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Endorsement: Jason Gatties for Lake Michigan College Board of Trustees

In Candidate Endorsement, Libertarian, Politics on July 11, 2008 at 7:48 pm

Jason Gatties, a regular on LFV (and former contributor) is running for a nonpartisan seat on the Lake Michigan College Board of Trustees.  I hereby offer my wholehearted endorsement.

Jason ‘s platform stresses the importance of personal responsibility, which is of course a basic libertarian ideal.  With regard to fiscal responsibility, he wants the college to run better and more efficiently, but without an increase in taxes or tuition.  Instead, he wants to work within the financial structure as it presently exists, privatizing certain non-academic positions, and limiting the size and growth of administrative postitions. 

Jason also wants to give the students the best college experience possible, including social experiences.  He wants to expand the clubs which students can create and join, by allowing citizens to be volunteer advisors so the students will not be forced to give up a club due to not having a faculty member to advise them.  Alternatively, he argues that since the students are legally adults, they should not need to have an advisor for their clubs at all.

Jason even did a small poll, wherein he tried to find out how much LMC students knew about the Board of Trustees.  He was quite surprised to learn that they were completely unfamiliar with every Board member, with the sole exception of a local radio personality.  He also discovered that there is no contact information for any Trustee on the college website.  Jason wants to change that, and to that end, he plans to be far more communicative, and far more responsive.  In fact, he plans to have a “virtual office” which will allow concerned citizens (including students) easy contact with him.

Clearly, Jason has put a lot of thought into the position he seeks, and he intends to use that position in the way it was intended: as a true public servant and steward of the citizens’ taxes.  My experience with Jason has shown that he is passionate about the issues, and that he always tries to do the right thing, even if it causes him personal discomfort.  As such, I can think of no better person for the elected position he seeks, and I strongly encourage voters in Berrien County, Covert Township, and the South Haven Public School District to support him in his efforts.

  1. I believe Jason is the right man for the job. I added an endorsement on his site.

  2. I think Jason is unquestionably the libertarian most likely to achieve electoral success in Michigan, and furthermore, his platform shows the seriousness with which he’s approaching this race and his ability to serve in office if elected. Most other candidates are running for offices that they will not win, and that’s great — their platforms allow them to be idealistic dreamers. Gatties is a serious man who’s serious about winning and then serving in that office. The voters of his district and Michigan Libertarians in general are very lucky to have him to vote for and/or support: A Libertarian with a real chance of winning and doing the party proud once in office.

  3. You know, getting donations is fine, but I’ll take kind words over that any day of the week. Thanks GE & Jim, it gives me such motivation to read such statements. Everyday, I’m getting new endorsements, both from people I know and from people I only shook hands with recently. Its just a great feeling.

    If you look at my endorsements, I’ve received them from self described Libertarians, Republicans & Democrats. I’ve received endorsements for 3 different political parties. Its just so cool & humbling (I’ve said that a lot, this is all just so new to me).

    Thanks again guys and thanks to ENM for the lovely endorsement here at LFV.

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