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Angela Keaton has no faith in competency of LNC

In Libertarian on July 25, 2008 at 9:47 pm

The following was posted on the LNC discussion group by LNC At-Large Representative Angela Keaton.  Please note the following additional statement from Ms. Keaton:  “I don’t begrudge Shane Cory his salary or imply that he didn’t put in very long difficult hours. I am merely stating that the way it was handled gives members the impression that the LNC is full of people without business, non profit or any real world experience.”

From: angela at
To: lnc-discuss at
Subject: The continuing crisis
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 07:48:55 +0000


With all due respect to Mr. Starr, none of the responses to Mr. LaBianca were either well intended or even informative. Having worked for successful non-profits, I can speak to the fact the standard operating procedures of the Libertarian Party are only ‘standard’ or ‘operational’ if this were a cutesy 70s sit com about the gang that can’t shoot straight.

First, tonight I attended a dinner at a donor’s house where I had to defend the Barr/Helms press release to a mixed raced woman whose black son was killed by SFPD officers.  Hence, my generosity toward those who those who wish I would take a more ‘nuanced’ view of the Barr campaign is minimal. I suppose we should be grateful that David Irving didn’t shuffle this mortal coil lest I be forced to explain to my mother why Barr (or rather, his ghost writers) think we have lost the greatest historian since Thucydides. Second, a donor earnestly told me that the LP has 49 state ballot access. One can only imagine where he may have gotten such an impression. Finally, there is really little more one can say about those who do not see the public relations problem with regard to Mr. Cory’s separation agreement.

I no longer have any faith that the officers of this organization, irrespective of whether they have the best interest of the Party at heart, are competent to execute our mission.

Angela Keaton
At Large Representative
Libertarian National Committee
angela at

  1. Predicted Redpath response, anyone?

    Could he fire Keaton? Because if he has that power, I assume he’ll use it eventually. I doubt he does though, as she was elected at the convention.

  2. Angela Keaton is an elected member of the LNC. Redpath can’t fire her anymore than he could shut down LFV for covering the issue (another thing he’d likely do if he could, LOL).

  3. For once, the automatically-generated “possibly related posts” actually references something pertinent, since it refers readers to a previous LFV post on the LNC.

  4. Can anyone decipher this one:

    “I suppose we should be grateful that David Irving didn’t shuffle this mortal coil lest I be forced to explain to my mother why Barr (or rather, his ghost writers) think we have lost the greatest historian since Thucydides.”

    David Irving is a Holocaust denier, near as I can tell. Thucydides, an ancient historian (sounds like a good gig, btw! less history to sort out!). I’m not sure what this all has to do with Barr’s (probably ill conceived) Helms release. I’m sure the dots can be connected, but it’s not obvious how it’s done.

    I’m also really missing how a donor is confused about a goal vs. a fact reflects badly on anyone. Seems like a weak point, but, as ever, I’m open to insightful amplification.

  5. Let’s see if I can make a connection.

    David Irving, here, is being compared to Jesse Helms, who was praised lavishly by Bob Barr upon his passing.

  6. Kudos to Ms. Keaton on two counts. First, she broke through the fog of self-deception which many libertarians suffer from these days and perceived reality as it exists. Second, she had the courage to state the truth as she saw it without cowering in fear of rejection by those who might possibly disagree.

  7. “I suppose we should be grateful that David Irving didn’t shuffle this mortal coil lest I be forced to explain to my mother why Barr (or rather, his ghost writers) think we have lost the greatest historian since Thucydides.”

    Translated: We should be glad David Irving didn’t die because if he had died, Barr would have issued a statement identifying Irving as the greatest historian since Thucydides. (I would have gone with Herodotus, but I’m out of touch with the mainstream.) Angela would have been embarrassed by such a statement, and would have had to explain to her mother why Angela was on the national committee of the party Barr is pretending to represent.

    I don’t think Angela was saying that the donor who reported 49 state ballot access was confusing a goal with a fact. I think she is saying that the donor was lied to, deliberately, by Barr’s people, or by officers of the LP, who should not have lied. But, many people are apparently quite comfortable with deception as a tool for getting donor money for the LP.

  8. If both Barr and Phillies are listed on the New Hampshire ballot as Libertarian Party candidates, does that count twice for ballot access?

  9. Thanks for the clarifications.

    My feedback is that I too found the Helms release ill-advised. But it was a small window of opportunity in a limited news cycle, and the campaign responded, unnecessarily, in my view. Since Barr’s been polling well in NC, and praising someone’s who’s just died is a civil thing to do, this tiny misstep gets a pass in my book.

