Steve G.

LFV Live rescheduled to Sat 6/28 at 7:30 pm EDT

In Libertarian on June 28, 2008 at 12:17 am

Tonight’s “LFV Live!” blogtalk show with our special guest, Dr. George Phillies, ran into some strange technical problems.  Essentially, it logged me in as host, but for some reason thought I was calling more than once from the same number.  As a result, it logged me in but locked me out of the hosting area, kept disconnecting me on the basis that the host had already called in, and all listeners got to hear was a cool Blind Melon tune, followed by nothing but dead air.  😦

Luckily, Dr. Phillies has most graciously agreed to reschedule for tomorrow evening (Saturday, 6/28) at 7:30 pm EDT.

I sincerely apologize to all who tuned in, and hope that you will tune in again tomorrow, when I will (finally) get to interview the ever-interesting and extremely intelligent Dr. George Phillies.  🙂

  1. welcome to the blog talk technical difficulty club!

  2. LOL! I have never even thought it would do something that strange. 🙂

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