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Robert Milnes: “Open Letter To Greens”

In Libertarian on June 28, 2008 at 3:24 pm

Please forward to interested people or groups. Greens, your party is about to make a great mistake and fail you. You know you are going to lose the election, don’t you? The Libertarian Party, Boston Tea, Constitution & all the Socialist parties will also lose. Nader too. By a LOT. Nader might get about 2%. The GP & LP will get about 1%. Boston Tea & Constitution & the Socialist parties far less than 1%. The GP is about to make the same mistake as the LP: nominate a recently joined former Congressperson for the name recognition. This strategy will fail miserably. However there is a strategy that could possibly win in a close three way race: The Progressive Alliance Strategy. Simply that is to try for the inclusive progressive vote of about 40% (leftist vote 27% + The Libertarian Vote 13%) by nominating a fusion ticket. That would be a man and woman and a green and libertarian. That would appeal to most greens & leftists and also most libertarians. Also many progressive democrats & libertarian leaning republicans. A fusion Green ticket plus 100% or near 100% ballot access could win the election. Further, by coordinating the inclusive progressive vote, many Green and Libertarian downticket candidates could also win. Both the Green and Libertarian parties were advised of this. The Libertarian Party rejected it. Now comes the Green convention. If you want to try to win you must support a fusion ticket at the convention. This is why I am running and why I would like to go to Oklahoma to try to get Indian support to get on the Oklahoma ballot before the July 15 deadline. However, finding a libertarian to participate in a fusion ticket has proven difficult. So if you know of a libertarian that would be willing to participate in a fusion ticket, please inform the GP & me. How can you help me? I need campaign & website support & legal assistance. Go to & click Make a Donation. From there go to & click Volunteer. I look forward to your support.

  1. Yes, Milnes, if only these parties would have nominated you they would have all won, simultaneously, by a landslide.

  2. disinter, I have always expressed a willingness to defer to someone “more electable”. & I’ve always expressed a desire to be considered for a special advisor paid position for someone. I tried to reach out to Gravel for a Gravel/Ruwart ticket that could possibly be made into a fusion ticket if Gravel reached the Greens for their endorsement. But his spokesperson Skyler was patronizing(snotty) to me so I lost interest in helping Gravel become president. And I’ve always said it would be close. The phrase is “progressive plurality” or “inclusive progressive vote”. And only one party can win the executive ticket. All the other executive tickets would have to be abandoned in favor of the inclusive “fusion” ticket. I agree with you about Bob Barr but I’m not interested in flogging it. I’m interested in getting beyond it. Why not help me talk Ruwart into joining my ticket to present to the Greens?

  3. Since McKinney is supposed to be a lock for the Green nomination, I asked Tom Knapp to try for Green vp. He said no, he’s already committed. He’s all over the place. Everywhere but where it would count.

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