    I do note that Barr has said “nice things” about Al Gore, too. As a general proposition, reaching out to Rs and Ds to find common ground is a helpful bridge to generate interest in the LP. Politics IMO is more poetry than physics – often imprecise, sometimes messy.

    And IF someone is deliberately lying and saying Barr and the LP ARE on the ballot in 49 states, it strikes me that the person should be counseled against such foolishness. Not only is it not true, but it’s poor fundraising! Strikes me that the answer is something like: “We believe we CAN get on 49 state ballots, but it’s not going to be easy. We need your help….”

    Regardless, neither “charge” seems especially strong to me, nor well documented. It’s mostly innuendo. My impression was the separation agreement was put to rest.

  10. Barr’s effusive praise for a racist bigot like Helms seemed quite earnest and not something his campaign just put out. I wonder if Barr is polling well among racist bigots in North Carolina. There’s quite a bit of data suggesting he’s not polling well among libertarians.

    Reaching out, or around, to find common ground may be helpful to someone who wants to compromise with evil. Unfortunately, the only compromises between food and poison are illness or death.

    What basis do you have, Mr. Capozzi, for believing that the LP can get on 49 state ballots with its presidential candidate this year? Not as a write-in, but on the ballot?

    The information on Helms is extremely well documented. You just don’t mind because Helms was often quoted making racial slurs against “slants, beaners, and niggers” rather than against persons of Italian origin. Out of curiosity, how much reaching out to bridge the gap with racists are you eager for?

    How much reaching out to bridge the gap with authoritarians are you eager for? Or is there really anything wrong with brutal authoritarians kicking human faces forever, in your meager view?

  11. believing that the LP can get on 49 state ballots with its presidential candidate this year? Not as a write-in, but on the ballot?

    There’s no state except Oklahoma where the LP has failed yet, and there’s a lawsuit in Oklahoma. 49 states is still doable, with 50 being a hail mary pass.

  12. Near as I can tell, not all Helms voters are racist.

  13. There are 31 states checked of the LP’s list. I would be curious about which status applies in Alabama and Tennessee. The deadline in West Virginia seems quite soon, given the goal. But if Nader can do it…

    Robert, are you a Helms voter? Or, presumably, formerly one who voted for Helms? (There are states where dead people have been on the ballot, and I don’t know that much about North Carolina’s current temperament.) Are you a racist?

    You sure don’t have much problem with Barr’s enthusiasm for a racist bigot.

    How can you tell if Helms voters were racist?

  14. No, I never voted for Helms, nor lived in NC. Although irrelevant, I love all people.

  15. Alabama: working on it now; it’s rainy, so perhaps not today, but yes.

    Tennessee is easy, but I don’t think it’s been done yet. All the states that are not yet on are either in progress or plans have been made to start on them.

    On the other hand, I gave BTP contact info for a couple of petitioners who can knock out Rhode Island since they are already there, and as far as I know no one followed up with them. I also don’t know if anyone has followed up with my friend’s friend in Jackson, Mississippi who has offered to file the BTP there. ETC.

  16. Actually, just got word from a friend that he has secured permission from a store with overhang, so there will definitely be at least some signatures in Alabama today.

  17. This bitch is a jew faced cunt. Her toy goys defend her every drool. Bitch should choke in vomit.

  18. Oh, here we go. So far we have avoided this type of vileness here, but it had to just be a matter of time.

    In my experience these types of comments can start showing up on every thread and taking over a whole message board once they start.

  19. Paulie, I feel confident that you should contact the Charles Jay campaign about any petition driving. The BTP national has no money.

    Isn’t it a triumph for Judaism that unjew defines its identity with the word “Jew”? -smirk-

  20. I talked to Charles Jay, he is who I meant.

    And yes

  21. Unjew is the same person as Yank, What Stinks, Earpiece, Zyd, and Dick Army.

  22. Oh…OK. Thanks, that puts in a new light.

  23. Seeing this topic reminded me… A while back, I posted a Poll on the LPMA website, and promised to report on the results…

    The question was – “Who do you trust most on the LNC?”
    and I listed all the main LNC officers as choices…
    I didn’t get many votes, but I think the result was pretty overwhelming…

    Bill Redpath – Chair 0% [ 0 ]
    Michael Jingozian – Vice Chair 0% [ 0 ]
    Bob Sullentrup – Secretary 0% [ 0 ]
    Aaron Starr – Treasurer 0% [ 0 ]
    Angela Keaton – At Large 100% [ 6 ]
    Patrick Dixon – At Large 0% [ 0 ]
    Michael C. Colley – At Large 0% [ 0 ]
    Lee Wrights – At Large 0% [ 0 ]
    Mary Ruwart – At Large 0% [ 0 ]

    Total Votes : 6

    All the usual disclaimers about internet polling apply, although AFAIK the way our forums are set up, it is only possible for a person to vote once in a poll.


