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Starchild, Gatties, Newton laud Scotty Boman’s U.S. Senate candidacy

In Libertarian Party-US on June 24, 2008 at 6:17 pm

Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in Michigan, Scotty Boman, is attempting to mount one of the more active statewide campaigns of 2008, and prominent libertarians — both in and outside of Michigan — are taking notice.

Here is what nationally known libertarian activist Starchild said in endorsing Scotty Boman:

As a fellow libertarian activist and Ron Paul supporter I’m proud to endorse Scotty for U.S. Senate. The people of Michigan are lucky to have the opportunity to vote for a candidate this committed to restoring the Bill of Rights and helping keep the country from moving further down the road toward a police state. Like Ron Paul, he is clearly someone who is in this for the long haul and will not sell out your freedom for money and power.

Jason Gatties, a fellow Michigander, said this:

It gives me great pleasure to offer my endorsement of Scotty Boman for U.S. Senate. Carl Levin is an enemy of Liberty. Scotty Boman will help return real freedom to this country.

Steve Newton went beyond an endorsement and wrote a full-length article at his blog, Delaware Libertarian:

I keep trying to make the point here that there are credible Libertarian candidates out there doing the heavy lifting of trying to turn this into a real political party.

Another one is Scotty Boman, running for US Senate against Carl Levin in Michigan.

Boman is a long-time Libertarian activist, seeking to build on Ron Paul’s momentum, and his positions are strongly in favor of human liberty: get out of Iraq, non-interventionist foreign policy, end the war on drugs, end domestic surveillance, and get the government out of the marriage business.

Read the rest.

Other Boman endorsers LFV readers may be familiar with include Jake Porter and Darcy G. Richardson.

Boman has also won the endorsements of several Michigan county coordinators for the Ron Paul for President campaign, as well as the Ron Paul’s statewide coordinator for Michigan, Leslie Roszman.

Disclosure: I am working with and supporting Scotty Boman for U.S. Senate.

  1. Does Boman pass the barf test? If he doesn’t support Barf, then I support him.

  2. [quote]disinter Says:
    June 24, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    Does Boman pass the barf test? If he doesn’t support Barf, then I support him.[/quote]
    Insufficient data…
    Boman is definitely playin the Ron Paul spinoff card, but how he falls on the areas where RP and the (Purist) LP folks differ isn’t real clear. He does look a bit better on the GBLT etc. front. I didn’t see anything explicit on reproductive choice, but by the same token I didn’t see anything that raised any red flags in my mind.

    So far on his website I’ve only seen two reference to Barr, and both are relatively neutral – In the section denouncing the feds war on Civil Liberties – “This is why many former Republicans — such as presidential candidate Bob Barr — have left the GOP for the Libertarian Party!” Doesn’t say he endorses Barr, just more or less says the same line Barr uses whether we choose to believe it or not. On his “links” page he has a link to the Barr campaign site…

    Barr is NOT (as of earlier this morning) on his list of endorsements… I also didn’t see any of the “problem people” from LNC.

    So to the extent that “absence of negatives” shows a positive (a questionable method) he seems OK. I can see a neutral treatment of Barr as a possibly valid campaign strategy – You don’t want to turn off potential votes from Barr supporters after all. (In some ways it’s like the situation that the R’s have in regard to Bush… Don’t want to attack him, but also don’t want any of his help…)


  3. Minor technical comment BTW, I would like to make the suggestion if possible, that the Author of an article be posted on the article page – it appears on the LFV main page, but not on the articles themselves. IMHO it’s nice to know who is writing when you see something like “Disclosure: I am working with and supporting Scotty Boman for U.S. Senate.” in an article – Who is “I”?

    My RSS feed reader (Akregator on KDE Linux) takes me to the article directly, so it’s a pain to get back to the main page and see the author there.

    It can also help to know who is writing something if it seems to take a particular slant on a topic, etc.


  4. Hi, Arthur. We had a setup like that (which is my preference as well), but I got multiple complaints because the author showed up on individual articles but didn’t show up on the main page. I’ll look around for another theme, but I can’t make any promises because I don’t recall seeing any decent-looking ones which shows the author in both places, and also contains everything else we need.

  5. Seems like you can’t please everyone I guess… :-} It isn’t a big deal either way, and perhaps its something that needs to be kicked back up the hill to the WordPress folks… However put me down as one vote that thinks it’s more useful to have the author’s name on the article than it is on the main page.


  6. Disinter: Does Boman pass the barf test? If he doesn’t support Barf, then I support him.

    “If you agree that the Drug War needs to be ended, then you must make it clear to politicians that you will not vote for anyone who supports the continuation of the unconstitutional, immoral, and failed War on Drugs.”

    Does Barr pass the Boman test?

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