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A note to all those dedicated paid LP petitioners

In Activism, First Amendment, Fraud, Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Libertarian Politics 2008, Lies and the lying liars who tell them, Protest on June 29, 2008 at 8:23 pm

To Andy, Paulie, Mark, Gary and all those libertarian activist/paid petitioners:

You are getting screwed by LPHQ! They do not appreciate the hard work you have done for the party as a paid petitioner/activist. They marginalize your abilities to produce signatures. They pay mercenary/renegade petitioners more money and don’t give a fuck about the Libertarian Party and just do it for the quick dollar.

We just finished up a petition drive here in Illinois to put our presidential and US Senate candidates on the ballot and depended on many of you to help us our candidates on the ballot. I did validity rates on many petitioners, paid and volunteer. We had a crew from Chicago that “round-tabled” petitions to make that quick buck. Luckily, I (not National) caught their devious shenanigans after the second signature pickup and were promptly fired. Unfortunately, we spent about 10K for those signatures and most were not used in the final turn-in last Monday. We are very fortunate that we were able to stop that debacle and collect better signature to ensure we will not have to endure a challenge but it came at a cost. I appreciate you and had I run our petition drives across the country it would have been done differently.

Our top gunners should get paid more than these mercenaries only because the party has a history with them and knows what quality signatures you’re able to produce. Obviously, LPHQ is not very efficient with petition drives.

Here’s a few suggestions I would like to make for those paid/activist, Libertarian petitioners currently working in various states.

-If you are currently collecting signatures, do not stop until the drive is done. If the LPHQ ever gets its head out of their asses and start doing things better, they will need you in the future.

-After that drive is done, don’t work on LP ballot access drives in other states. Look to work for other parties and/or pro-freedom initiatives in other states. If LPHQ hires these mercenary petitioners and produce lower validity rates that cause the National ticket to be on less state ballots than their goal, LPHQ will realize that they should have never screwed you guys over.

-Continue to work on LP ballot access drives across the country but realize that you may or may not get paid. Angela Keaton has warned us that the LP will go broke by the end of the election. The LP has opportunists within the party who do fundraising and collect a 40 percent commission, which is ludicrous; the party gets what the party deserves but it may take months before you get paid for your services. Besides do you want to work for a party who devalues your time, effort and pride by paying YOU less for producing better results? The choice is yours; I’m merely making suggestions.

  1. Please excuse my ignorance, but what does it mean when you say they “round tabled” petitions?

  2. ’round tabled’ = faked signatures passing them around a table.
    Or at least that’s how I read it, in context.

  3. By round tabling petitions, it means they went through the phone book and fraudulently signed petitions in their names in different handwriting to make sure that it looked like the signatures were legitimate. Some people were so stupid they filled out petitions in their own handwriting.

  4. Wow. Just, wow. :-O

    So when you realized what they were doing, did you alert the authorities to their fraudulent scheme?

  5. not exactly….we just decided to put the crew on the bad petitioner’s list and eliminated those petitions that seemed to be fraudulent. Yeah they got paid but it would have been hard to recover the 10K.

  6. You forgot the G.O.A.T. LP petitioner Eric Dondero.

  7. Actually, Eric did a very good job in Illinois petitioning. This is the only time I’ll ever say anything good about Dondero, so savor this post. He was our top signature gatherer.

  8. Chris, thanks for the words of encouragement!

    By the way, Chris told me that that crew that crew turned in like 5,500 signatures and only 1,500 of them were valid. That is horrible. Oh yeah, and one thing to keep in mind here is that this crew that did horrible validity WAS HIRED BY LP NATIONAL! And to think that they WASTED $10,000 on this garbage! This is $10,000 of DONOR’S MONEY!

    This is an example of the kind of crap that LP National is up to right now, blackball 3 of the best LP petitioners and treat the other like crap, then roll out the read carpet for the mercenary petitioners!

  9. Thanks for the advice and info, Chris!

    I still value the LP as a client, and support many downticket LP candidates. I am not enthused about the LP presidential ticket, but do strongly support and work for them being on as many states ballots as possible – along with all other independents/”third” parties who have at least enough resources to hire us.

    The national LP has never failed to pay me. If they start having major delays or skipping out payments, I will not work with them, but it hasn’t happened.

    One of the state LPs along with a fundraiser who currently works at national did fail to pay us, but Andy paid me personally, and in turn was paid by individual LNC members (not as a committee) – but that was almost a year later. No interest or damages were ever paid for the unauthorized 11-month “loan,” nor were the people responsible ever held accountable.

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