Steve G.

Will housing bill help homeowners?

In Libertarian on July 18, 2008 at 8:58 pm

According to MSNBC, not really.

Opponents say using tax dollars to buy foreclosed homes amounts to a bailout for lenders; proponents argue that the funds would create new jobs and help stem the slide in home price where foreclosure rates are highest.

“The real losers in this awful crisis are the residents who live next to the foreclosed property who have continued to pay their mortgages on time yet see their property values rapidly decreasing,” Ali Solis, vice president of public policy for Enterprise Community Partners, a non-profit group that helps finance affordable housing.

The centerpiece of the proposed foreclosure relief effort is $300 billion in federal loan guarantees to help homeowners refinance into mortgages with better terms. But attorneys, housing counselors and others working with strapped homeowners say the proposal falls short because it leaves the decision to modify a loan up to the lender or loan servicing company.

That means the housing bill will have “little or no impact on the number of foreclosures,” according to O. Max Gardner III, a Shelby, N.C. bankruptcy attorney who works with homeowners who are trying to modify their mortgages.

Click here to read the entire article on MSNBC.


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