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Jim Burns’ July 4th message

In Libertarian on July 10, 2008 at 11:32 pm

The following July 4th message was written by 2008 LP Presidential candidate Jim Burns, and is being posted with his permission. Sorry it’s being posted so late; however, as many of you know, my internet has been down for weeks.

Today is a happy day. Two hundred and thirty-two years ago the Continental Congress passed The Declaration of Independence. It was a good thing to break away from the Monarchy of England, but more important than the separation were the reasons given for the separation in the first 114 words of the second paragraph of the Declaration.*

It is true that the Declaration was not perfect. Nevertheless, the Declaration was and is Revolutionary: It establish that people should have — equality of rights under the law, — the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, — government established should be established by people to protect these rights, and — government receives their just power from the consent of the governed. These are libertarian ideas one and all.

The Revolution is not finished. The ideas of the Declaration need to be implemented and the Libertarian idea that people should not initiate force, threaten to initiate force or engage in fraud against their fellow human beings and that this idea must be applied to our social institutions in general and the institution of governments in particular must also be implemented. When we can implement these ideas, we will achieve peace, prosperity, and progress for the people of our planet.

Happy day. The Revolution has begun. Success is ours to accomplish.

  1. Trouble is, Jefferson left out a word in this universe… Adding a “Unanimous” in the right place would have made the document so much better…

    (L.Neil Smith readers know what I’m talking about – anybody else, I’d refer you to The Probability Broach, which you can read for free in the graphic novel version at )


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