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Libertarians for Obama

In Civil Liberties, Constitutional Rights on June 28, 2008 at 7:57 pm

Libertarians For Obama (not the same as argues, among other things, that Barack Obama is more libertarian than Bob Barr. Here are a couple of excerpts from their site:

From Five Reasons This Libertarian Prefers Barack Obama Over Bob Barr:

1. Obama is consistent. I believe Barr when he says that he’s against the war, but Barr voted for the war in 2002, and continued to support it for several years, even when it became clear that there were no weapons of mass destruction and that the Iraqis didn’t consider the war a “liberation.” As far as I can tell, Barr didn’t start denouncing the war until earlier this year (if there’s an earlier citation of him speaking out against the war, please let me know). He’s also switched positions on the Patriot Act, war on drugs, gay marriage and several other issues. This change of heart would be easier to accept if it hadn’t come less than two years before Barr launched his presidential campaign. Obama has always been against the war and the Patriot Act.

From More Wayne Allyn Root Nuttiness:

And please check out this great Las Vegas Sun profile, in which Root shares his opinions on kids who are bullied (“You get bullied day and night if you’re weak.” – I am not taking this out of context. Root really does appear to look down on kids who are bullied), takes a seemingly un-libertarian position on campaign contributions (calling them “bribes”), insinuates that Barack Obama did not graduate from college (there are records confirming that he did) and insults New Orleans hurricane victims for good measure (“Their mouths were open and their hands were out and they were praying for Mama Bird to throw something in there.”)

  1. “Obama has always been against the war and the Patriot Act.”

    Obama campaigned against the war in 2004 when running for US Senate.

    Since winning that 2004 election, Obama has voted to continue the war every time the Bush White House has put a funding request in front of the US Senate so it could do so.

    Now Obama’s campaigning against the war again while running for US President — and continuing to vote to fund it.

    First Obama was against the war. Then he was for it. Now he’s apparently both. I strongly suspect that the only “change we can believe in” is that if Obama is elected, the funding requests for continuing the war will thereafter be signed “Barack H. Obama” rather than “George W. Bush.”

  2. Barr isn’t much of a libertarian, that’s true, but Obama is a flat out Marxist and there’s no way any sane libertarian would cast a ballot for him. Certainly not me.

  3. I’d vote for Barr before I’d vote for Obama.

    I’m voting for neither, as I switched my endorsement, but still.

  4. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  5. Kn@appster: 100% correct, now you can also add FISA, on which Obama flip-flopped and now supports, while Barr comes out strongly against it. Also: Some Republicans, like Newt Gingrich, is saying a vote for Barr is a vote for Obama…
    so one may as well vote for a much more libertarian Barr. Barr will go int he right direction in any case, every radical L will agree (it may not go far enough, but in any case moving in the right direction). Obama’s vote on FISA also opens another golden opportunity for Barr to differentiate himself not only form McCain, but also Obama and get some access to a potion of the “leftwing” vote as well.

    (With David Nolan I totally agree Root should have rather run for mayor, and I personally do not trust him. I think also the “libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party” can agree, thank God, Root has not been chosen as leader! Also good that he is not on any executive committee. As VP Mary Ruwart or Karen Kwiatkowski would have been way better, but luckily the VP of a third party will not play any meaningful role. If there is any “revelation” about Root that could damage the LP, he should be replaced ASAP by Ruwart or Kwiatkowski. Both Barr and Ruwart will be speaking at the FFF).

  6. I will be voting for neither Barr/W.A.R. or Obama . . .McCain . . .yeah right.

    If Mr. Knapp (hey Tom!) I’ll send you an email, so you can get me more info on the BTP ticket and the platform. I will strongly consider voting for you guys!

  7. Great sentence structure above, but Tom, I’ll be contacting you.

  8. Root is a man of ego rather than principle. He craves the spotlight and the adulation of crowds. He has hungry eyes, glassy and staring.

    I’d like to think the LP can shake him, but like a bad cold, Root is hard to shake. I suspect he’ll stick to the LP until he finds a better gig.

  9. Jason, who are you endorsing now?

  10. Obama seems to me a highly entertaining, devastatingly handsome, incredibly eloquent… eggshell. Nothing under the skin.

    Me, I think I’m endorsing a strong maybe in NOTA.

  11. I’m still waiting for Root to get me that price quote on a used Beetle.

    And if he has no sympathy for those bullied, then perhaps he was a bully in school.

    Me. I dealt with bullies the easy way–I made them flunk out and get stuck in summer school, then detoured by them with my fishing gear and LAUGHED at them! Rainbow trout with a side dish of revenge as a teen (and not a libertarian yet) was a great summer meal!

  12. With a tip of a striped hat to Dr. Seuss…inspired by LadyGaura.

    I do not like an empty shell.
    I do not like it very well.
    I will not vote for Old War Coot.
    I will not vote for Empty Suit.
    I will not vote for Darth Nader.
    I will not vote for Barr Vader.
    I will not vote for Rev. Chuck.
    I will not vote for Green–Bad Luck.

