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Voices from LFV Mailbag: Encouraging Fancy Farm to include Barr and Landham

In Libertarian on July 19, 2008 at 2:06 am

The following was written by Robin King, and is published with the permission of the author. I have corrected the name Landham, originally written as Latham, and Sonny, originally written in one place as Sunny.

Dear Mr. Elder and others:

Please kindly forward to Todd Hayden, Chairman
Diane Smithson, Co-Chair &
Logan Atkins, Co-Chair

Your web site claims “Speaking at Fancy Farm is open to candidates running for any Kentucky or national office.” yet it is my understanding that Sonny Landham and Bob Barr will NOT be allowed to speak at your annual picnic. Is this true? If so I would urge you to remove this statement from your web site in addition to this one: “Politics and BBQ Run Freely”

Obviously, neither is true if Bob and Sonny can’t speak. Both are pivotal since it may change your state from Red to Blue (or Gold) especially with Mr. Barr polling from 5-10% in many Red States, this could easily tip the election in KY to Mr. Obama.

I would urge you to reconsider and publicly invite Mr. Barr and Mr. Landham to speak ASAP. In addition, it is my understanding that the sponsor of this event is a non-profit tax exempt organization or church. If that is the case, you need to remain fair and non-partisan to retain your tax free status. I will be happy to suggest that folks write the IRS demanding your tax exempt status be revoked due to your support of one candidate or party over any others. I will also start a writing campaign to every blog and newspaper to encourage the good people of Kentucky to help you change your mind. Thus, please allow Bob and Sonny to speak to the masses or pay your taxes!

Thank you!

Robin King

UPDATE:  Fancy Farm responds here.

  1. Any relation to this Troy King character from the next article?

  2. Sonny Landham, not Latham.

    BTW how are we on the candidates subpage? Getting the radio show going again? A few other things we should discuss…haven’t been able to reach ENM by phone.

  3. Thanks, I’ll fix the name.

    The candidate subpage is done, it just needs to be formatted (which is kind of a time-intensive given that a lot of it is in tables).

    I’ve been forced to use my phone as a modem (cable is still out, can you believe that?) because I’m not picking up any good wireless signals lately. If you call while I’m using it as a modem, it won’t ring or even note the call. Sorry, I’ll call you later today.

    I can’t get the show going again until the cable is fixed or I switch to satellite TV (which I understand goes out a lot, so I’m trying to hold off), since I will need both a phone and a modem in order to man the switchboard, or else someone to man the switchboard for me.

    I have set up a Yahoo group for the contributors (and so readers can contact us all at once – great idea, thanks for the suggestion!), at I haven’t gotten around to posting it yet, but go ahead and join.

    I’ll fix Landham’s name, and call you later today. 🙂

  4. OK, I joined.

    Not sure it will work for people who are not on yahoo groups though?

  5. BTW Anyone know how to get the LFV facebook and myspace icons in the sidebar?

  6. Any relation to this Troy King character from the next article?

    Highly improbable.

  7. The Fancy Farm Picnic or the St. Jerome Catholic Church, who sponsores the picnic the picnic does not have or run a web site. is operated by elder enterprizes. The article ” Politics and BBQ Run Freely” was written by a Brian Courtney who has nothing to do with the Fancy Farm Picnic as far as organizing. In fact I don’t even know who he is. He evidentally wrote the article as the way he veiws the Picnic. The Picnic has always been nonpartisan and has never supported one candidate over another. But unforturnatly the speaking only has two hours scheduled and if the politcal chairman allowed everyone who wanted to to speak, there would not be enough time in the day. Therefore he has to make decissions that somtimes don’t agree with everyone. Mr Barr and Mr Landham or Latham or whoever wants, is certainly invited to the picnic and can speak to whom ever they like, but they just may not be able to do it from the speakers platform if the political chairman already has a full schedule.
    The Fancy Farm picnic is a fund raiser for the church. Politians found it a good place to campaign starting many years ago and it has grown over the years. The picnic still remains 1st and for most a fund raiser. It is not an event that is put on for politicians but to acomidate them we have made it part of our schedule and because of news coverage we do get some exposure from it. But people need to understand that this event is put on by a bunch of volenteering parishiners who are trying to do their duty and donating their time to the church.
    Thank You
    Todd Hayden
    Fancy Farm Ky

  8. I find the request to have a private church group let Barr and Landham speak or else the author is going to rat the church out to the IRS somewhat sick. Given the violent and abusive way in which the government has treated church groups it finds unfavorable, and given the long pattern of abuses and usurpations by the IRS, it seems decidedly unfriendly to start this discussion on the basis of sending in the government thugs if the writer’s favorite politicians don’t get on the podium.

    St. Jerome Catholic Church is like any other private non-profit organisation in Kentucky. It can choose to invite anyone it wants, or no one.

    It is especially surprising to see libertarians trying to compel participation for their speakers by threatening to use the force of the state. Some years back, a theological dispute broke down and one side called for intervention by the government. A guy named Jesus got nailed to a cross by some Roman soldiers to illustrate the difficulties inherent in state intervention in discussions. Have we really learned nothing since then?

  9. […] from LFV comments: Fancy Farm responds LFV previously posted a letter to the editor, in which Robin King threatened a complaint against the church’s IRS tax-free status if Bob […]

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