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Man who gave Christine Smith her “Outstanding American Award” arrested for fraud. Again.

In Christine Smith, Courts and Justice System, Crime, Fraud, Law, Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Politics, Presidential Candidates on June 28, 2008 at 4:27 pm

Last year, I warned that the “awards” touted on Christine Smith’s presidential campaign website were not authentic, and in fact were laughable given where she got them.  I also warned that her “Outstanding American Award” came from Alex Merklinger, a New Age charlatan previously incarcerated for a $39 million fraud scheme.

In that scheme, Merklinger falsely claimed to be a surety for private companies bidding on government projects.  When he was asked to pay claims under the surety contract and could not do so (since he wasn’t really a surety company, and allegedly had only had $13,000 in assets despite having taken $885,000 in surety fees), he filed bankruptcy, leaving the private companies holding the bag for millions.  He also was convicted of multiple counts related to that fraud, and sentenced to federal prison.

I also warned that additional fraud charges were pending against Merklinger, due to a con in which he convinced an older gentleman that he was an Investment Banker, then pocketed $125,000 of the man’s money.  Previously on El Paso County’s “Most Wanted” list, Merklinger was finally arrested on Wednesday, and charged with Securities Fraud in connection with the fraudulent Investment Banker scheme.

It is a very good thing that the delegates declined Christine’s candidacy, given how embarrassing this situation would be to the Libertarian Party.

Click here to read ENM’s previous article about Merklinger’s frauds on Adventures In Frickintardistan

  1. It is a very good thing that the delegates declined Christine’s candidacy, given how embarrassing this situation would be to the Libertarian Party.

    And nominating a full-blown statist that voted FOR the patriot act, FOR illegal wars of aggression, FOR the creation of the Dept of Homeland Stupidity, that worked FOR the CIA for nearly ten years and was a drug war prosecutor, that is STILL an advocate for the war on drugs and foreign intervention isn’t “embarrassing”? Good lord people.

    Earth to LFV – Smith lost.

  2. Earth to disinter: this is a followup to a previous LFV discussion. If you don’t remember it, that’s hardly my fault, or my problem.

  3. Well that is a good reason to beat a dead horse.

  4. This may come as a surprise to you, but you are not the only person reading LFV. So if you don’t like something posted here, you don’t have to read it, and you certainly don’t have to comment on it. Either way, there are many others here who were involved in the discussion about Christine’s fraudulent “credentials”, and they may want to know about this even if you don’t.

  5. True, some people just can’t get enough.

    I still think what we got is much more embarrassing than the un-related fraud committed by some third party to a would-be candidate.

  6. It’s not surprising to me that Mike Nelson doesn’t understand discussions of ethics.

    It is important that we consider this situation for the future. I was one of Smith’s early supporters — had she not gone batshit nuts early on, we could very well be discussing how the LP should react to this information *right now.*

  7. Indeed. Good research and instincts. She would also have been a very divisive figure. I originally had a positive impression of her, but as things progressed, it became clear Smith would not have helped the LP, apart from the fact that she has no real political campaign experience and too inexperienced in any case. Any such issue or connection as mentioned would have a much more damaging effect than had it been the case with one of the candidates of the two dominating parties.

  8. Radio Show on Merklinger case:
    [audio src="" /]

  9. ALEX MERKLINGER- Will face addition charges Sept. 21 for felony fraud and decit, preliminary hearing. He goes on trial Sept 28th in Colorado springs Colorado for Security Fraud and the additional charges. He is looking at 15 years prison time and fines of 500,000 dollars. Alex Merklinger the Host of Mysteries of the Mind internet talk show and the owner of Institute for human potential did 4 years in federal prison for attempting to defraud the US Goverment of $39,000,000 in the early 1990’s. Merklinger also was fired in 2003 from Santa Fe radio talk station KTVR for theift of radio equitment and electronic devises.
    This man is bad news. Stay tuned to William Kennedy’s for details on the Merklinger trial and outcome.The entire Alex Merklinger Con Artist story will be told by one of his victims.

  10. Alex Merklinger pleaded guilty to felony theft and securities fraud reduced to class 4 felony’s. Mr Merklinger has his sentencing on March 21, 2011 in El Paso County Court , Colorado Where he is ordered to ay restitution for the funds he stold on sentence date or face 12 years in State prison in the ftate of Colorado. This is Mr Merklinger’s second Felony ecnomic crime conviction since the 1990. Mr Merklinger Is the host of the talk show Mysteries of the Mind, Golf Power hour and had thousand of UFO and New age type fan followers. Mr. Merklinger worked for KOA 850 Am radio in the 70’s as a night time talk show host. Mr Merklinger also put on seminars he called Mind Develpment but was really only the reproduction or the copycat system known as the Silva Method. Mr Merklinger seemed to start getting in trouble with the law just a year after marryng Ardeth his current wife. It seems strange how she has been able to shadow herself from these convictions her husband has been charged of. In 1994 Merkling was convicted of mail and wire fraud in connection with attemping to defraud $39,000,000 out of the fedral goverment, he served 37 months in florance Colorado federal prison.
    If Merklinger does not come up with the restitution funds by March 21, 2011 he will be heading to state prison for 12 years and at his age and health condition it could be a life sentence.
    This is an example why it is not a smart idea to follow guru’s, they evidently fill the minds of their infinity group with what they want to hear than always go for the motive of the guru;THE BACK POCKET” were the cash is stashed.

  11. Certainly about time for Mr. Merklinger.

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