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Chip-in for Kent Snyder

In Politics, Republican on July 3, 2008 at 8:43 pm
Kent Snyder

As many of you are probably aware, Ron Paul’s longtime friend and campaign chairman, Kent Snyder, recently passed away after a two-month battle with pneumonia at the all-too-young age of 49.  He was a mild-mannered, yet determined and tireless advocate for the cause of liberty who had a profound influence on everyone working alongside him.  He will be dearly missed.

Compounding the tragedy of this event, his family has been saddled with some $400K of medical bills in his passing.  While this may seem like an enormous sum of money, especially amidst our current economic climate, those of us who have been involved with Ron Paul’s presidential campaign over the past 1-1/2 years understand completely the power of numbers.  Tens of thousands of ordinary people making modest contributions twice propelled Ron’s campaign to record-breaking fund-raising days.

Please consider visiting the site linked below and making your own modest donation to this worthy cause and then passing the message on to other liberty-minded folks.

  1. Thank you for posting this, Robert.

    What a terrible tragedy that he died so young, of such a horrible but normally treatable disease. My sympathies go out to his family, friends, and loved ones.

  2. RIP. He was too young, and great for the cause of liberty. Ditto what ENM said.

  3. If we had Universal health Care his family would not have been saddled with the debt. Wake up America!

  4. No, all of America would have been settled with the debt. Wake yourself!

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