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Reminder: July 4th “Forty Bucks For Four Libertarians”

In Libertarian on July 3, 2008 at 3:41 pm

From Jason Gatties’ campaign website:

The following was posted by Libertarian activist Steve Newton via his Delaware Libertarian blog:

Here’s what I would like to propose to my fellow Libertarians, especially those who are skeptical/hostile toward the top of the Libertarian ticket this year.

I’m cheap, and we’ve got a household of six people and two cats to consider, so large political contributions are out of the question.

On the other hand, even I can pry loose a measly forty bucks on Independence Day (or the day before; see below).

And here’s what I plan to do with it:

Send $10 to Dr. Michael Munger to support his campaign for Governor of North Carolina (but I’m sending it to him on July 3, because that’s the date of his money grenade–see the left side of the blog).

Send $10 to Allen Buckley to support his campaign for Senator in Georgia (hoping to offset the Barr PAC’s $3,000+ donations to Saxby Chambliess).

Send $10 to Scotty Boman to support his campaign for Senator in Michigan (if he gets $500 from this, maybe he can go to court to add a “W” to his name, which would be worth at least another 25,000 votes–inside joke, eh).

Send $10 to Jason Gatties to support his campaign for the Board of Trustees of Lake Michigan College (because, as a state-supported professor I really wish our trustees were elected).

You might think that $10 doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to these candidates.

But you’d be wrong.

It’s not even so much the money as the profound message you’ll be sending them that other Libertarians around the nation are watching their races, rooting for them, and want to help build a different kind of national political party.

These, by the way, are my candidate picks, people I’ve researched and can support. Feel free to find your own–but find four candidates around the country that you’re willing to support.

And if you’re flush–or willing to forego the second keg before the fireworks–send them each twenty bucks.

I can’t really think of anything better to do with the money this year.

The Committee To Elect Jason Gatties would like to thank Steve Newton for his help. It is also an extreme honor to be mentioned with such fine libertarians as Michael Munger, Scotty Boman & Allen Buckley. It’s people like Steve Newton who makes us all proud to be libertarians.

  1. Thomas Hill, a Libertarian is running for Congress in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, and though I don’t remember the name of his Republican opponent, The Barr PAC funded that Republican as well!

  2. Also think about Biker Libertarian Jan McKay running for NC State Senate in District 15; her email is in Pauli’s post the other day about who are the Libertarian candidates.

  3. I have to disagree with the OP. Buckley, and anyone else who advocates race quotas, sucks. The others look good.

  4. Where does Buckley advocate race quotas?

  5. Pauli’s post

    i before e except after c


  6. FreedomSlate08 money bomb extended

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