    The choices suck for 2008.
    For four more years, freedom must wait.
    But can we take four more years,
    Of war and death and playing on fears?
    Can we take four more years,
    Of no jobs, no cash, and lots of tears?

    Nothing left, no place to go.
    What I’ll do, I just don’t know.
    Then I look up and I see
    The candidate that’s right for me.
    He promises nothing, and delivers less.
    No pile of crap dumped on my chest.
    No funds to raise, no favors to owe.
    No speeches to make, no places to go.
    He’s the last place for a discouraged vota,
    That place to turn to is called, simply, NOTA!

    I think that NOTA is the best.
    I think he’s better than the rest.
    I’ll vote for the best one I choose.
    I’ll vote for NOTA– I can’t lose!

  13. The Obama people *do* have a point. Considering the adulation of imperfect candidates that has been de riguer in the “movement” as of late, why not add one more to the slate who addresses the concerns of social libertarians?

  14. Seebeck has written the perfect children’s book for my grandkiddos and I will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading it to them.

    (Got any illustrations?)

  15. I didn’t get a good look at this blog until recently.

    I’m tickled to death at this listing:

    Libertarians who have said nice things about Obama

    The listing includes such “libertarians” as Andrew Sullivan and Matt Drudge.

    Now I’m an open-minded fellow. But surely, at some point, it’s not *that* unreasonable to create (and maintain) a basic definition of “libertarian” beyond “that cool word that makes it so I’m an inconoclastic Demopublican insider”?

  16. Sorry neither Mike nor I are terribly good with illustrations, and John (who is really good for his age) is only 5 so I don’t think he’s up to the task yet.

  17. We can find some images on the web. Would make a fun post.

  18. Obama was not always against the war. He actually flipped on on a few times.

    The reason we don’t hear about it is because the media isn’t concerned with it. So no, he isn’t consistent.

    He has the advantage of saying he didn’t vote for the war, but that’s only because he wasn’t in congress yet.

  19. Interestingly, since you wrote this originally, Obama has flip-flopped on at least 5 issues as he makes the move to the center to appeal to more than the liberal base that earned him the nomination.

  20. Hi all. I’m the creator of the Libertarians for Obama blog. I just found this post. Thanks for the link. I want to clear up one misconception: I don’t think Obama is a libertarian. I just think that the ways in which he would move the country in a libertarian direction outweigh the ways in which he would move the country in an un-libertarian direction.

    Brian: For my blogroll of “Libertarians who have said nice things about Obama” I’m including people – like Sullivan and Drudge – who self-identify as libertarians. I’ll leave the purity tests to others.

  21. WOW,

    Obama more Libertarian than Mccain ?

    Are you insane ?

    Obama is more ” communist ” than Mccain, Obama is more ” totalitarian” than Mccain, Obama is more ” marxist ” ” nazi-like ” or “socialist” than Mccain… Heck… no one in america is less ” libertarian” than Barack Obama… look at his campaign… massive government expantions, massive tax hikes….. heck his stance on national health care alone establishes his marxism…. any Libertarian who would say Obama is more Libertarian than Mccain…does not know what a Libertarian is or even stands for…. heck Obama is tied to the environmental nazi movement…

    you people are nuts…. Im voting for Mccain just to keep Obama out of office… i suggest you people get it together and get it together fast, if you vote for obama you will be seen as part of the problem not the solution….and you will get the blame for obama winning if he wins and the libertarian party will be a thing of the past.

  22. Libertarian Larry, the Libertarian Party is already a thing of the past. That ship has sailed, been torpedoed, and is now at the bottom of the deep blue sea. Clearly, it isn’t the Libertarian Party if it isn’t running a libertarian for president.

    I’m not voting, for Obama nor for anyone else. Most of the people who have commented on this page aren’t voting for Obama, and very few are voting McCain, either. In case you haven’t read the writing on the wall, Obama wins. It isn’t “if he wins” it is “when he wins.”

    Not insane, just not convinced the votes are counted.

  23. That’s not the original Libertarian Larry. Larry Fulmer died 3 years ago in Pocatello, Idaho and was the founder of the LP of Idaho. I met Larry in Atlanta in 2004 and was a hardcore Aaron Russo supporter. Unfortunately Larry was an alcoholic and swore like a sailor. Nevertheless, he was a good friend and a freedom fighter!

  24. I think McCain is unquestionably worse than Obama — to some real degree of significance, in fact. I think “Libertarian Larry” needs to look at McCain’s platform instead of only looking at Obama’s — Obama is bad but McCain is worse!

  25. I’m including people – like Sullivan and Drudge – who self-identify as libertarians.

    Which is completely meaningless.

    Demanding a consistent definition of “libertarian” is not a “purity test.”

    Using your test, Ronald Reagan and David Duke would be counted as “prominent liberals” if they ever self-identified as liberal, and challenging that self-identification would be characterized as a “purity test.”


  26. Ronald Reagan did self-identify as a Roosevelt enthusiast and liberal Democrat. Of course, you have to remember, he was a grandfather when FDR was born. -smirk-

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