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Robert Milnes: “Green Vice Presidential fusion (libertarian) candidate sought”

In Libertarian on July 11, 2008 at 7:56 pm

The following was written by Robert Milnes.

I am going to try to have my name put into nomination at the Green Party convention. Presidential nomination scheduled for Saturday. It is generally agreed that a candidate’s selection for Vice President will be accepted. If McKinney does not get the 419 votes necessary on the first ballot, it will be an open convention for the delegates to decide. I am seeking a woman libertarian to form a fusion ticket to be associated with my name. Such a ticket could possibly win with the progressive plurality and sufficient ballot access. Further, the progressive + libertarian vote could be coordinated downticket to one Green OR one Libertarian per ballot so as to not split the inclusive vote. This is the Progressive Alliance Strategy. If you are such a woman please contact me. If you know of such a woman please contact her to contact me. Or refer me to her. I await interested replies and further developments at the convention.

  1. Would you accept Katie Couric (L-CBS) are your ideal running mate, Robert?

  2. Man, what will Milnes do next to get a date?

  3. I would have wished McKinney to select Milnes as her VP, then the GP would have the whole spectrum covered: anti-war and pro-war candidate ticket, female and male, black and white etc etc. Milnes could then have persuaded her to return to Africa, and then he could have been the GP presidential nominee, and with such a construction, he would have swept to the white house.

    Hmm too bad the Objectivist Party ticket is already filled, otherwise Milnes could have jumped to them….maybe he can ensure ticket access in his state for this party or the BTP and run for governor, senator or congress (unsuccessfully).

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