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Robert Milnes: “Open Letter to Progressive & Libertarian Activists and Candidates”

In Libertarian on July 23, 2008 at 8:46 pm

The following was written by Robert Milnes:

We all know what is going to happen. A democrat OR a republican is going to win the Presidency and just about all other ballots. Progressives might win a few ballot initiatives & issues. Yet a reasonable strategy for a competitive progressive/libertarian fusion ticket and coordination of the downticket vote has been proposed and NOT TRIED. YOU must speak up & DEMAND that this strategy be tried by the Green and Libertarian parties. It is late but maybe not too late. SPEAK UP & ACT or you know you will lose. It does very little good to protest in the streets or write letters to the editor or pass out leaflets or boycott etc. The key to election victory is held by the two parties. It is UP TO YOU. Yes, YOU!

  1. Mr. Milnes has been asked to demonstrate his strategy before by getting the New Jersey LP and NJ Greens to nominate him for the U.S. senate race there. Instead of hectoring us, he should be implementing his strategy and then – if successful (highly doubtful) – show us the way.

  2. Open Letter to Communist and Capitalist activists; or Open Letter to Feminists and Male Chauvinist Pigs; or Open Letter to Al-Qaeda and JDL activists…

    I could go on.

    Here’s a strategy for you, Milnes: How about you get Obama and McCain to run as co-president with you as an adviser. The Stato Institute says that 50% of people voted GOP in 2004, while 48% voted Dem. You are sure to get 98%+ of the vote with that strategy!

  3. Roscoe, your suggestion forfeits the present cycle. It also relies on me to conduct a campaign that I am not planning to do. It basically has already been tried by Zeese in MD. One or 2 candidates per cycle trying it is not enough. I’m getting tired of ASKING for votes, contributions, nominations etc. so that I can win & help other candidates with coattails. Activists & candidates are going to have to take this on not rely on me. If this is hectoring, look out if I get the Bully Pulpit!

  4. G.E., activists & candidates are going to have to overrule detractors & defeatists & know it all pundits like you. IF they want to quit losing & try something that just might work.

  5. Ron Paul, loser. Nice try, though. Barr, loser. But ok. We want him to lose. McKinney/Clemente, losers. Nader, multi-loser. Jay, extreme loser. Baldwin, god willing, loser.

  6. & look who is going to win: McWar OR Shapeshifter. Obama has skimmed off the progressive largesse entangled in the democratic party & then moves right! Doesn’t this bother you, losers?

  7. Well, let’s imagine what a Green who was Merged with a Libertarian by a Transporter Accident.

    The green part would double the size of government, and the Libertarian part would halve it. In other words, they — combined — would do nothing. You can get that result by voting for McSame.

    In any compromise between food and poison, the only benificiary is death.

  8. Rich, this is not Sci Fi. Star Trek/The Fly. This is Poli Sci. Roosevelt was a republican. Yet he started the Progressive Party & got the most third party/independent vote in 100 years; Coming in a close second 42%-27%. He was not a socialist. You have been brainwashed to think the gp & lp are enemies. Who benefits from that? Greens & Libertarians need not change their party or beliefs or genes in order to cooperate and coordinate their total inclusive vote to win. We should try it. At worst we end up losing which is what is going to happen anyway.

  9. That’s because the Republican was then and is now a statist big-government “progressive” party you imbecile!

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