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Jason Gatties: “Please consider helping the cyclone victims instead of my campaign efforts this weekend”

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Politics on June 28, 2008 at 3:30 pm

The following is from Jason Gatties’ campaign website:

First, please read the following info, courtesy of

On Friday May 2, Cyclone Nargis hit southwestern Burma (Myanmar) with winds at speeds of 120 mph. Five divisions in Burma have been declared national disaster areas – Pegu, Irrawaddy, Rangoon, Mon and Karen. The numbers of those affected continues to skyrocket. It has been hard to estimate the death toll because it has been impossible to get access to some of the worst hit areas- but as of right the numbers range from 80,000 to 130,000 dead, with hundreds of thousand missing and millions displaced. Many older Burmese are saying this is the worst storm they have ever seen and international media is claiming this to be the worst natural disaster in Asia since the 2004 tsunami.

The Myanmar government has prevented most foreign aid and many people are homeless and starving. I have a love for the people of Burma & Tibet, so this nightmare has hit home with me. For those of you who may be considering a donation to my campaign this weekend, I ask that you give money towards Burma’s disaster relief instead. Any amount of money could mean a world of difference. Now unfortunately, due to the paranoid nature of the Myanmar regime, I can’t guarantee that the aid will find its way to the people, but I hold out hope that it will.

If you would like to donate to help the cyclone victims in Burma, please click here.

  1. Jason
    I’m sending more to Myanmar, but I’m still sending you what I promised.

  2. Certrainly if you want to be just like Barr and support Republicans with Libertarian opponents, and / or candidates with pro-intervention, anti-GBLT rights, pro-war-on-some-drugs, anti-choice, etc. stances… AND have an unknown amount of your donations skimmed off the top as profits for the Freedomslate promoters, instead of directly helping the candidates.

    See the many other threads in the blogosphere that point out the problems w/ FS08


  3. Art: there are some Libertarian candidates among the Freedomslate candidates as well, you do not want to support them? There are also ex-LP member Republicans
    like John Cunningham from your state:
    Not one of the libertarian Republicans are pro-intervention (infamous lie). They are pro-life and you are obviously pro-interventionism and pro-use of force with regard to babies. How “libertarian” is that? As to drugs, it is a state issue, as it actually was supposed to be since years, but the Federal govt. did not approve.
    Most of the drug offenders in prison are for marjuana possession, NOT other drugs, like hard drugs. Tell, me, do you consider the prohibition of drinking while driving only an individual choice issue, or one with also affects on society and other individuals? (when passengers and innocent people loose their life because of the accident of a drunken driver).

  4. Stefan, you can have your own standards, I won’t force mine upon you – but don’t make an ass out of yourself by mistaking mine…

    If there are LP candidates among the FS08 people, list them seperately so that those of us that wish can support them seperately…

    I am a Libertarian, I don’t support R’s or D’s – if I wanted to I’d join one of those parties – Electing and R or D grows that party, not the freedom movement. OTOH, I MIGHT vote for such a candidate if there were no better alternative.

    My standard for financial support that if a candidate wants my money, he must be a Libertarian, AND run conspicuously as one – the word Libertarian and / or Lady Liberty must appear on all appropriate campaign materrials… Of course given the LNC sellout, this may change, I won’t support L’s either if that’s just another way of saying R…

    As to the candidate stances…

    If a candidate says that we should be doing anything with our military other than loading them on the first available flight back to the US, it reads to me like pro-intervention…

    I am not taking ANY position on the abortion issue other than that it’s NONE of the gov’ts damned business… I wish abortions didn’t happen, I’m enough of a realist to know that they WILL, gov’t prohibition or not, and I have enough respect for the woman that I’d rather the job had a good chance of being done right… The whole issue revolves in the first place around when the line between “life” and “not-life” gets drawn – a question which is not answerable by legislation. In the second place, it revolves around the right of a property owner to evict an unwelcome guest – a right that does NOT depend on the ability of the evictee to survive the experience… OTOH, if one actually follows out the logical implications on a legal prohibition, you would realize that anti-choice amounts to enslaving women – See Smith & Zelman’s “Hope” for the full account (as well as a description of a presidential race that’s far more Libertarian than the current one…)

    As to drugs – I don’t see ANYPLACE in a State or Federal Constitution that gives it the right to control what I put in my body, at any place or time – however that lack of control does NOT mean they have no right to regulate my conduct after having done so, especially if it involves harm to others – I have a certain level of problem with busting someone MERELY for DWI – most drunks DO make it home accident free after all – but if one DOES have an at fault crunch while intoxicated, I’d be all in favor of INCREASING the penalties involved – both for the unimpaired violation, AND for having willfully reduced ones ability to avoid it… Instead these days we spend a great deal of energy persecuting innocent drunks, but a drunk that has had a major accident gets a comparitive slap on the wrist cause “he couldn’t help it – he was drunk”…


  5. I want to say thank you from the deepest parts of my heart for all that you have done or even just attempted to do for the people of Burma. I have been there and after seeing the need in that country I helped set up we have been sucessful in getting several thousand pounds of supplies into the country via the Buddhist monistaries and other charity groups. Please visit our webite if you would like to learn more about the on going situation in Burma. Just because the news media has stopped covering the situation there does not mean that it is all over. There are over 1.4 million still homeless and starving. thank you for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers for Burma. Thank you again sincerely, Jack Slade

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