Steve G.

Status Update

In Libertarian on July 23, 2008 at 7:04 pm

For those who care, here’s a brief update on what I’m working on — and how it will impact my blogging and other online writing.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been planning a brief book, hopefully to run about 100 print pages (about 28,000 words) on my political philosophy, inspired heavily by the works of Dr. Mary Ruwart. As I work on it, I may post sections on my blog, as well as on Last Free Voice. In fact, I restarted my blog primarily to help me with this project.

I had been trying to have one post per weekday on the blog, but I am not going to try to keep up that pace while working on the book project. As those of you who look at this blog on its actual site, as opposed to on Facebook or LFV, know, I occasionally post videos that I find, political or otherwise. These feeds do not convey, so if you want to see everything, just head to the blog itself. (I will continue to post some other stuff to LFV as well.)

While on the subject of Facebook, I have decided to stop adding new names for a while, since I was loading up with too many people I do not actually have the pleasure to know. If you do want to be one of my Facebook “friends” (or if you were one but are not anymore), please send me a request.


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