Steve G.

My idea for a libertarian TV ad: Your thoughts requested

In Libertarian Party-US on July 1, 2008 at 5:59 am

[Picture: A guy with a “Will Work For Food” sign]
“The Economy…”

[Same guy in suit throwing money into the air]

[A kid reading a book upside down]

[Now the same kid at a chalkboard doing a complex equation]
“Better than ever!”

[A not-too-offensive war pic]
“World peace…”

[happy people]

[Open casket]

[Man sits up in casket]

[Scotty Boman]
“Are you tired of politicians making promises they can’t keep? Republicans and Democrats are living in a fantasy world if they think we can keep printing and borrowing money to fund big government. It has to end. A vote for Libertarian Scotty Boman is a vote to end the war, end the Federal Reserve, and end the income tax and replace it with nothing but more freedom. A vote for the opposition is a vote for more of the same. It’s time to get serious, Michigan.”

  1. I don’t know if I’d mention the Federal Reserve. It’ll get a few people really excited, but it will seem odd and out of place to most people who know nothing about it.

  2. I agree with Andy. I was basically going to say the same thing. Otherwise, I like the idea. Hopefully the Boman campaign can raise enough money to pull a cool TV ad like this off.

  3. Federal reserve is catching on as an issue with a major niche audience.

    I like the rest of it a lot, too.

  4. RE: Mortality…Abolished Scene

    The Libertarian party can cheat death? Or, given the context, are we just talking about resurrections and the living dead? Who will they eat when they come back to life?

  5. Who will they eat when they come back to life?

    Their own young, as usual.

    Actually, if I am not mistaken, GE was poking fun at larger parties’ candidates
    making absurd promises – not promising that the LP can cheat death.

  6. Yes. I think to underscore that, I might go:

    Education, fixed
    Poverty, abolished
    World peace, achieved
    Mortality, obsolete

  7. I feel so disappointed. I was so hoping that one day in the near future a zombie would turn and say to me, “Don’t bogart that big-toe.”

  8. Drop the Fed and the casket (better yet, drop the Fed INTO the casket!), and it’s great.

  9. The Fed will not get dropped. It is a focal point of the campaign and THE issue that resonates most among people who’ve taken the time to contact us, sign up as volunteers, etc.

  10. People who don’t understand the “Fed” reference will probably not even hear it. Zoom! Right over their heads.

  11. GE
    How about

    Mortality, repealed?

    Keep the Fed; in MI it looks like it’s playing

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