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Munger Money Grenade Brigade

In Libertarian on July 2, 2008 at 7:15 pm

The following is from a Munger campaign email:

As you know, I have been working to run for Governor of North Carolina, as a Libertarian, for the past two years. Well, we got the 105,000 signatures, and we got on the ballot.

But then things got…weird. I was invited to the final debate, in October, at Queens College in Charlotte. But then that debate got cancelled, and ANOTHER debate, only without the Libertarians in it, got scheduled instead.

The state of NC is really dragging its feet in getting out new forms, so Libertarians can register. The state Board of Elections will barely meet with us, and the county Boards of Elections won’t accept checks for filing fees for our candidates. I put up more than $1,000 worth of yard signs, and the state took them all down, because (get this) there is “no election going on at this time”! Ouch.

The only thing that can change this is participation at the grassroots.

And the only kind of participation that matters is….small contributions, from lots of folks!

That’s why we are running a small money bomb tomorrow. It’s so small, it’s really just a money grenade.

Won’t you join the Munger “Grenade Brigade”? Here’s what you do, ANYTIME ON JULY 3 or JULY 4. Yes, ANYTIME:

1. Go to

2. Click on “contribute”

3. Give $25, or less (the amount doesn’t matter as much as the fact you show your support for democracy and free choice in politics!)

That’s it. That’s all I need.

Please help! Even if you have already given, PLEASE just give something. It isn’t the money, as much as it is the message that lots of folks care.

Mike Munger

  1. For any Libertarians not aware of Michael Munger’s campaign, I recommend this video of his keynote speech at the LP convention in Denver:

    He’s a great candidate for Governor of NC, but it seems the Dem and Rep candidates are trying to exclude him from the debates.

  2. I gave! Your turn!

  3. I tried to give, but Paypal says my debit card is being used on another Paypal account, and that it can only be used on one account. I then tried to register another debit card from my company bank account (which I never use online), and got the same message.

    Problem is, I don’t have another Paypal account, but according to Paypal I apparently have at least three of them. :-O

    Nothing is missing from any of my bank accounts though, so I can only figure that it is a Paypal error rather than theft, especially with the card which has never been used online.

    Nevertheless, it appears that donations can only be made through Paypal, which is something it will not allow me to do. 😦

  4. I tried to give, but …

    Booger! I hope you get it worked out (and that no one is draining your account as we speak).

  5. speaking of Munger (warning, shameless self plug coming)

  6. Don’t forget about Scotty Boman either

  7. I have contacted my bank, and they have put special monitoring on all my accounts to look for identity theft. Hopefully that’s not what has happened, since I haven’t seen any strange or unusual activity. I suspect it’s just some kind of software problem with Paypal, since one card has never been used online (and in fact is used so rarely, I actually had to get it out of the safe).

    This is, of course, not at all connected to the Munger Money Grenade. I just happened to find out about it while trying to donate via Paypal, with an account I haven’t used in quite some time. Like Susan, I encourage everyone to donate to Dr. Munger’s campaign.

  8. I just got around to making my own contribution.

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