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Tom Knapp’s “ Pledge Ring”

In Libertarian on July 3, 2008 at 12:00 am Pledge RingFrom Tom Knapp’s blog:

[Disclaimer: As of the establishment of the Pledge Ring, I am not, and never have been, employed by (if they ever offered to hire me, I’m sure I’d jump on such an opportunity, though — so don’t take this as a denial that I ever will work for them). I am not receiving any financial compensation from for setting up or administering the Pledge Ring, nor do I have any reason to believe that does, or will at any time in the future, endorse or approve of the pledge ring. It is entirely a personal project of mine, intended to create a third party quid pro quo for pledging to – KN@PPSTER]

The long and short of it: The Pledge Ring is a web ring. It is open to participation exclusively by those who pledge and pay a contribution of at least $5 per month for the support of I’ve said elsewhere why I believe they need and deserve such support (Google it if you’re not already convinced).

Here’s how to join:

– If you haven’t already done so, get thee to and set up your monthly pledge.

– Forward a copy of the “thank you” email you receive (or, if you’re already a pledger, the email receipt for your latest pledge payment) to me at awcpledgering at rationalreview dot com. At the top of the forwarded message, include the URL you’ll be participating in the ring with.

– Click on the “join” button in the Ring Doomaflitchit and follow the instructions, including insertion of the ring code on your site.

Once I’ve seen the documentation of your pledge AND you’ve gone through the “join” procedure, I’ll approve your site … unless.

The unless is this: No “hate” sites, and I reserve the right to exercise my own personal discretion as to what constitutes same. If you’re publishing racist, anti-semitic (I do NOT define all anti-Israel/pro-Arab material as “anti-semitic,” btw), xenophobic, homophobic or otherwise nauseating material, consider the “not welcome” mat out. No refunds (you’re not giving ME money, after all), no notice, just the old heave-ho. You’re welcome to pledge your financial support to, but I won’t be part of promoting your site.

Click here to get the code for the pledge ring

NOTE:  The code will not work on LFV, since wordpress doesn’t use HTML.  If anyone knows how to convert it for wordpress, please let me know.

  1. On your post editor, there are two tabs; Visual and HTML. Try pasting the code into the second tab.

  2. Thanks, but I was actually referring to adding it as a permanent addition to the sidebar. My fault, I should have been more clear. 🙂

  3. Check on my blog, I was able to put some HTML into the sidebar, although I haven’t been able to get it right (BLL)

  4. ENM:

    Thanks so much for putting this on the site. needs donations to keep the pressure on the war machine. Click the link for more information.



  5. ENM,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this on the site. needs donations if we are going to keep the pressure on the war machine.

    For more information, click the link.



  6. We are still having aksimet spam issues. Just pulled Angela’s comments out of spam.

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