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Robert Milnes: “Independent progressive/libertarian fusion ticket only wins now”

In Libertarian on July 13, 2008 at 2:12 am

The following was written by Robert Milnes, and is posted with permission of the author.

Greens, your party has failed you. No mention of The Progressive Alliance Strategy or winning with a possible plurality progressive/libertarian vote or coordinating Green and Libertarian downticket ballots that I have heard of at the convention. McKinney/Clemente and Barr/Root will get about 1%, Nader/Gonzales about 2%. Democratic progressive women will not vote Green women because of the wasted vote” phenomenon and the tremendous pressure to vote either democrat or republican “lesser of 2 evils” major party loyalty and Reagan democrats will vote Republican or not vote at all. & Of course Republican women will not vote Green women. McKinney/Clemente is too leftist & female for libertarians to vote for them & Barr/Root is too rightist. Nader/Gonzales is too leftist also. What is needed is a Green/Libertarian m/f ticket that most progressives & libertarians can relate to & support in one way or another so as to not split the inclusive vote. Now that the third parties have selected their tickets none of which are fusion, the only other winning ticket possibility would be an Independent fusion with sufficient ballot access. This will not be easy at this late date but I am willing to try. I need campaign support so go to & click Make a Donation. From there go to http://www.robertmilnes4president2008 & click Volunteer. I need a movement hosted website & computer assistance. I need a woman libertarian to complement the ticket. If you are one or know of one, please contact me. I need for Indians to help me get on as many ballots as possible especially in Oklahoma which expires July 15. Hopefully they will see that my positions are most favorable towards them. I can promise to pay premium wage for ballot signatures if I get enough campaign donations for that. I look forward to your support and to further campaigning as much as I am able.

  1. I take it this means that Milnes’s date search was unsuccessful.

  2. Now the Independent run begins.
    Did he go to the convention? I doubt it.

  3. I think “none of the above” polled higher than Mr. Milnes at the Boston Tea Party nomination convention. Maybe he’d do better with another party?

    Since he always wants his running mate to be a woman, maybe he should organise the American Dance Party.

  4. I’m in.

    Prominent experience, right there.

  5. Busta move. Kinda out of focus, tho.

  6. That was the intention. Think I want this sexy face all over the internetz?!

  7. “I don’t think, I know.”

    “Yes, I don’t think you know, either, sir.”

  8. Where’s that quote from?

  9. ElfNinosMom ruined the alliance when she refused to be his running mate.

  10. By the way: I’m off the hook! I promised Robert $4,600 in contributions if he won the GP nomination.

  11. You too? I promised to drive his trailer state to state for campaigning.

  12. The very first time I saw that line “I don’t think you know either sir” was in a 1970s era film starring Vincent Price. I don’t remember the name of it, but Price played a spooky doctor who had experimented with suspended animation. I think the title of the film was “Doctor” something or other, whatever his name was. Let me check his wikipedia bio. “Lu lu lu, I’ve got some apples…”

    Yep, here it is. The Abominable Doctor Phibes. 1971

    Very watchable, slightly campy, early twisty sick cheap horror effects.

    “Lu lu lu, you’ve got some too…”

  13. Lovely. There was the a Best of Price DVD at Wal-Mart, but not for my money.

  14. Milnes says that a two-woman ticket is “too female” for libertarians.

    A ticket with Milnes on it is “too crazy” for everybody!

  15. My, we are a jovial band of losers, though. Now, let’s recap. Barr/Root, losers, but OK, we don’t want them to win. McKinney/Clemente, losers, just losers. Nader/Gonzales, just makes my point. What’s that saying about trying something over again & expecting different results & insanity? Jay/Knapp, if we are going to lose, let’s do it right as much as possible. Now Milnes/Unknown? The only ticket that could win with the correct strategy can’t get going. & is called crazy. Hmmmmm. What is wrong with this picture?

  16. Wow.
    Hope looks grim, Robert.

    Thanks for lightening up my morning.

  17. I think it was GE who called you crazy, or a ticket with you on it “too crazy.” My only point is that you should start the Ballroom Dancing Party or something of that nature. It is always couples, and the man always leads.

    Out of curiosity, is there some sort of independent assessment that has established your strategy as “correct”?

  18. Wow, that time is way off. More like 6:14 AM. Let’s see what time this comment posts.

  19. Mike Theodore, well, there you go! A born voter for Obama!

  20. Jim Davidson, no, it is only my crazy opinion that this strategy is the correct one. Maybe like Einstein. Only way to prove it is to do it.

