Steve G.

The Surreal Discontents of the War on Drugs

In Civil Liberties on July 11, 2008 at 12:00 am

An 18-year old MADD activist was recently arrested and charged with delivering cookies to police departments that one department alleged “smelled like” they contained marijuana and LSD.

Turns out that testing has shown the cookies were, well, just cookies:

Christian Phillips, 18, was arrested after field tests suggested cookies delivered to two police departments contained LSD and marijuana. However, a medical examiner’s test of the cookies showed no signs of drugs.

Phillips has denied the cookies contained drugs. More sensitive tests are underway – results are expected this afternoon.

Welcome to the New America.

No good deed goes unpunished. Nobody is above suspicion. No charge or suspicion made by “authority,” no matter how implausible, goes unquestioned. And taxpayers get to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on each individual situation.

In the mean time, the big lesson appears to be “avoid providing food to police officers.” You could end up in prison.

  1. The final tests proved that the cookies were not laced with drugs, and the kid was released. I smell a wrongful arrest lawsuit, since he spent two days in jail for delivering cookies.

    The kid wasn’t a MADD activist, incidentally; he was doing it to fulfill his community service obligation from a prior arrest.

    It does make me wonder why we have a bunch of hypochondriacs with guns, though, since at least three cops claimed to have gotten sick from eating the cookies.

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