  24. JD: Unfortunately, the only compromises between food and poison are illness or death.

    Me: Interesting perspective. Last I checked, most food has SOME poison in it. We eat poison most every day. Seems to me this absolutist analogy actually makes the case for a more relativist perspective. But, whatever floats your boat or gets you through the night’s all right, I s’pose.

  25. EFM,

    Thanks for giving me a forum but this is my last submission to this site. As I wrote Todd in an earlier email, it is repetitive as are the subsequent comments. Clearly, Redpath, Sullentrup and others are determined to making very poor choices. The Barr campaign has not lived to any of the promises any of the principles. And so on and so on.

    Looking back, I once defended homophobic stupidity from Cory and Mattson the way Macia, Karlin, Sink-Burris, Flood and Lieberman are mindlessly defending every action of Redpath and the campaign. Dixon did something so disillusioning that if I weren’t already completely cynical, I could thank him for destroying anything sweetness I had left. It makes me think less of everyone involved. Especially me.

    A few weekend ago, getting involved with choices that were entirely the right of Haugh and Kraus to make, nearly cost me my job. The fact that ballot access is more important than basic standards of propriety, well, I am proud that I spoke out against Fincher.

    Jim, I appreciate the defense but it is too late to do much at this point. Bob is quite set in his ways and G-d bless him, if he is chosen as ED I’m sure he and Michael Colley will do their best which frankly under the circumstances won’t be good enough even if they had the ideological sensibilities. Meanwhile, I’ll finish out my term as promised. Sure there is plenty of stand up and screen play material still to be had.

    Involvement in the party is a sure fire career killer in the movement. It’s not respectable to either the Cato/Reason wing or the LRC crowd. There are reasons for this but any sort of frank discussion leads to the blame and shame game. There are no solutions that don’t involve some people maturing or moving on. However there are several state chairs like Sundwall, Wall, Dickey and others who will do well for the LP’s future in a way that all of us can respect. Also, if Hogarth becomes a bit more soothing to the male ego, she can lead the best and brightest to the light. She has a great deal of wisdom, inner strength and stoicism. Something will come of this incarnation of the Radical Caucus though it may not be through the LP.

    Yesterday, Lieberman and I corresponded a bit. When he wrote the following, I am sad that you will not be on the LNC after 2010, because we need a few Radicals on the LNC to keep us honest.

    That was sobering.

    I wrote the following: That’s just the problem. I’m an “other” in my own party. I’m not a goddamn novelty act. I’m a libertarian.

    This is the party that my friends and family built, that my husband wrote about, that I raise money for, for which I took time away from my family. Now, we are reduced to Bill Redpath making an ass of himself so he can have ballot access in Guam, two circus monkeys for candidates, diminishing membership, debt, low vote totals and scandal.

    Please, if this is the mission, you can hand it over to the Sonny Lanthams, Kevin Barnetts and Alicia Mattsons.

    Meanwhile while the moribund and nearly forgotten old guard on the LNC can gossip about me at Redpath’s house, I know what the Christians mean(when they say), “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things”

    Time to put the LP in its proper place.

    Twenty years ago, when I was Mike Theodore’s age, people like Tom Walls, Phil Blumel, Ivan Osorio and others like Brian Doherty who went on to do great things in the movement were in my life. When you meet libertarians of that caliber so early in life, the bar is set pretty damn high.

    The party in due time will no longer be part of the movement and like the Reform party will cease to have any actual purpose. It will exist but without any meaningful mission.

    This well is tapped dry. It’s not even fun being a bitch anymore. I can barely muster pity or contempt.

    Meanwhile, be well. As the late Terry Liberty Parker said, “the movement is out there…not here, out there.”


  26. P.S., Blanton, same to you. Rock on.

    The line should read, “(Pat) Dixon did something so disillusioning that if I weren’t already completely cynical, I could thank him for destroying any trace of sweetness I had left.

