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Robert Milnes: “Open Letter: American voters, recession, gasoline & Green party”

In Libertarian on July 3, 2008 at 4:06 pm

The following is posted with permission of the author, Robert Milnes.  Mr. Milnes is currently seeking the Green Party nomination for President.

It is said we are in an “economic downturn.” There are several reasons for this including the cost of the war (not to mention the casualties), mortgage/real estate, the rising cost of food & gasoline at the pump, etc. Not all of the economy is down; some people and organizations do well in such times. There are some things individuals and families and organizations can do in response such as refinance a mortgage, conserve energy, plant a garden etc. But most such responses are not very helpful and/or involve working with the government in some way which is unreliable. However, there is something you can do now to reverse the worse offender: the rising cost of oil. The price of oil is largely depending on demand and the speculation of oil futures. If there was a way to significantly reduce demand, oil futures would decline & the price of gas at the pump would go down. THERE IS! Simply announce that you support a progressive plurality ticket for the Green party. That ticket should be one Green and one Libertarian, one man one woman; a fusion ticket. A Progressive Alliance ticket. This ticket could get good polling after the Green convention July 10-13. It would be dedicated to immediate, complete phasing out of oil as energy source and phasing in of solar, wind and hydrogen. It may even be possible to convert jet aircraft into hydrogen! Now, capitalist investors may be greedy, but they are not stupid. As the polling for the Progressive Alliance ticket gains with a maximum estimated to be about 40%, there will be a point that these speculators will withdraw their investment in oil futures. They may even TRANSFER their investments into alternative energy sources. So, spread the word & take actions pursuant to your word. Insist on a progressive plurality ticket at the Green convention. Support the Green party ONLY IF they nominate a reasonably possibly winning fusion ticket. My candidacy represents such a ticket. Here is what I need: 100 Green signatures to be sent to the Green party. Go to Also go to Click Make a Donation. From there go to Click Volunteer. I need campaign assistance in several areas. So, pass the word any way you can. Write your government representatives. Write to various publications, news media, letters to the editor, forward this email etc. Demand a Progressive Alliance ticket be nominated at the upcoming Green convention. The more you do such things the lower the gas price could be at the pump soon. The recession you avoid may be your own!


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