  21. Robert, you are now running as an independent. Shock us all through victory. Please.
    Time depends on what time zone it is set in. Maybe. Who cares?

    Little advice. Even Alden Link has a video on the web of him flying his plane. You have an outdated picture in some sort of Room of Mystery or something. Create a Youtube page that will echo through history!

  22. But then Einstein didn’t have vast tracts of isolated desert & tons of silver bullion & dozens of scientists etc., now did he?

  23. Do you have a camera, man?!

  24. The time looks to be Greenwich Mean Time. You know, real time.

  25. I was too tired to check, as I’m heading to bed before that mysterious yellow ball shines it’s evil upon my home.

  26. Mike Theodore, “Shock us all through victory. Please.” Well, why should I? What’s in it for me? I don’t get anything from shocking you all. I’d just as soon leave you all to your own devices & you all just leave me alone. & Alden Link lost.

  27. Jim Davidson, I think you are on to something. The website has hooked into GMT for some reason.

  28. Robert, you claim you can win the White House. Do it, if you can. Leading a nation is in it for you.
    You have no idea how dull my life would get with you gone. 😀
    On the Link thing, I was saying that even the biggest loser had one friggin’ video. The winner had a good amount.
    Youtube wins. That’s life today. Even I have 3 bloody videos, man!

  29. *Looks to the East*

    eegads, it’s already here! Good night all, before it’s morning!

  30. Now, if McKinney had picked a male libertarian for vp & heaven knows there are several available, that would’ve been a fusion ticket! But no, she did just about the opposite!

  31. Could that reason be that GMT is “universal time”?

  32. Jim Davidson, yes, the default program. So, at 6AM this morning EST, the website went to GMT. G.E. posted at “normal” time, then I posted & it changed. Webmaster, is this what happened?

  33. 5 miserable hours of sleep and I wake up to this continued babbling about the bloody time zone!

  34. “The only ticket that could win with the correct strategy can’t get going.”

    It’s funny how you seem to be unable to make that connection, so let me see if I can get it through to you another way:

    People who have supported you in your efforts to get a party to put a tiara on your head: By my count, seven, although that may be high (five people voted for you in the BTP’s nominating convention; I believe another two indicated an intention of voting for you at the LP convention; there may be overlap there, but let’s give you the benefit of the doubt).

    People whom you assert would support you if only a party would put a tiara on your head: 40% of the American electorate.

    Can you explain why, out of the 40% of American voters — guesstimate, 48 million of them — whom you allege are waiting with bated breath to elect you in November, 47,999,993 of them were unwilling to throw ten dollars your way, write an op-ed or blog entry supporting your candidacy, attend a national convention to vote for your nomination, etc.?

    If even one percent of your alleged incipient supporters had cared enough about your candidacy to make a minimal $10 contribution, you’d have raised close to half a million bucks already. If even 1/10th of one percent had supported you strongly enough to attend the LP or GP convention to vote for your nomination, you’d have carried both nominations handily. If ONE ONE HUNDREDTH OF ONE PERCENT of your alleged base had cared enough to sign up for a web site account and vote in an online poll, you’d have outperformed Charles Jay and NOTA and been the BTP nominee.

    Have you considered the possibility that there’s something not quite right with your “I have a 48-million-voter base” theory?

  35. There’s my morning coffee, Knapp!

  36. The “strategy” might have some value, but not with Milnes on the ticket. If Milnes really cared about the strategy more than his ego, he would have proposed a Libertarian woman/”Progressive libertarian” man who is not insane ticket.

  37. Robert Milnes wrote:

    Jim Davidson, yes, the default program. So, at 6AM this morning EST, the website went to GMT. G.E. posted at “normal” time, then I posted & it changed. Webmaster, is this what happened?

    I guess I’m the “webmaster”, but I have no idea what you are talking about, or why you think it is so important. I certainly didn’t do anything to change the timestamps on comments, if that is what you are suggesting, nor would I ever have any motive to do so.

  38. ElfNinosMom, don’t address him directly! It’s a trap!

  39. LOL, Mike!

    Mr. Milnes and I actually get along very well, so no worries. 🙂

  40. Not to change the subject but I just saw the CSPAN Campaign 2008 bus drive by. At around noon EST (by my watch not ENM’s website) it was going north on a major NJ state road. It made a left onto a major road to downtown Camden. It is a hop, skip & jump to Philly from there. Anybody know what that bus is doing in Camden?