    “A few weekends ago…”

    P.P.S., Torrey, thanks, man. LPMA set me straight when I needed schooling.

  27. “are determined to make very poor choices…”

    Jeez, modern editing software has made me lazy.

  28. Capozzi, eat all the poison you want, we’ll make more. I wouldn’t expect you to recognise Ayn Rand’s words.

    Angela, you are doing great. The b@st@rds try to grind you down, but to what end? Shine on.

  29. And what do the members think? They have been voting with their pocketbooks and checkbooks. The following numbers are the Year to Date donations for the past three Presidential election cycles, though the end of June, to the Libertarian National Committee. You may be able to spot a pattern, namely the totals are crashing.

    By the way, these totals are in nominal dollars. There is also some inflation.

    YTD 2008 853 256

    YTD 2004 1 250 666

    YTD 2000 1 603 872

    If you extrapolate ahead, the 2016 estimate is 0 for all practical purposes. Of course, the world could change for the better.

  30. Metaphorically biting my tongue.

  31. The Seebecks and I are having a phone conference on gluten. The best part of the LP are the friendships. That part goes with me where ever I go.

    That and the booze.

  32. Angela you have done great!

    Thank you,


  33. This is funny headline. It could read, “Loud hipster bohemian finds middle aged engineers and accountants boring and dorky.”

    Here’s an issue no one has the balls to raise: why is the LNC dork factor so high?

  34. Oh, god. She’s drunk already.

    *pushes glasses up and pulls up pants*

  35. I done with wheat. Just done with it.

  36. Oh, tomorrow will be a fun morning.

  37. I miss Itch. He understood the man in me.

  38. Ok, now I’m lost.

  39. JD: Capozzi, eat all the poison you want, we’ll make more. I wouldn’t expect you to recognise Ayn Rand’s words.

    Me: Hmm, again an interesting perspective. Actually, it’s not about what I “want.” Near as I’m able to discern, most food is filled with chemicals that, at some level, is poison. In small doses, it’s benign, or at least non-malignant. The jury’s out on a lot of processed foods, from what I’ve heard.

    And, yes, I didn’t recognize that you were quoting Rand, as you didn’t put quotes around it. I’ve read most of her books, actually, and I did recognize the thought pattern, for the record.

    If you still believe that analogy is apropos and insightful, all the best to you.

  40. Yes, Robert, I believe the analogy is a good one. You are one of those Barr types trying to make lemonade from what you perceive as lemons. I’m trying to point out that what you have aren’t lemons, but a big bunch of hemlock. If you get good results from drinking the hemlock, give my regards to Socrates.

    Angela, I think the LNC dork factor is high because of the substantial penetration of libertarian values in dork-rich communities. If the ideas of liberty are going to have significant penetration in the hipster Bohemian sector of the economy, it will be entirely due to solidly ethical people such as yourself. And if the fruit from such outreach goes to rather than the LP, gosh, how completely fitting.

  41. George, the world could also change for the worse. Inflation is certainly going to make whatever nominal dollars are available in 2016 worth much less than they are now.

    Mind you, I’m not sure that having corrupt, bigoted men and women such as seem to run the show at LP national have zero dollars at their disposal represents any sort of change for the worse. Those dollars are going to find outlet in some ethical and effective liberty-related cause.

  42. So, if the LP is dead, does a libertarian libertarian run for office as an independent, republican, democrat? any of the above?

  43. George, nothing prevents a candidate from running as a Libertarian Party candidate, and gaining the Boston Tea Party’s endorsement, except a lack of ethics. There is nothing inherently wrong about the Libertarian Party of, say, Kansas. Or, say, North Carolina – nothing wrong that good ethical men and women like Chris Cole and Susan Hogarth and Jen Schulz couldn’t fix.

    Of course, we’re working on making The Boston Tea Party a possible venue for our own candidates. I admit we’ve had limited success getting our presidential candidate Charles Jay to actually run a campaign. But, we are having great success in forming state affiliates – ten so far since the first of June. I think we’ll do what we can to cooperate with actual libertarian libertarians.

    I believe that a great many committed individual liberty enthusiasts have gotten fired up by Ron Paul – even though I don’t agree with all of Ron’s policies. So, I would expect some principled libertarians to run as Republicans. I would like to suppose the Republican Liberty Caucus may be able to help those people. The Boston Tea Party would endorse those who are for smaller government on all issues and at all levels, as we are able.

