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Jason Gatties to seek Boston Tea Party National Vice Chair seat

In Libertarian on July 16, 2008 at 2:34 pm

The following is a press release from the Jason Gatties campaign

For Immediate Release

Saint Joseph, Mi- 2008 Lake Michigan College Board of Trustees candidate Jason Gatties has announced that he will seek the office of Vice-Chairman of the Boston Tea Party National Committee. The election will be held in late October.

The Boston Tea Party was founded in 2006 and has become the fastest growing libertarian alternative party. The party features “The World’s Smallest Political Platform”, which reads:

The Boston Tea Party supports reducing the size, scope and power of government at all levels and on all issues, and opposes increasing the size, scope and power of government at any level, for any purpose.

“It is my goal to help the Boston Tea Party continue to grow and eventually become what the Libertarian Party once was”-Jason Gatties

Jason has launched a campaign site, located at, which will be completely up and running by this weekend.

  1. I was hoping Jason would be more involved with the LP in the future.

  2. One finds in highly ironic that the BTP, having the smallest basic platform, which Barr and Gravel would fulfill without any problem, would criticize Barr for “not being libertarian” enough. This smacks of hypocrisy. It just does not make any logical sense.

  3. Barr is not for reducing government everywhere — he’s for taxpayer bailouts of private companies.

    Gravel is certainly not for reducing government at every level. He’s for increased government role in healthcare.

    Your facts are way off, Stefan.

  4. Mike

    I’ve been VERY INVOLVED with the LP since 2000. The LP I joined back then is not the same LP you see today. Thats just a fact.

    I’ve been very public with the fact that I’m NOT LEAVING the LP per say. I’m going to remain an active member of the LP of Southwest Michigan & will remain friendly with the LP of Michigan, however, LP National will not get another dime out of me. I’m letting my National membership lapse in December.

    I honestly believe that the BTP can become what the LP once was, and that is why I want to help that organization grow.

  5. You are a thief, dishonest, have forged checks, been fired from several jobs and run up several hundred dollars in calles to ?. Wouldn’t vote for you if my life depended on it.

  6. Awesome…

    1.I’ve admitted on several occasions that I wasn’t an honest person in my youth. I admitted to forging a check in order to feed my child, which lead to my divorce. Never hid that. Even admitted to stealing from my father very openly. I’ve also openly admitted that I wasn’t a very good husband to my first wife. I was young and not ready for that responsibility.

    2.I’ve been fired from 1 job. I’ve quit several jobs, again, during a period of my life when I was going through some drug related problems (which you didn’t mention, so I figured I would). I’ve been sober for several years now, something I’m proud of. Get hooked on drugs and see how you act, you may turn into an ass like I did. I’m going on my 6th straight year at my current job.

    3.I turned my life around thanks to my wife & the support of most of my family. Even my ex-wife has mentioned how impressed she is with the person I’ve become. People can turn their lives around. Its called maturing. I’m happy that I’ve turned things around. Everyone deserves a second chance and if you are who I think you are, then you’ve got your own baggage. Care to share? I would not judge you. I converted to Buddhism a year ago (something I’ve now become very open about), so I will never judge another soul.

    4.I’m a very honest person who has admitted his mistakes and works every day to correct them. Unlike most politicians, I admit my mistakes. I’m not going to make everyone happy who I have shit on in the past and I realize that. All I can do is continue the honest path that I am on and continue to live my life like the responsible adult I have become. Part of being a Libertarian is taking responsibility for your actions, which I have done and will continue to do. I will work the rest of my life correcting an 8 year period of my life and I’m more than willing to do so.

    Thank you for your kind words. I encourage you to vote for my 3 opponents. They are all outstanding people and will do a fine job.

  7. Stefan, your position is absurd. Barr and Gravel are both for bigger government projects in many areas. Just read the news on either one of them. Neither one of them would be believed by our members if they attempted to claim they were for smaller gov’t on all issues and at all levels.

