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Update: Shane Cory continuing compensation from LP

In Libertarian on July 22, 2008 at 10:14 pm

Several members of the LNC have spoken with the LNC’s legal counsel, William Hall, with regard to the LP continuing to compensate Shane Cory months after his resignation; you can read the original entry here.  They have been informed that Mr. Cory was owed payment for accrued leave and a bonus for the year ended 3/31/08, but that otherwise his salary ended upon his resignation.

Why LNC Chair Bill Redpath couldn’t have just been up front about this (and the fact that the payments would extend into June, and perhaps July) when he was asked last month by LNC member Angela Keaton, no one seems to know.

  1. If there isn’t something shadowy going on here, it might just be because he doesn’t seem to care for Keaton much.
    Unfortunately, the shadows seem to be extending further and further over the entire party. From where I’m sitting, anyways.

  2. Hi, Mike. I suspect he doesn’t much care for Angela Keaton, but that does not excuse his responsibility to answer to LNC members, nor does it excuse his responsibility to LP members. More than anything, as the LP Chair, he needs to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, but he isn’t doing a very good job of that in my opinion.

  3. I had thought this was probably some straightforward accounting thing, not something nefarious. But I too wonder why Mr. Redpath, of whom I know little, did not just lay this out there at the time and put the matter behind the LNC. If I was the LNC Chair (a job I would never never never aspire to), I think I’d have a weekly online “Question Time” where any party member could log on and just ask about what’s going on. It would relieve a lot of dark musings.

  4. Redpath is a recluse. He seems to stay away from party members. Has anyone even talked to this man?

  5. Kee-rist people. This IS exactly what Bill told Angela. Bill is not a ‘recluse’ – he’s a guy with a job, a campaign, and way too many carpers with way too much free time on their hands.

    Look, I’m all over the feet-to-the-fire business; but it ought to be done in a supportive and fair manner, not this pile-on sort of crap.

  6. Actually, Angela was told that the May compensation was due to those reasons, but no mention was made of the necessity of continuing those payments into June. Angela also had questions about why Cory was being paid a 2007 bonus in May 2008, but those additional questions were simply ignored.

    When someone in a high elected position of party trust is less than forthcoming on an issue this simple, even with LNC members, it’s a problem as far as I am concerned.

    As for being supportive and fair of Redpath, I was being supportive and fair last month, when I simply took him at his word and chose not to cover the Cory compensation question. This month, it was brought to my attention that Cory had been paid far more money and for a longer period of time than anyone suspected based upon Redpath’s former explanation. Since the issue involves member donations being paid to a man who resigned (in disgrace, many would say) I decided to cover it. I stand by that decision.

  7. As a bookkeeper who works with non-profits on a day-to-day basis (including voting and non-voting members, board of directors, executive staff, various committees, and representatives from the national parent), the level of disclosure here is a bit lacking. If a situation like this occurred on my watch, I would be expected to answer not only “why?”, but also “about how much longer?” and “exactly how much is owed to date?”

    Another point that concerns me a bit is compliance. Many states have laws that dictate how long an employer has to pay any and all wages (including accrued leave, bonuses, and severance). I’m unfamiliar with Virginia labor laws, but..oh, look! There’s an FAQ:

    When an employee terminates, when are his final wages due?
    Final wages must be paid on or before the next regular payday on which the employee would have been paid had he remained employed. Virginia Code § 40.1-29(A)(1).

    Source: Labor Law FAQ

    There does not appear to be a readily available definition of “final wages,” but it usually includes ALL compensation owed to the employee. Anyone interested in researching this a bit further would be well advised to call the VA Labor Board and ask 1) if this applies to executives 2) if it applies to political parties 3) if “final wages” includes the types of items that Cory is receiving. I do not recommend that any names be disclosed, lest there be an investigation opened over something that may be a non-issue.

  8. Damn, my source link didn’t come out.


  9. Sure, Redpath should have been more forthcoming, but at least it demonstrates that there is no crisis where so many WISH there was a crisis.

  10. Most states require wages to be paid promptly after termination. However, wages is usually defined as pay for time actually worked.
    Unpaid vacation, severance pay, accrued unused sick days, bonus arrangements, etc. may be paid over time. Where I work, a sales person who leaves during the year has to wait until after the year end books are audited to get his or her unpaid commission (as spelled out in the compensation agreement they sign when hired.) Let’s stop blowing this matter up all out of proportion – Redpath has better things to do with the time he can allocate to party matters. If we want a full time chair who can answer every question in detail, then let’s elect a retired person to the job.

  11. No, Susan, “this” is not what Bill told Angela. What Bill said to Angela was “sit down, shut up, and stop asking difficult questions,” based on what she reported on her blog site. It seems to me that the issue of Shane Cory being an evil, twisted, biased, anti-liberty jerk is thoroughly established by his behavior while executive directrix. The reasons for his shameful conduct seem equally obvious – he has been amply rewarded by both the LP and the Barr campaign for being nefarious.

    What has not been resolved is why Redpath treats an elected member of the LNC like a redheaded stepchild. Should’t the national chair be held to account for his abusive treatment of an elected, and recently re-elected member of the LNC? Or would that sort of decency and humanity be actually too much to expect?

    One would also be curious about what the parameters for the performance bonus for calendar 2007 might be. The finances of the LP appear to be in a shambles. The membership numbers, according to David Nolan, are down from 2000. So, what exactly was achieved?

  12. I know for a fact that in Tennessee, California, New Hampshire, Illinois, Maryland, and West Virginia all consider severance, accrued leave, etc as part of the final wages due within x days after separation. That constitutes every state I’ve had to deal with. I haven’t had a need to research any others.

    But, further research into Virginia’s laws does indicate that payment of those items are dictated by contract law.

    I know you feel that this is blowing out of proportion, but I feel that with the loss of membership, the current money situation, and the appearance of impropriety, it will only damage things further to avoid a reasonable amount of disclosure.

    Donors hate it when you look like you’re hiding something. The old food pantry up here lost their biggest donor because the he gave $500 to the pantry (not to mention the thousands before that) and the owners only purchased $100 of food and kept the shelves very bare. Do you have any idea how hard it is to un-burn a bridge? How about thousands of them?

    And for the record, I don’t understand why these kinds of questions are falling solely on Redpath’s shoulders. The Treasurer and Executive Director (albeit, in this case I can’t hold the Acting ED to it because he is probably too busy cleaning up after Cory) should be capable of answering a two minute question. If they don’t know the answers…why not? The monthly meetings should be covering a review of the monthly financials and allow an opportunity for questions so that the entire board knows what’s what.

  13. No, Susan, “this” is not what Bill told Angela. What Bill said to Angela was “sit down, shut up, and stop asking difficult questions,” based on what she reported on her blog site.

    I don’t understand what is so difficult about that question. If he’s owed accrued leave and bonuses, etc. then someone should have a running total of how much is owed, for what, and why. Otherwise, they would have no idea when to stop paying Cory.

  14. Business as usual people. Shut up and move along; there’s nothing to see here…

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