some of us don’t try to hide… I do use a different name on some non-political boards where I am, or have been active, but on any on-line activity that is primarily political, I use my real name…

    As to the possibility of casting an electoral vote for George Phillies, it is true that the current ballot situation in Mass. is that George’s name is the one going on as soon as we finish turning in the petitions.

    Currently we are done collecting, and have sent the approx 19K raw signatures out to the 251 cities and towns in the state to be certified – as they get done, the Registrars either mail them back to us, or we go pick them up – I’d estimate we have already gotten at least a couple thousand certified sigs back, and I will be picking up over 2,627 valid sigs early next week. We then have to turn the valid petitions in to the Secretary of State’s office by Aug 29th, with at least 10K valid signatures. Thus far we’ve been running well over 80% on our validation rates, so this should be no problem…

    However, there will also shortly be legal action filed to challenge our Secretary of State’s change of mind in ruling that we can’t do substitution, and the legal types say that there is probably going to be an OK on substitution… Therefore my assumption is that Barr will be on the Mass ballot in November, much to my regret.

    LPMA Operations Facilitator
    LPMA Presidential Elector, NOT casting an Electoral vote for Barr!
    Speaking for myself

  15. Thanks for more ingenious wisdom, disinter.

  16. I use my real name, the name I grew up with. I’m looking forward to the day when they come rounding up the radicals. As TE Lawrence said, “It’s going to be fun!”

  17. Look, I make no effort to hide my identity. Almost everyone who commented in this thread knows my real name. But I don’t like my posts to show up in Google searches. I have to earn a living.

  18. Shit, I’m screwed than. Luckily there’s a Mike Theodore Orchestra which dominates google.

  19. Curiously, I rather enjoy having my posts show up in google searches. Some years ago, one of my really really old posts was appended to my biography in wikipedia.

    It seems to me, Jason, that if you write what you believe, you shouldn’t fear for the consequences. The people who agree with your ideas and idealism are going to be pleased to find out what you wrote, and the people who disagree aren’t likely to contribute meaningfully to your success. Never explain. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it.

  20. and the people who disagree aren’t likely to contribute meaningfully to your success.

    Not my reality.

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