Steve G. offering Barr’08 stickers – free!

In Libertarian on July 19, 2008 at 5:49 pm
Wes Benedict

Wes Benedict

Check out these bumper stickers! You can get one of each of these for free at

Bulk prices are rock bottom too! Note that these Barr’08 stickers won’t ship until August 2, 2008, but you can get your order in the front of the line now!

I designed these myself and set up a store to sell them because I haven’t been satisfied with other offerings out there: both the designs and prices. If you know of other great deals on Libertarian merchandise, please point them out in the comments below.

Hopefully Elfninosmom lets me get away with promoting this stuff here. It’s for the cause. I understand this blog often covers complaints about Libertarians. Well, I’ve been complaining about the bumper sticker offerings for years. I have a new complaint with the Barr campaign’s (too pricey), and I just can’t take it anymore!

  1. Those are wonderful looking!

  2. Branding is essential, and by creating too many different stickers for one candidate may hurt his “brand”. Imagine if McDonald’s had man different versions of its’ infamous arches? But then again, it’s free, and if it gets more stickers out on the road, maybe it ain’t so bad.

    And the Libertarian sticker looks great!

  3. Hey, Wes! I thought you were going to shave your head for your buddy MARY!

  4. Free targets for the gun range!

  5. I wonder of the “official” Barr stickers (maybe there aren’t any “official” ones) actually has the word “Libertarian” on it. The term is strangely missing, or at least well hidden on the Barr website.

  6. My personal take is that the Barr campaign’s primary goal seems to be to deny the McCain Republicans a victory, to be a “spoiler.”

  7. arrgghh, I got the error message. I’ll give it a few hours.

  8. I am amused to note that John McCain followed the same campaign policy that I did, as those of you who were delegates saw.

    I received today for no apparent reason a McCain fundraiser letter, opening with the observation that he was including a bumper sticker for free. That’s the same policy that I used when I wrote the delegates pre-convention; you should each have received a letter with a Phillies2008 bumper sticker. Bumper stickers are cheap–14 cents for mine — and you will have noted that by paring down the on-sticker verbiage my stickers fit in a normal business envelope without folding. That’s a sensible tzotske to give away as a lure, and if I had been the nominee every former delegate I know, and my other contacts, would all have received one.

    Also, my stickers were 21st century, sending the URL, not the campaign name. That’s a worthwhile free message.

    Wes Benedict is to be complimented for making the images available for free. To silence the branding whiners, someone might consider borrowing for a bumper sticker my core message: The URL, not the candidate name

  9. George, do you have any extra ones lying around?
    Little campaign memorabilia…

  10. Gene Trosper: thanks, spread the link. Although, critiques welcome for version 2.

    Phil: I’m in Austin, TX. I have a bumper sticker from the official Ron Paul campaign on my truck. It’s the only one like it I’ve seen in Austin yet I see 5 or 10 of the stickers produced by these grass-roots activists almost every day in Austin:
    I think Ron Paul’s efforts benefited from the grass-roots sticker providers.

    Karl: I got word that Ruwart did not receive $6,000 towards her debt elimination, which was the challenge condition for shaving my head. I wish she had. Not only because I supported her, but because I was hoping to have an excuse to give to people close to me who have said I looked like a thug with a shaved head and they didn’t like it. I know Harry Browne (no pun intended) took his own advice and lived his life the way he wanted to and not for others as he described in “How to Live Free in an Un-free World,” but I still bow to peer pressure quite easily and wanted the fund raising excuse. Alas, I shrugged as I’m stuck with hair I don’t like because I’m too weak to be myself yet not a strong enough fund raiser for Mary.

    Don’t read too much into that last paragraph. Maybe trying to incorporate too many ideas in an attempt to sound clever.

    Steve: one free target.

    Steve: adding “Libertarian” to the Barr sticker to promote “Libertarian” was definitely deliberate.

    Theodore: if you would, please email me a detailed explanation of exactly what you typed into the fields so I can trouble-shoot your problem. I thought I had fixed what caused the problem before. I have very lax internal controls on duplicate free orders so don’t worry about that.

    Phillies: I don’t fully understand your message but I think getting more stickers out there is a worthy goal and I think you agree with that.

  11. Theodore, I did get a few free orders today.

  12. I just sent one in on behalf of my brother, who’s out of state. Once I deleted the comments, it went in.

  13. Seem like contradictory messages to me…

    The bottom sticker is great, but the only question I’d have on the top one is whether it is the right size, and made with an appropriate adhesive to be used as a target in Mens room plumbing fixtures?


  14. Arthur, are you saying you would be willing to piss on Wes’s pro-Barr sticker? Given that idea, why limit yourself to only stickers in urinals? You could urinate on someone’s bumper if they have a Barr bumper sticker.

  15. You could urinate on someone’s bumper if they have a Barr bumper sticker.

    Or, you could avoid risking being branded as a sex offender (urinating in public = flashing = sex offender) by making a sticker of Calvin pissing on Barr, or something, instead.

  16. Imagine if McDonald’s had man[y] different versions of its’ infamous arches?

    They do.

  17. George’s late-campaign stickers were/are awesome.

    I like the Wes stickers a lot too.

  18. Peeing on someone’s bumper is vandalism of private property. Feel free to take one of my free stickers, apply it to your own car or truck (if you have one) or else backpack, and pee on your own property.

  19. Well, if you want to piss on a candidate, get Obama and McCain unrinal pads made up and spread around. I saw some back in 2000 for Bush and Gore and thought they were hilarious.

  20. One critique on the LP sticker: brighten up lady liberty: the thin lines make her look faded.

  21. Michael says: brighten up lady liberty

    Wes says: Thanks. That was an actual suggestion for improving it.

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