Steve G.

Boston Tea Party endorses Libertarian candidates

In Libertarian on July 11, 2008 at 12:50 pm

From the Boston Tea Party:

Charles Jay for President

Tom Knapp for VP and US House in Missouri

Darryl W. Perry for US Senate in Alabama

Jason Gatties for Lake Michigan College Board (MI)

Phil Rhodes for Lt. Governor of North Carolina

Morey Straus for Statehouse in New Hampshire
Excellent campaign video

  1. According to the Bay Area Reporter of July 10, U.S. Senator Jesse Helms had a granddaughter (Jennifer Knox) who is a lesbian. Helms knew she was a lesbian, and he still campaigned for her when she ran for District Judge in Raleigh in 2004. The Bay Area Reporter is the leading gay newspaper in San Francisco and I trust it as a source. So maybe Helms wasn’t the anti-gay monster in recent years that he had been earlier. So maybe Bob Barr wasn’t so wrong in my comments when Helms died on July 4.

  2. Are you going to claim next that Helms wasn’t a racist? Or does that one just get a pass?

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