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Steve Kubby: “Tyranny of the Pinheads”

In Libertarian on July 2, 2008 at 5:29 pm

The following is posted with the permission of the author, Steve Kubby.


by Steve Kubby

These days, Americans find their government increasingly concerned with limiting not just their freedom, but their very thoughts. A new cult of punishment and authoritarianism has turned society upside down with mindless pinheads on top and society’s brightest and most intellectually gifted, on the bottom, under virtual house arrest.

Everywhere we look, we see swarms of retarded Pinheads micro-managing our lives to the lowest and most banal level, unfettered by ambiguous notions like due process or constitutional rights. Self-righteous Pinheads are constantly telling us how we should live, what we should think, and how important their parasitic, non-productive, bureaucratic activities are to our well-being. At every level of government, pompous Pinheads wallow at the public trough, ever more arrogant, resentful and ignorant of the people they pretend to serve.

Just look at how the Democrats and Republicans have abandoned their traditional values, in favor of Pinheads who believe every social issue is ultimately reducible to more laws, more prisons and more wars. As a result, the Congress of the United States has become overwhelmingly populated by Pinhead public serpents, who only know how to spend or arrest their way out of problems.

Indeed, everywhere we look, the small-minded Pinheads of the world are telling us, the non-violent, unorthodox, independent and creative people of society, how to live our lives and raise our children.

Some may argue that I am out-of-line to criticize Pinheads, but that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for years to any of us who march to the beat of our own drummer. Under the Talaban-like rule of the Pinheads, independent thought and action is bad, while conforming and endless athletic rituals are good. Under the rule of the pinheads, physically gifted jocks are heroes, while intellectually gifted students are nerds. As a result, any Pinhead jock with a high school diploma can earn $60,000 working as a prison guard or DARE officer, while a college graduate working as a teacher earns half that amount.

Pinheads have a simple solution for everything, and when it comes to dealing with those who threaten Pinhead culture and puritanical values, the Pinheads have a simple four-step plan:

– –IDENTIFICATION: Arrest and fingerprint anyone who deviates from pinhead rules and values. Use victimless crimes, secret police and predatory prosecutors to expose non-conformists.

– –SEGREGATION: Pass laws that criminalize home schoolers, medical marijuana patients, gun owners, tax resisters and countless other law-abiding groups for loss of civil rights and restrictions on travel.  Whether it is to deny student loans for pot use, or evicting seniors from public housing because a relative was busted for drugs, the purpose is to single out politically incorrect groups from society.

– –CONCENTRATION: Jail, parole and probation for those who deviate from the state, followed by loss of voting and travel as a convicted felon.

– –EXTERMINATION: Jail fathers, break up families, seize homes, just for growing plants. Refuse to allow sick and dying patients access to medical marijuana. Exterminate cannabis plants, creative people and unauthorized lifestyles.

So welcome everyone to the Pinhead States of America and learn to obey the Pinheads. Keep voting for Pinheads who are “the lesser of two evils,” and keep silent as the Pinheads give all the other Pinheads badges and guns, while they empty the universities and fill the prisons.

It’s a wonderful new world for the Pinheads — more taxes, fines, court appearances, IRS audits, and home invasions by SWAT police, for the rest of us.

  1. Excellent! Thanks, Steve!

  2. Nicely articulated, Steve!

  3. Excellent article! Definitely seems to be the case in multiple areas. Obviously Steve hits pretty strongly on his area of interest, but there are many other areas where the same thing is true – some ways the war on some drugs is a bit passe as a Pinhead mechanism; I think the gov’t senses that the tide is slowly turning against them on the issue…

    CLS over at Classically Liberal has been having a great many posts lately about the way the gov’t is pushing to massively expand the definition of “sex offender” and make it easier to force people into that classification, and onto the “Sex Offender Registries”. This decreases the usefulness of any such tool to actually protect children, and imposes all the Pinhead objectives that Steve mentions, to a FAR greater degree than a drug conviction ever has… (Once a convicted drug user gets out of jail, he is subjected to far fewer restrictions on his life than a convicted “sex offender”)

    Not to put down anything in Steve’s article, just pointing out that it isn’t just about hemp….


  4. Sean Haugh has now been officially turned in to the Massachusetts Attorney General.

    This is from the Direction of Elections at the Secretary of State’s office:

    Dear Mr. Fincher:

    I have forwarded your information, including the e-mail below, to the Office of the Attorney General. Once I hear back from them, I will let you know.

    Michelle Tassinari

  5. Nice speech to the choir. Non-libertarians will find little, if anything, to mull over in what he has to say – no specifics, no appeals to reason or pragmatic outcomes, just bashing everyone as a Pinhead who supports “law and order.”

  6. Non-libertarians will find little, if anything, to mull over in what he has to say – no specifics, no appeals to reason or pragmatic outcomes, just bashing everyone as a Pinhead who supports “law and order.”

    I am bashing only the Public Serpents who have trashed any prospects for real law and order, openly defied the Constitution and have reduced the Bill of Rights to an affirmative defense.

    I speak to the choir, because they are there already, stationed on the front lines, defending liberty and justice for all.

    Everyone else appears to be asleep at the wheel, indoctrinated by government education and stupified by constant threats.

    To those who ARE paying attention, my message is simple:

    “Log on, Tune In, Take Over.”

  7. Roscoe, go jack off in your Vulcan suit ya fuckin’ fuck.

  8. Good article. Too bad that Steve didn’t put out more articles like this while he was seeking the Presidential nomination.

  9. Grow up, Dick.

  10. “Non-libertarians will find little, if anything, to mull over what he has to say”?

    I am a hard-line tax-and spend, end world-poverty, gun-hating liberal who

    staunchly favors universal healthcare, and I planned on voting for for

    Steve Kubby until that rotten liberticidan Barr snatched the

    nomination. I actually prefer Kubby to the candidate I’m going to vote for,

    Cynthia McKinney, and I think this essay holds more weight than anything

    you will find in the so-called “intellectual” magazines like Dissent,

    Commentary, Harper’s, or the Atlantic Monthly, and is more rational and

    perceptive than anything any of the candidates have said so far.

    weight than of the pompous crap you will

  11. […] Steve Kubby: "Tyranny of the Pinheads" […]

  12. 280789 beers on the wall. sck was here

  13. perceptive than anything any of the candidates have said so far.

    weight than of the pompous crap you will

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