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Robert Milnes: “Proposal for Online green/libertarian Vote Coordination Site”

In Libertarian on July 16, 2008 at 2:12 pm

The following was written by Robert Milnes, and is posted with his permission.

Activists, your parties have failed you. There has been a strategy proposed for several months that could lead to victory. This has been ignored. Therefore YOU have to implement it yourselves. Official party participation is fortunately unnecessary. It is called The Progressive/Libertarian Alliance Strategy. A fusion executive ticket with vote coordination for downticket candidates. With enough ballot access, this estimated 40% plurality could win in a close three way race. However, now that the executive tickets have been selected, none of which are fusion, presidential and vice presidential victory might be too difficult and/or require party participation. But the more simple downticket vote coordination should still be possible. I propose an odd number of greens and equal number of libertarians, perhaps three each form a committee for this purpose. Online, it could accomplish much. If once a week one side or the other chaired with 2 votes for chair, a tie vote on both sides would be not possible. I seek at least 6 such volunteers, perhaps 10, to participate in the formation and ongoing functions of this committee until election day. The purpose would be to keep track of all ballots, publicize available ballots, & recommend one over the other candidate in the case of two or more on a ballot so as to not split the vote on that ballot. This committee would need website, legal and ballot access expert/professional assistance. I look forward to replies. Please forward.


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