  44. May I make another suggestion? I really like your term libertarian libertarian. And I recognise Angela Keaton’s excellent insight about the high dork factor among LP activists. So….

    The Boston Tea Party is looking for a few good libertarians-squared. Or L^2. L to the power of 2. Square libertarians anyone?

    Now, you might say, why try to put a square libertarian into a round hole. But, if you look, those holes really aren’t entirely round.

  45. I’m not sure where I stand on the BTP vs LP thing yet, but I plan to run for office in 2010 in PA and I expect running under the LP banner will work against me, frankly, so I don’t expect running under the BTP banner would be any better, and probably worse.

    I abhor the idea of running as a Republicrat but then my goal is to run a real campaign – as real as possible for probably $20K or less (this in a district where the current incumbent spent $4.5 million to win an open seat).

    So I’m a little conflicted. 🙂

  46. I’d suggest running an LP campaign. You’d have what credibility the party has, other than trying to raise the credibility of a whole other party.

  47. It’s not an either or thing, BTP endorses LP candidates.

  48. Oh, so no one really runs under BTP banners? Except presidential.

  49. So far that is the case.

  50. Actually, I think Jim Y. Casarjian-Perry is running as a BTP candidate. And I know that Darryl Perry is doing so. We plan to have candidates in the states where we have affiliates in 2010. But, we also have the power to endorse candidates who agree with our smaller gov’t platform. So, there is not necessarily a conflict. A candidate could be both an LP candidate and a BTP-endorsed candidate. A candidate could be a Republican and a BTP-endorsed candidate. I think it unlikely, but the same is true for Democrat, Green, or other parties – though these do not seem to share our consistent position on smaller gov’t at all levels and on all issues.

  51. Mike, I have been trending in that direction but now I am told the LP is dead.

  52. LP national, as the claims go. I don’t want to be the one to go telling a good local candidate not affiliated with national that they can’t run because HQ is run by a pond of ducks. Look at Tom Knapp, he’s running for congress as a Libertarian, but broke with the presidential slot.
    You think the voters of your district will give half a damn that your national party isn’t “pure” libertarian? Run a good campaign, man!

  53. Easy, Mike, I will run a good campaign.

    My state LP is no box of chocolates either. There are people advocating the use of force all over the place, people who don’t even understand libertarianism. Painfully few people are running for office.

    My question is partly serious, as I’m interested in others’ opinions, and partly facetious, because I’m not entirely convinced the LP is “dead”, but at the same time probing for more information and opinions.

  54. and Mike, I suspect the voters I will want to represent won’t be worried about a third-party not being “pure”, but instead being too kooky or just not knowing enough about it to be able to trust it, or anyone running under their banner.

    This is a continuation of the discussion Jim started about running under the BTP banner, instead of the LP, so please don’t anyone think I am saying the LP is too kooky to run with. I’m not. I’m preparing to run as a Libertarian but when an LNC member says the LP is dead, it raises questions.

  55. Alright, I’ll leave it be (for now 😉 ). Note that Angela Keaton is now suddenly referring to the LP as a hobby, not a party. From your thoughts here, and what I read on your site, you seem to think otherwise.

  56. when an LNC member says the LP is dead, it raises questions.

    There’s quite a few other people on the LNC. Ask them what they think, if that is of paramount importance to you.

  57. You seem to have missed that I’m being partially facetious, Paulie.

    But, yes, I do put some weight behind what the leaders of my political party have to say about said party. It’s rather difficult not to.

  58. Well, then, ask them. If you get any interesting responses, please share them, and what you think of them.

  59. JD: Angela, I think the LNC dork factor is high because of the substantial penetration of libertarian values in dork-rich communities. If the ideas of liberty are going to have significant penetration in the hipster Bohemian sector of the economy, it will be entirely due to solidly ethical people such as yourself.

    Me: Jim, you should consider expanding on this point. Perhaps define who “dorks” are, and who “hipsters” are. My cut might be those who don’t like David Lynch movies, and those that do 😉 You might take care with your definition of Bohemia, as I, for ex., went to HS in Bohemia, NY, where David Lynch movies are not esp. popular.

  60. OK, this “D.O.R.K.” will weigh in. (D.O.R.K. = Dependably Outrageous Resource of Knowledge)

    First: Angela, ROFLMAO! That was a great conversation we had, and no, to the rest of the folks, she wasn’t drunk at all.

