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Bill Redpath asks Angela Keaton to resign from LNC

In Libertarian on June 23, 2008 at 10:46 pm

Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 16:51:06 +0000
Subject: [Lnc-discuss] Regarding Mr. Redpath’s Request

Dear Committee Members:

Mr. Redpath just called my office to ask me to “act like a responsible committee member or resign.”

Mr. Redpath, learn your place in the movement. Do not call, write or speak to me unless I address you first. You are not my father, husband, boyfriend or anything other than a volunteer with a title.

Angela Keaton

  1. And, for those of you who watched me on TV, going down the passage after giving my concession speech, being asked by my delegation chair whom I wished to support for President, and managed to catch my very last two words, I have an addition

    “Hmmhhhh. The cowcatchers were closer than I thought.” (No, ‘cowcatcher’ is very certainly not a descriptor of the fair Angela Keaton.)

  2. I’m not completely sure what George is referencing here in terms of cowcatchers here, and I grew up in a town with 7 railroads.

    Nonetheless, it appears that Angela is hitting some nerves. I guess certain members can’t stand the sunlight. Keep going, milady–when the scurrying starts, you know you’re close to the truth.

    Oh, yeah, I still need to send Angela those batteries and LED flashlights…

  3. Angela is a duly elected At-Large member. If I remember correctly, she got a very solid vote margin. That she is bringing a lot of sunshine to the proceedings of which we all are MEMBERS, that is all to the best. Gee, I think I recall the LP of Calfornia supporting a sunshine measure last year in our legislature, and we can’t even get the same out of the National leadership?
    Sure Angela is snarky. controversial, radical, and her own person. Since when are those disqualifications for holding a seat?

    Mr. Redpath, keep Angela on the LNC. We need her attitude. Yours, on the other hard, I certainly did not vote for.

  4. Redpath is a piece of retard caucus shit.

  5. Michael,

    Railroads make an extremely large investment to avoid an actualization of my last two words, as a result of which almost no Americans have ever seen one except in the movies.

    “Train wreck”.


  6. Can we start a petition to re-call Redpath? Not that it makes a difference, but we could make a point.

  7. George, they still exist on the old steam engines, including the ones in operation in various places. Colorado has three of them in operation, and I heartily recommend them to anyone playing tourist near Durango, Georgetown, or Antonito.

    But I get the point about train wrecks. I’ve seen my share, and they are messy in every case.

  8. I need to make those flashlights the 6-cell MagLites with the LED adapters…I get the feeling the rate this one is going, they’ll be used for more than shining light…

  9. It would appear that “responsible national committee member” is largely defined as “sit down, shut up, and stop asking questions.”

  10. I know. It sounds like the definition of a student at my local public school

  11. That, and stop telling everyone what is going on…

    BTW, TPW’s databse crashed, and comments don’t seem to be working, even though they are posting articles.

  12. Contact Redpath here:

    Bill Redpath

  13. Just for fun, I’ve created a poll on the LPMass website

    “Who on the LNC do you trust more?” It’s in the general discussion area, and I will report on my results… To be fair, I put down all the LNC officers and at large members. Non-scientific, but fun… (Note, you must register on the site to vote or post, but you should be able to look at most things w/o registering)

    LPMA Operations Facilitator
    Speaking for myself

  14. “The cowcatchers are very close”

    in other words

    The train wreck is imminent.

  15. Yes, George, it is coming.

    We’ll need those flashlights to sort through the rubble and get teh survivors like Angela, Lee, and Mary out safely.

    Then we can clear the tracks and get the diesels running finally!

  16. Just as an update – I created the poll on the LPMASS website that I promised above – Haven’t gotten a lot of votes so far, but 100% have been for Keaton as the one that was trusted more…

    Perhaps Angela should ask Bill to resign…


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