Steve G.

Steve Kubby on front page of Auburn Daily Journal

In Libertarian on July 18, 2008 at 2:04 am

  1. Is that bouquet for the judge?

  2. “You brought that tall man some flowers!”

  3. Could possession of “magic mushrooms” really be the charge? “He’s a wizard! Burn ‘im!”

  4. When you consider that I was raided by 20 heavily armed officers with laser guided assault rifles, and records show the Feds gave Placer County $10 million to take me and medical marijuana down, this was a huge victory. Especially with me appearing in a color photo, on the front page, with actual MARIJUANA, in plain sight for all to see.

    BTW, the DA, prosecutor and arresting officer have never been promoted since my arrest. In fact, every official who has ever left a fingerprint on my case has found the experience to be a career-ender. Sherif Ed Bonner from Placer County and Sheriff Tom Allman have both apologized for what law enforcement did to me and my family, but the DA and prosecutor still claim I got off easy. Yeah, right.

    Also, someone has started a rumor that i was arrested with $100,000. That is a complete fiction. I was arrested with about $1,000 from my petty cash account for my business. There were zero sales involved. All the medicine was for my personal use, which can be as much as an ounce per day. Yeah, that’s a lot of pot, but I’m alive and it is the only medicine I use.

    To see actual footage of the raid, digitally remastered by CBC TV, go here:

  5. Kubby’s Garden. YouTube. Over 193,000 views. Filmed in British Columbia. Check out my political rant at the end:

  6. Congratulations, Steve, on your victory. I would like to suppose it is a final victory, but the ferals have lots more money where that $10M came from. I sincerely wish you well in your search for the freedom to use pot when, if, and as you please. But, I’m not optimistic about the fight in this country. Good luck.

  7. Congrats Steve!

  8. Where’s the rest of the article? It said continued on A11…

    Congrats, Steve.

  9. Steve,
    Congrats again and that’s a fine photo! Truly, I’m not sure which is more beautiful, you or your bouquet.

  10. “Is that bouquet for the judge?”

    I’d take it, even from a looker like Kubby.

  11. Where’s the rest of the article? It said continued on A11…

    Here is the rest of the story:

    Kubby would eventually serve 20 days of a 120-day jail term in Placer County on the jury’s peyote and mescaline possession convictions, both misdemeanors.

    Kubby, 61, now lives in Mendocino County. He said that he has fond memories of much of his life in the county but that he wouldn’t return as long as the district attorney who prosecuted the case – Brad Fenocchio – was still in office.

    The Journal’s Gus Thomson can be reached at A more detailed story will appear in a future edition of the Journal.

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