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Jim Davidson: “The Rotting Carcass of LP National”

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Politics on June 29, 2008 at 5:35 pm

What’s wrong with the Libertarian Party? Nothing. Nothing is wrong with the party in principle. Not too much is wrong with the party’s platform at this point. Clearly, nothing is wrong with the LP’s most active enthusiasts, the ones who do all the work, write all the blogs, and contribute most of the money – because those people are hard at work in this party, in the Personal Choice party, and in the Liberty party, to name a few places.

But something is wrong with the LP leadership, organization, and key personnel. There is a mighty stench of corruption which makes it too foul for many of us to work there. It is hard to get people to contribute money to an organization they suspect of corruptly allocating their money. It is hard to get people to volunteer for a party organization that ignores their opinions and uses party funds to benefit particular candidates before the nominations convention. It is hard to get people to work for a campaign that does not represent their core values.

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Hat tip Brad Spangler

  1. Sheer absolute idiocy.

    Since Knapp and Jay, neither of them, ever has accomplished squat, let’s all get behind your misguided mystery tour.


  2. I’ll agree that LP National is rotted. First out, Tom Knapp and buds.

  3. You cannot look at ying without yang.

    Knapp’s “positions” always have been who pays…and Knapp was in with the nitwits at NatComm now Knapp may be out..

    tough shit…all are twits.

  4. Knapp, the fool who runs for congress as an LP member and who proposes to run for VP as some Boston TP twit deserves the plank of the LP…

    These idiots who know nothing, period, except to file their names and DO NOTHING except that (because they are attention hogs) must be purged.

    Knapp is an attention hog.

    Good riddance.

  5. Or, we take it you way.

    Tom Knapp might be someone. Well then, let the seven or three people of the Boston Tea Party assemble, and annoint as such.

    I’ll stick to my point…and someone god please, save St Louis from the twit Knapp for congress.

  6. Mr. Slevin,

    Tom Knapp is a well-respected Libertarian within the party and movement. Get your facts straight before you go off on someone you know very little about. BTW is this the same John Slevin that supported Aaron Russo 4 years ago?

  7. Tom Knapp, as far as I know, holds no position with LP national . . . not as a member of the LNC, as an employee, nor as a judicial committee rep.

    I am sure that Mr. Knapp has his nay-sayers, but grouping him in with LP National is simply an error.

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