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‘Underground Libertarian Party’

In Libertarian on July 22, 2008 at 10:09 pm

I stumbled across this archived webpage of the seemingly defunct “Underground Libertarian Party”, which called for the “limitation of the state to minimal functions of educational funding, the protection of the commons (environment), the enforcement of civil and criminal justice and rights and defense of the territorial integrity of the United States” and the “creation of a federation of self governing towns, communes, co-ops, neighborhood and municipal councils, with the goal of the eventual replacement of the state and federal governments with these self governing federations of communities,” among other things. Anyone ever hear of this group?

  1. Never heard of it, but it’s intriguing that they want the state to continue to have responsibility for education, when most of the people you’d suspect for an underground probably wouldn’t.

  2. Ditto what Steve said…

  3. Wow, even I could create a better secret, underground, evil organization. Naturally assuming it’s evil, because it’s underground. 😀
    They did fail on the secret part…

  4. Sounds like a Hippie Libertarians for Thom Hartman’s commons group.

  5. If you needed to know about it, you would. Since you don’t, you don’t.
    Bet you don’t know the secret handshake either.

  6. “Sorry I’m late, my walk has gotten rather more silly lately.”

  7. “The limitation of the state to minimal functions of educational funding, the protection of the commons (enviorment) ,the enforcement of civil and criminal justice and rights and defense of the territorial integrity of the United States.”

    Way too statist.

  8. Actually if you go read the page on donations, and find out that with the lowest level of donations they’ll send you (no shit) “a decoder ring,” I think you’ll realize this was all a tremendous put-up job.

  9. Still, I like the logo (skull with crossed hammer and carbine) a bit. Maybe it’s time to put out a pitch along the lines of “Liberty for the Working Class” — I’m NOT advocating anything like cozying up to the Greenies and Socialists, just stealing their thunder a bit. A few years ago, a friend here in ABQ had an “organization” like this called the “National Capitalist American Workers Party” along the same lines.

  10. Principled Populism is what Mary Ruwart offered in 2008…

  11. Try launching an investigation from this
    Web Archive. I haven’t gone completely through them, but wiil explain a bit about the internet archive’s “wayback machine”.

    At the page linked above you’ll find within a table links with two dates: May 19, 2001, and Jun 03, 2002. Both have asterisks after them. The asterisks denote new content, but this may not be recognizable superficially. (i’ll explain later)

    The page linked to here was the original index.html page (home page) for the Geoccities free website at It is titled: “The Official E-zine of the Underground Libertarian Party”. This was the old style Geocities addressing scheme, which in its first incarnation used a weird analog to street addresses under each broad “city” category, in this instance “CapitolHill”. In its 2nd addressing scheme, still before Yahoo bought them out, Geocities dropped the city/street_number idea, and instead went with a unique folder name, chosen by the user. They also provided a form for any logged on user with the previous addressing scheme to update, but even so, there was always a dual addressing method to get to the home page. Sometime several years ago, Yahoo, after purchasing Geocities, started attempting to contact the registered users of any site which had not been recently upgraded through the provided email. If they did not receive a reply (the user had to log on and perform some action, proving the site was considered by them to still be active) in a certain amount of time, Yahoo took the site offline, but still allowed for it to reopened for if a user attempted to log-on at a later point. I am unsure as to whether there was a time limit on this feature though, and Yahoo may have gone ahead with a large scale deletion of their Geocities archives.

    My recollection is serving up a timeframe of mid-90s for when Geocities went to the 2nd addressing scheme, so this site was probably originated in the early 90’s, but archive dot org was not at that time deep-diving the burgeoning freesites which were then in early propagation mode on the internet.

    The new content asterisks I mentioned previously could easily be nothing more than a new CSS or JS page (or code inserted automatically) by Geocities, and have nothing to do with new user generated content. I’d have to do a source code page comparison between versions to find out exactly what the changes were, and am not curious enough presently to expend the time necessary to do so.

    Anyway, click the links on the home page archived at those two different dates, and you may discover that they have also been archived in the wayback machine. Presently it offers no content search capacity, and you need to know a files name to search it.

    I hope this wasn’t too geekish or otherwise obtuse.


  12. Sounds way too geekish a knight, but maybe they have gone way underground. Deep in as we used to say when I was in the CI…


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