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Voices from LFV comments: Fancy Farm responds

In Libertarian on July 19, 2008 at 11:54 pm

LFV previously posted a letter to the editor, in which Robin King threatened a complaint against the church’s IRS tax-free status if Bob Barr and Sonny Landham were not allowed to speak at the Fancy Farm picnic.  The following, written by Todd Hayden, was posted on LFV in response.

The Fancy Farm Picnic or the St. Jerome Catholic Church, who sponsores the picnic the picnic does not have or run a web site. is operated by elder enterprizes. The article ” Politics and BBQ Run Freely” was written by a Brian Courtney who has nothing to do with the Fancy Farm Picnic as far as organizing. In fact I don’t even know who he is. He evidentally wrote the article as the way he veiws the Picnic. The Picnic has always been nonpartisan and has never supported one candidate over another. But unforturnatly the speaking only has two hours scheduled and if the politcal chairman allowed everyone who wanted to to speak, there would not be enough time in the day. Therefore he has to make decissions that somtimes don’t agree with everyone. Mr Barr and Mr Landham or Latham or whoever wants, is certainly invited to the picnic and can speak to whom ever they like, but they just may not be able to do it from the speakers platform if the political chairman already has a full schedule.

The Fancy Farm picnic is a fund raiser for the church. Politians found it a good place to campaign starting many years ago and it has grown over the years. The picnic still remains 1st and for most a fund raiser. It is not an event that is put on for politicians but to acomidate them we have made it part of our schedule and because of news coverage we do get some exposure from it. But people need to understand that this event is put on by a bunch of volenteering parishiners who are trying to do their duty and donating their time to the church.

Thank You
Todd Hayden
Fancy Farm Ky

  1. I generally agree with the idea of freedom of assembly including its unfashionable politically incorrect sister, freedom of association. This Catholic church group has the choice to invite, or not invite, any speakers it pleases. They have the freedom to assemble as they please, where they please, and with whom they please. It seems exceptionally kind and decent that they don’t restrict their invitation to only Catholics.

    The letter threatening to rat them out to the IRS seems exceedingly unkind, to me. Given how a religious group like the Latter Day Saints was treated by the USA Army in 1858, given the treatment of the Branch Davidian church in 1993, given the treatment of the Fundamentalist Mormons in Texas earlier this year, I think the idea of calling for government intervention in the choice of participants in a church-sponsored meeting is rather tasteless, at best.

  2. Oh, and rather than calling for the church to pay taxes, as the author of the letter to them suggested, wouldn’t it be more libertarian to seek ways for everyone else to pay no taxes?

  3. Way to go Todd! It is good to get the correct information to offset the misinformation that another has chosen to post. Hope the Fancy Farm Picnic is a great success again this year!

  4. Jim,

    I agree with you that it seems very non-Libertarian to threaten to interfere with an institution’s tax status. Robin King’s threat does the Libertarian Party a disservice.

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