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Voices from LFV comments: Arthur Torrey’s “Matches to National” idea

In Libertarian on July 3, 2008 at 5:37 pm

The following clever idea was posted by Arthur Torrey in the comments of “Haugh Demands Ballot Petitions Be Burned”:

My GF and I were talking about this mess with Haugh last night, and between us we came up with an interesting, zero cost to us idea for expressing our concern about this matter…  Send Matches to National!

The LP is always sending out loads of junk mail, with postage paid return envelopes enclosed…  If most folks are like me, we probably have lots of books of matches laying around, probably more than we’ll ever use, as souveniers from various places we’ve been, etc…

Drop a book of matches in one of those postage paid envelopes – perhaps with a note to the effect of “Give to Sean the next time he wants to burn petitions” and mark the envelope “Attention Bill Redpath”

Think they might get the hint?

ART – Definitely speaking for myself….

  1. Well, I seem to recall having printed matchbooks for outreach events as while back…used them to promote opposition to smoking bans.

    That and the “End the Drug War” lighters from 2002…

  2. Yes, sending matches has a lengthy history, one even involving the LP… There was a campaign that the LP was at least partly involved with to send matches to Janet Reno after the US Holocaust down in Wacco TX… I will have to look, I might even have some leftover books from that campaign…

    Thanks for the boost ENM!


  3. One may wish to check out postal regulations first. Don’t want Homeland Security agents at your door. How about taking a photocopy of your naked butt and sending it instead? I think’ll they’ll get the message.

  4. Firebug, send those to Yank.

  5. Well I will admit that I have NOT checked the postal regulations – If somebody else wants to, feel free…

    If it is illegal, well, the Post Office already has my book, it got picked up this afternoon…. I’m not terribly worried.


  6. That’s all well and good, but if anyone wants to register a more direct complaint about Sean Haugh, they should contact:

    Bill Redpath
    703 864 2132

    One might also want to email the North Carolina Board of Elections (Haugh lives in N.C.) as well:

    Donor money is too precious to be such carelessly destroyed & wasted, as Haugh suggested.

  7. One might also want to email the North Carolina Board of Elections …

    Please do NOT do this. The issue is entirely unrelated to NC and we do NOT need a bunch of irate out-of-state Libertarians jabbering on about something that has absolutely zero relevance here. I can’t see where driving BOE people nuts is going to do anything useful for the LPNC.

  8. Actually Susan, it might be VERY relevant to the NC Elections people – I know in Mass, and I believe many other states, violations of election laws make one no longer eligible to run for elective office, or otherwise participate in the electoral process… (One can argue about this, but IMHO it makes sense – If you can’t play honestly they kick you off the playground…)

    The evidence presented seems to suggest that Haugh may well have committed an election law violation (I personally feel quite sure of it, but I’m trying to be “judicial”…) and if NC has laws about this, then the elections people may want to look at whether Haugh should be allowed to remain on the ballot in NC – they might even want to revoke his voter registration. Then again they may not care about an out of state violation, especially in a case like this where the crime was “inciting” as opposed to “doing”. I’m not sure if inundating the NC people is needed or appropriate, but I think it is HIGHLY appropriate that they be informed…

    (Speaking for myself, though I will be urging the LPMA SC to join in any actions against Haugh that are appropriate)

  9. If accurate, Art, any contact with the NC Board of Elections should be a structured effort undertaken by senior people at LPMA — not a general e-mail splatter from legions of angry Libertarians from out of state.

    Susan’s completely correct on this.

  10. As Paulie correctly pointed out by reproducing the MA criminal statutes, “inciting” is deemed to be as illegal as “doing”.

    Board of Elections in one state might very well be interested in election law iinfractions in other states, and the public has a right to inquire in this public matter, whether that communication is email, phone or letter. Susan is therefore mistaken.

    (although she has a right to express her opinion on the prudency or strategic value of such a thing)

  11. Things to Washington


    ” McCain not fundraising down-ballot
    By Aaron Blake
    Posted: 07/01/08 07:23 PM [ET]

    John McCain has begun to raise eyebrows in Republican circles for his lack of fundraising help on behalf of his party’s House and Senate campaign committees.

    The Arizona senator has yet to send a fundraising appeal for those committees nearly four months after becoming his party’s presumptive nominee, and he skipped out on a major fundraising dinner for them in recent weeks.

    The lack of help has come into focus since one of the first things Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) did as his party’s presidential candidate was send a fundraising e-mail for Democrats’ House and Senate committees….”

  12. While spending the 4th doing outreach up in Merrimac NH, w/ my GF, George, and several members from LPNH, we got talking about my “Matches to National” idea…

    George pointed out that given National’s behavior, trusting them with live matches might not be the best idea – they might play with them….

    His suggestion which solves both that problem and any potential postal regulations issue is very simple – before mailing the matchbook, cut the heads off the matches…


  13. Board of Elections in one state might very well be interested in election law iinfractions in other states…

    No doubt. When you have a record of such infractions -not an allegation, but a conviction – *then* is the time to spread the word.

    Again, I hope that most of you are too reasonable and too busy to follow the extremely poor advice to contact any BoE in North Carolina about some allegations having *nothing to do with NC*. The LP is struggling to get Libs registered here after a grueling ballot access period (several years!) and get its candidates up and running. The last thing we need is to have the BoE hammered with absolutely irrelevant rumormongering phone calls and emails.

  14. Drop a book of matches in one of those postage paid envelopes

    Or better yet, do this:

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