Steve G.

Barr’s Leadership PAC Quarterly Report

In Libertarian Party-US on July 22, 2008 at 7:30 pm

Bob Barr’s Starbucks and Family Employment Fund Leadership PAC filed its quarterly FEC report. I’ve had no time for more than a quick peek, but my main interest was where Barr’s PAC would be investing its funds. For those following along at home, the political contributions come at the end of the report (except for the very last item, which is an intriguing return of $3,000 to a donor). Per usual practice, most of the funds (by an obscenely large margin, in my opinion) seem to have been invested in staff, trips, consulting fees, and more fundraising.

Barr seems to have cooled off on the contributions to Republicans, mainly by the expediency of donating to hardly any campaigns at all. The Fund made the following contributions:

Advocates for Self-Government: $1,000

LP GA: $1,000

Allen Buckley for Senate (Lib): $1,000

Bill Redpath for Senate (Lib): $2,300 – that might go some way to make up for giving Redpath’s Republican opponent a large gift in the previous quarter.

Kell for Superior Court: $150 – It’s unclear to me what, if any, political party Tell claims as his own.

Committee to Elect Woody Thompson: $1,000 – this one is interesting.  Thompson was apparently a Republican commissioner who lost, then switched parties (to DEMOCRATIC, not Lib) to run in the primary against the woman who defeated him (there’s a runoff scheduled for August 5).  Sort of the Joe Lieberman of Cobb County politics, I guess.  So Barr – the LP’s presidential candidate – is making a contribution to a Democrat who used to be a Republican. I guess this low-visibility Republican creep is better than the high-visibility Republican creeps he threw money at last term. But the real question is this: as a de facto member of the Party’s leadership by virtue of his top-of-the-ticket candidacy and former role on the LNC, didn’t Barr feel any calling to encourage one of the local Libertarians to run for that spot – or at least not discourage them by supporting a candidate from another party? I know ballot access is tricky, so maybe it was too late to get a Lib on the ballot, but I personally still think it’s bad form. And it doesn’t help that this guy’s claim to fame as a commissioner seems to be that he brings home the bacon.

  1. IIRC, Woody Thompson is considered a mover and shaker in the local L(l)ibertarian political scene. He’s sort of a poorer cousin to Ron Paul, then — and certainly is evincing no party loyalty issues.

  2. So now in Virginia and Georgia Bob Barr (or a PAC in his name) has donated to both the Libertarian and Republican candidates in the same race.

    That makes a hell of a lot of sense.

    And where is there, say, a donation to Michael Munger in North Carolina, who is helping pull the Bobster up in the polls there?

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