  41. Ok, by my Casio watch it is 4:10PM EST. Time on previous comment just sent: 8:10.

  42. There circling the block looking for your address for an exclusive interview. How big are your numbers? Sometimes there small and people hide them in the shadows. Now why the hell would someone hide the bloody address numbers?! What is this world coming to?!
    Other than that, I couldn’t tell you. I’ve never even seen a campaign bus.

  43. John C. Jackson, thank you for that comment & you are correct. I’ll let my previous words speak for themselves as to whether I care more about the strategy than my ego. I just posted here a comment a few above yours about a McKinney/male lib ticket. I long ago said my second choice to Milnes/Ruwart or Milnes/Kwiatkowski or Milnes/ENM was Gravel/Ruwart. I tried to promote it but was patronized by Snotty Skyler, Gravel’s pokesperson. So I gave up trying to help Gravel be POTUS. As you probably know there was only one woman lib pres. candidate for a long time: Christine Smith. I was hesitant about her not only because she was a direct competitor, but ENM had done an expose about her. Then when Ruwart got in officially I stayed with Milnes/Ruwart. I think there was one johnny come lately woman lib. vp candidate, but she didn’t stay in long as I recall. I’ve made several other possible fusion match-ups over the past several months too. I think one was Whitney/Ruwart. I’m comfortable with my longtime statement that I would gladly step aside in favor of a “more electable” fusion ticket. With the understanding that I would be given a paid special assistant position.

  44. ENM – Watch out. Hosting LFV Live makes you a “newscaster” of sorts.

  45. Mike Theodore, it was huge & brightly colored & large print. Hard to miss.

  46. LOL at G.E.

    I know what it looks like, I was just saying that I’ve never seen one, or a campaign bus, in person.

  47. John C. Jackson, OK, let’s go about it a different way. Who would be a consensus choice m/f green/lib for pres. & who same for vp? Of all the available material(people) Gravel as a sort of former Senator & elder statesman seemed pretty high up for p. Mary Ruwart seems pretty high up for vp. So there, Gravel/Ruwart. Now, if they got together & announced an independent Gravel/Ruwart campaign & Robert Milnes a well paid & deservedly so Special Advisor, I am DOWN with THAT! So, contact Gravel & Ruwart. Any other fusion ticket suggestions?

  48. G.E., agreed. You are off the hook for $4600.

  49. I would’ve support a Ruwart/Gravel combination, prefer it reversed though. Based on his comments on CSPAN it was obvious Gravel did not like Ruwart. I am not sure if it was because of the whole “kiddie porn” thing or if there was something else there.

    I would have gone with Ruwart/Root or multiple other tickets ( not preferred but better than Barr being anywhere on the ticket). However it was obvious certain candidates were not willing to work together and probably hated each other’s guts.

    I’m not saying I agree with your strategy. I’m just saying there is probably SOME merit and whatever there is gets overshadowed by your belief that you should head the ticket or be on the ticket at all.

    It’s over now.

  50. John C. Jackson, there is another way to go about this. Mix & match candidates who are already nominated or independent in order to best make use of already achieved ballot access. That has 4 tickets, Barr/Root, McKinney/Clemente, Nader/Gonzales, Jay/Knapp. Which combo of these would be a good consensus? I personally would rather see Nader. So the complement would be-oops, no f. vp lib available. So, reverse, McKinney pres. as only f. available. Then which m. lib vp, Root or Knapp? Ummmmm, tough choice! Ha Ha! So, McKinney/Knapp would be the consensus fusion ticket from those already nominated. Actually Tom has written complimentary things about McKinney. Now how about some complementary things?Anyone care to contact them about this?

  51. Wait, not so fast. Knapp doesn’t have enough ballot access with BTP. So that leaves Root. Unless Gonzales gets enough ballot access. So, McKinney/Root.

  52. Man, Barr/Clemente or McKinney/Root. Really tough choice there.

  53. “Snotty Skyler, Gravel’s pokesperson” I would like to know more about this job title.

    Is it a person who pokes just anyone, such as fellows like Robert Milnes? Or would the pokesperson get to pick, and choose, and, well, poke? Because there were some mighty fine ladies at the Denver convention.

    “Lu lu lu, I’ve got some apples…”

  54. I’m officially declaring my intention to be the Libertarian Party’s Official Pokesperson!
    I’m not shy either…
    But lets avoid details for now. Call for more information

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