Steve G.

Barr (finally) makes a drug stance …. or does he?

In Libertarian on July 22, 2008 at 2:28 am

According to The Houston Chronicle:

Barr said his presidential agenda would include getting the federal government out of the war on drugs, letting states decide what drug offenses should be prosecuted and whether marijuana possession should be allowed for medicinal purposes.

  1. He’s maintaining a wide stance on the issue.

  2. I know that Barr is purposely avoiding being specific . . . no surprise there. Barr is an attorney. He knows how to say nothing (or at least very little) in a statement. How an attorney talks is oftentimes meant to obscure, rather than clarify.

    I’m more interested in his statements regarding support for local candidates.

    I’d like to know if he is actually campaigning with local candidates. What is Barr actually doing which can be considered “campaigning with and supporting” local candidates?

    Anyone know?

  3. While I’m not sure how many Libertarian candidates would want to be seen anywhere near Barr (I know my feeling towards a candidate would go down if he did support Barr) there are rumours that Barr will be supporting some down ticket candidates at the event that will be happening this evening (Tuesday 7/22) in NH.

    I’d be up there to protest Barr (LP Presidential Elector against Barr!) except that I have a local event that I’m running that conflicts…

    LPMA Presidential Elector, NOT voting for Barr!
    Speaking for myself

  4. I think I might vote for Barr in November, but only if he comes to my house and gets me really stoned on some very skunky indica – not some second-rate Georgia homegrown. Then, I want him to personally apologize to me for his crimes against the American people in his capacity as a prosecutor for the drug war and as a CIA operative. Of course, I would expect Root to tag along and bring me some teeth whitening strips. If he brings Shane Cory with him to wash my car, I’ll even put a Barr sticker on the car.

  5. Paulie, that wide stance was Larry Craig’s. Tom, you seem almost magnanimous. Aren’t you concerned that an enraged libertarian might rear-end the car if it has a Barr sticker on it?

    Apologies are one thing, but where’s the act of contrition? I still propose that he crawl on his knees over broken glass to the home of every family he destroyed as a prosecutor of victimless crimes.

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