    The notorious Barr position “let’s have the states violate privacy and liberty to pursue the war on drug users” involves broadly expanding gov’t power at the state level. If you don’t understand the words in our platform, try a dictionary.

  8. Some people hide behind screen names and anonymity. My husband isn’t one of them. In a world of hypocrites who pretend one thing and do another, in a world where we expect perfection, yet are far from perfect ourselves, Jason is not afraid to admit what he’s done wrong, and he’s not afraid to say that he’s fallible. That’s real honesty.

    Some people can’t stomach real honesty, because if they did, then they would have to look at themselves and realize that they aren’t perfect either.

  9. It should be noted that I dropped out of the BTP Vice Chair race prior to this post, something ENM & Todd could back me up on.

  10. Jason indeed dropped out of the BTP Vice Chair race yesterday, well before “Guess Who” posted here. I just hadn’t gotten around to updating the post yet.

    I will also note that Jason has always been very up front and honest about his background, and in fact volunteered that information more than once on LFV; so “Guess Who” hasn’t told us anything we didn’t already know.

  11. I’d like to weigh in on “Guess Who”‘s pathetic and ridiculous comments on Jason and his character, given that these statements were framed to be nothing more than ad hominems for the purpose of character assassination.

    Jason Gatties, whatever his flaws and imperfections may be, is a good man of integrity and character. As my Secretary in the BTPMI, he has been fulfilling his role very well, and his help in forming that affiliate has been invaluable and a positive thing for the organization. He is a dedicated activist and a person of decency, who has sacrificed his time, money, and energy into the libertarian movement and made outstanding and positive contributions to human liberty. He has done more for the movement and for the LP and BTP than anyone else I know.

    I know nothing of the charges that this “Guess Who” person speaks of. Jason has admitted some truth to the charges, but he has made amends in his life. Yes, he has made some mistakes over the years, and, when I say that, I’m not necessarily condoning what he did in the past. However, that man is not the man who exists today. He has changed his life for the better. He is happily married and has a wonderful son.

    Jason hasn’t denied some of the claims made by this person. He is a man of his word; unlike other politicians, he is honest and has owned up to his mistakes. I’ve done some things in my past that I’m not proud of (supporting the state being one of them, but there are countless numbers of others that I don’t want to go into right now), but at least I’ve taken responsibility for them. So has Jason. At least he hasn’t lied his way out of his past actions, unlike most statist political candidates who either deny allegations made against them (especially when they turn out to be true) or refuse to comment on them (which only makes the matters worse, not better).

    What skeletons do you have hiding in your closet, “Guess Who”? Since none of us are infallible, it is hypocritical of you to make these statements, considering that you, as Priscilla Gatties (Jason’s wife) correctly notes, can’t and don’t seem to stomach real honesty and isn’t willing to be honest, considering that you hide behind screen names and anonymity. And since that’s the case, what do you have to hide? Since I don’t hide behind screen names and anonymity and have nothing to hide, I know very well that you’ve got plenty of demons haunting you and skeletons kept in your closet.

    But, if you’ve got nothing to hide, sir, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Don’t you?

    Resorting to smear campaigns and baseless allegations on the whole is the hallmark of a vile, diabolical, and disgusting statist. But you would seem to know that…wouldn’t you, “Guess Who”?

    Yours in Liberty,

    Todd Andrew Barnett
    Vice-Chair, Boston Tea National Committee

    Candidate for Boston Tea Party Vice-Chair

    Chair, Boston Tea Party of Michigan Executive Committee

  12. Well knowing Jason i would like to say he is very Honest and open. He knows he made mistakes.
    he openly admits if hes done wrong which he has told the same background of his life several times. Guess Who must not know how to accept doing wrong in life. we all do wrong at some point . Jason is no different than
    you ” Guess Who”. plus we all move on from our mistakes.

    So we learned nothing from this post that we didnt already know.

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