Steve G.

“The Case for Bob Barr” – Vortex of Freedom Radio

In Libertarian on June 21, 2008 at 2:41 pm

“Vortex of Freedom” Radio Show – Today 6:00PM Eastern

The Case for Bob Barr

While McCain supporters and Obama supporters tell us why not to vote for their mainstream party opponent, Vortex of Freedom will make a case why Bob Barr is the best candidate for President.

Call-in Number: (347)-215-7969

  1. Top Five Reasons to Support Bob Barr

    1. He voted for the PATRIOT Act.
    2. He spent much of his life putting people in jail for possessing products that the state arbitrarily decided to outlaw.
    3. He thinks guns should be forced on business owners.
    4. He keeps an open (albeit misguided) mind when it comes to supporting war.
    5. He endorsed a man for VP who doesn’t want to bring the troops home.

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