    Second: skip national. The states and local are where things get done, and where the help and effort are really needed.

    Third: The D.O.R.K. factor is because D.O.R.K.s think more than emote, and the average voting American is a well-meaning idiot who emotes more than thinks, and is conditioned to look to gummint to be NannyCop. D.O.R.K.s, OTOH, tend to look for solutions they can figure out and make sense out of. That’s why there are lot of D.O.R.K.s in engineering and software, becasue that’s how they think.

    Fourth: A successful LP group needs to be more than D.O.R.K.y males. The most succesful LP county group I was in was family-based, with a group of core couples, kids in tow, making it work as balanced team (which is where “Team Seebeck” originated, but hat-tip to Angela for the label!). LPEP had Team Geltemeyer, Team Glidewell, Team Graves, Team Seebeck, Team Hickson, and a cast of other singles and couples/families that made it click. Plus, it gets the 18-year plan going (The Teams in LPEP had 12-15 kids between them all).

    Fourth: Donate to Fundraising drive continues.

  61. I would definitely say skip national… The state and local parties may depend on the organization…

    Some are so close to dead they might as well be buried – leaving them for the people currently mismanaging them might be a good strategy – start a new organization, with or without a national affiliation and do the job well enough and you can eventually either ignore or take over the old group as seems most appropriate.

    Some groups are good and working with them poses no problem.

    Some are not so good, and it might be a possible tactic to start a parallel group to do what seems needed, and either see if the secondary group can pull enough away from the first to take over, or again just ignore it…

    There was a time when the LPMA state committee fell into bad times, I’ll skip my opinions as to why as it is a side issue that doesn’t really matter. Suffice to say, LPMA wasn’t running candidates, the SC wasn’t meeting more than once every few months (if that often), they had produced about 3 small newsletters in a year, and otherwise was not doing politics…
    However there was a definite core leadership group that didn’t seem to want to either be active, or pass control to someone that did.

    George started “Liberty for Mass.” as a parallel group for people that were not happy with the existing state leadership. It got big enough that we were able to push the existing SC into holding the convention the bylaws required, and put together a slate of candidates that was able to take over the party… Since then, we’ve gotten a newsletter out on a regular basis, are having regularly scheduled SC meetings, are running candidates (though not as many as we’d like…) and are slowly starting to turn the membership numbers around…

    I would say that the LPMA is now at least something that one might be willing to run under, though we can’t do a huge amount in support.

    I mention this as an example of what CAN be done, but each state is a different situation and has to be looked at on it’s own.


  62. In states where there is no effective LP, we might have success forming an effective Boston Tea Party state affiliate. Then again, our most effective state affiliate right now is North Carolina, where we have 50+ members. These are almost entirely friends of Isaiah Simpson.

    And, of course, there is a significant North Carolina LP.

    Maybe some day someone from NC LP will make contact with NC BTP and get some of the new fresh blood involved. But, probably not.

  63. Robert, I don’t need to define terms like hipster, bohemian, dork, and nerd. You can look them up. I wasn’t writing to you, nor for your benefit, so if you don’t understand my comments to Angela, tough. Would you recognise a solidly ethical person if she kicked your ass?

  64. I would say that starting a BTP chapter might be an excellent approach, especially if the local LP isn’t very good… It could be done either independently, or with an overlap in membership…

    What might be an interesting question is what if a state LP organization ALSO wanted to be a BTP affiliate? Would this be workable, especially if BTP puts up a different candidate than the LP, and / or both parties “make major”?

    (I’m semi-serious about this, as I’m seeing very little advantage to LPMA in being affiliated w/ LPUS, and am wondering if it is something that should continue in the same fashion as at present after November…)


  65. Jim, while I was writing somewhat in jest, I was also quite serious. I’d be interested in your take on the political prospects for Bohemian hipsters vs. dorks. An essay that goes into the psychodemographics of these groups, issues that appeal to these constituencies, etc. You might lay out a vision of how BTP (or perhaps the LP) can become an organizing force for the largely disenfranchised hipsters.

    I would think that solidly ethical people don’t go around kicking people.

  66. Well, then, ask them. If you get any interesting responses, please share them, and what you think of them.

    I am at a loss as to how to raise this with other LNCers. What do I say? [rhetorical question]

    “So-and-so says you guys are a bunch of dorky idiots who can’t tell your &@*& from a *@&&#. Care to respond?”

    It’s a non-starter.

    btw I’m not seriously

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